Did you miss Carlos Santana?  No, you didn’t

Trump hater hypocritically talks “power of peace” while reviling U.S. President

With his Woodstock LSD-addled days supposedly behind him, the now 70-year-old musician Carlos Santana appeared in concert last night at a Valley casino. Ticket prices peaked at $150 a seat.

But it’s not the overpriced tickets for a has-been entertainer that might grab your attention. It’s his words in the local newspaper’s interview that should chill any future interest in this long-in-the-tooth performer. Mexican-born Santana, who became a naturalized citizen in 1965, still doesn’t get the U.S. election system.  Numerous people run for the presidency but ultimately one gets elected, because the message they carried resonated with the majority of voters.

It’s a good bet few who read this site were Obama supporters, but we waited until his time in office was over and went to work, ultimately electing Donald Trump. Unlike his predecessor, he didn’t issue vague promises of “Hope and Change,” bribe gullible voters with free cell phones or repeatedly lie (video montage) about his unsustainable, socialized health care scheme. He spoke instead about making America “great again,” which resonated with weary voters across the country. A business entrepreneur, he has made American private sector job creation a prominent feature of his administration. 

President Trump’s many successes are of no consequence to Carlos Santana, who goes off the deep end in an an unconcealed liberal political rant peppered with lies and led on by ‘music critic’ Ed Masley. Supposedly pitching “the power of peace,” his far leftist views will make you glad you missed the concert. After discussing music, the interview veered off into liberal hate speech:

Q: You’re not especially fond of the new administration in America.

A: Who is? Other than the Ku Klux Klan, I mean, who is? It’s not unity and harmony. It’s fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. It’s built on monetary interests. I have endured as a person LBJ, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the two Bushes and this guy. It’s the same guy with a different face, you know?

Q: You think?

A: I know so. But one thing that’s happening is America is thirsty for righteousness and integrity. And more and more people are waking up to “You know what? We need to change ourselves and what’s happening.”

Q: How do you stay hopeful in the face of all the fear?

A: Well, thank you for asking that. Every day, when I wake up in the morning, I thank God for life and existence and I especially thank him for Nikola Tesla, because he invented the remote control. I pick it up and as soon as I see Donald Trump, I change the channel or turn it off. So he has absolutely no power over me whatsoever.

I just turn his ass right off. And I listen to birds. I listen to the clouds passing. I don’t give him anything at all from my attention, energy or concentration. I just zap him right out of my house. He has no power over me. And that’s how I stay positive.


9 Responses to Did you miss Carlos Santana?  No, you didn’t

  1. D B Cooper says:

    So Santana listens to the sounds of clouds passing? I bet he accomplishes that by inhaling deeply and letting the smoke fill his lungs and mess with what’s left of his brain.

  2. MacBeth says:

    This so-called music critic Ed Masley sounds like an operative for the DNC. His questions that were included here are beyond absurd, they are clearly partisan and hateful. I’m surprised that even the sleazy Arizona Republic would allow the linking of the Ku Klux Klan to President Trump. Anything goes with these lowlifes.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    If the news rag had sent someone to interview Carlos Santana the very versatile MLB player with the Cleveland Indians, I might have been interested. He hails from the Dominican Republic.

    These old guys with guitars are pathetic.
    The combined age of the Rolling Stones, who will go on tour once again later this year, is 292 years.

    Currently, 66 year old Phil Collins (who looks more like 86) is on tour in London. He has to walk with a cane and is often delivered on stage via a golf cart. Last week he fell and was hospitalized after sustaining a large gash on his head and face.

    Sir Paul McCartney lost his voice years ago and relies heavily on back-up musicians and vocalists.

    Ego and greed.

    If Mexican Carlos S. wants to talk NIkola Tesla maybe he should mention Tesla’s experimentation with the ionosphere, which likely caused the enormous explosion in Siberia that leveled approx. 60 million trees over a span of 830 square miles.
    This experimentation may have led to the scarey HAARP technology that our government is involved with.
    If the climate is changing, it’s because that US government facility in Alaska has been blasting the earth’s atmosphere with electromagnetic pulse waves for years.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Carlos Santana spent all of his life in San Francisco after moving from his birthplace in Mexico as a young boy. That probably added to his leftwing political views. The presidents he “endured” were all white. The one not mentioned was non-white, well – half white – and he connects Trump with the KKK. His comments were idiotic and very telling. But he stays sane by listening to the clouds passing which would probably require using an “additive” in order to hear them.

    Why mix virulent politics with a musical concert? It must be the bubble they live in where everyone agrees. But this is Arizona – Trump won here. But their opinion is righteous. I guess.

  5. State Delegate says:

    It’s not much of a surprise that the Arizona Republic draws no distinction between it’s liberal editorial policy and it’s coverage of music. This so called music critic is just another in the newspaper’s stable of those heaping criticism on Republicans, especially President Donald Trump. Let’s not forget they endorsed the flagrant disaster and practiced liar Hillary Clinton!!

  6. Kathy says:

    KKK – Santana must mean the Democrats since the KKK was their militant army to intimidate and kill blacks. Obviously Santana doesn’t know much about US history.

  7. terry dudas says:

    I’m wondering if any in the audience asked for a refund; does anyone know?

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off topic, but—–
    doesn’t this story regarding Phoenix/immigration/crime prove that Sheriff Joe was right in his enforcement policies?


  9. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Until four minutes ago, I was a Santana fan. Best guitarist of his generation.
    But his kind of nappy rhetoric convinces me that entertainment and politics never mix well. Carlos: go back to thanking God for such trivial things as remote controls instead of your freedoms that you did not have in Mexico and focus on those clouds, baby, because you haven’t a clue . . .