AZ blazes educational trail with ESA vouchers

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts open educational choice to all students

The daily newspaper, which adamantly opposes parental choice in education, provided an editorial platform for Sen. Debbie Lesko to inform the public of the passage of her bill authorizing Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.

Does anyone smell a rat?

The newspaper titles Sen. Lesko’s  AZ I See It op-ed Lawmaker: Stop spreading fear about vouchers. But the machinations don’t stop there.  A video accompanies the online version of Sen. Lesko’s commentary. Straddling the back of an orange settee, reporter Joanna Allhands, looking like she’s about to take her vehicle to a do-it-yourself car wash, engages in a cheesy display to make the point that she and the newspaper she works for, oppose the accounts.

As the AZ Senate President Pro Tempore, Lesko didn’t just fall off the political turnip truck. She’s a savvy leader who has been an active member of the community and has served in the state legislature since 2009. She’s also a parent of three children and a grandparent, which gives her more than passing familiarity with public schools and their inability to serve every child effectively.

A Republican representing Legislative District 21, Lesko was the sponsor of Senate Bill 1431, legislation expanding Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, which gives all parents the ability to make educational choices in the best interests of their own children.

Under the provisions of Sen. Lesko’s legislation, signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey, all students will be eligible for this educational opportunity. It was originally available only for students with special needs.

Republicrat Kate Brophy McGee shamefully joined with unified Democrats  — tied at the hip with the educrat unions, as disclosed by Center for Responsive Politics —  to vote against the measure. It passed, despite her efforts to undermine parental choice.

Center for Arizona Policy carries an excellent overview of the ESA program, including information regarding the unsuccessful lawsuits filed by the education establishment attempting to halt the opportunity for Arizona children to achieve academic success.


5 Responses to AZ blazes educational trail with ESA vouchers

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Kudos to Sen. Lesko for advocating on behalf of education options for parents. Today’s public schools are not what we remember. Al Gore’s movie on climate change, which made him enormously wealthy, is shown to students as fact in what I now refer to as “government schools.”

    Cursive is no longer taught in the majority of schools and geography is given short shrift as is American History which is now filled with revisionism to match the leftist propagandists teaching America’s youth. The History of Western Civilization is regarded as racist, although it laid the groundwork for our Founding Fathers. Yikes! That’s gender inequality and no longer acceptable!! Kids are taught recycling, but can’t do math. When was the last time you had change counted back t you when you made a purchase? The person at the register looks at a computer screen for the amount due and dumps it in your hand. They are taught same sex marriage is just another family lifestyle rather than perversion, condemned in the Bible.

    Ask a teenager to find Japan on a map. You’ll be in for a not so pleasant surprise. The education union teachers overwhelmingly voted in support Barack Obama, which explains why so many voting age youth supported avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders. They spend more time being propagandized by their teachers than hearing the truth from their parents. This is how great nations have been lost. The Romans used the distractions of free bread, beer and circuses to distract the people from government corruption. It worked but their ultimately lost their once great nation.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain and Co. are out to get rid of Senator Lesko.
    In Arizona, we don’t have to depend on the Democrats to take down a conservative—we have McCranky to do that.

    A woman named Kathy Knecht, who has served on the board of the PUSD, is running for Lesko’s seat.
    Knecht has stated that “idealism is her strength. . . .”
    Here we go again with the pie-in-the-sky politics of just throwing more money at something that continues to fail.

    Since we are speaking here about parents and children and the future of kids,
    take a moment and read the story about the British infant, Charlie Gard, who has spent his whole life in a British hospital because they are unable and unwilling to provide the care that he needs.
    Care that almost certainly can be given to him if he were here in the U.S.
    I have been following this story for months.
    Judges from the EUROPEAN UNION have decided that he will have no future. His doctors have been ready to remove his life support for weeks. There is no outcry for help for this innocent.
    His parents are decent, loving people who have had Zero help, even from the alleged clergy, including the Pope.

    But wait,
    With one tweet from President Trump, it seems like the Pope has kinda-sorta softened his anti-life stance.

    The British National Health Service is ready to provide surgery for transgenders who want a womb.
    Let that sink in.

    But the British government and the European Union politicians refuse to allow the parents to bring this child to the U.S. for treatment.

    Death panels are more real than you know. Medical acts of commission or omission decide the fate of many patients every day.

    If you use Twitter, please send a message to our President.

    Please, for the Love of God,

    pray for the helpless child, Charlie Gard, and his loving parents.

    Here’s his little face,
    Look at it.
    Don’t turn away.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Knecht self describes as a non-partisan Independent. That’s just another way of stating that she has no core beliefs and will do or say whatever she thinks will win her a few votes.

      What are her issues? Is she pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, for increased taxation to fund liberal teachers who show no well educated product: ie students who know anything of value? Where does she stand on the issue of illegal immigration? Who did she vote for for President of the United States in 2016?

      She’s a phony and unworthy of consideration. Sen. Lesko is not in my district, but her votes in the legislature ultimately represent us all. I’m very happy with what I’m getting from this conservative and hard-working senator.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Why do you think McCain is after Lesko? If that’s the case, she should easily reelection, unless the old goat is funding Knecht,

      I know for a fact that McCain is vile. He worked through his operatives to remove conservative precinct committeemen. After years of dedication to the AZ GOP, my wife and I were among his victims.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Ms, Lesko is a conservative. She has proved that over and over again.

        Now comes Kathy Knecht, whose extremely thin biography floats effortlessly on the incredible lightness of air. Not one thing about her full name or other identifiers.
        She claims a degree in education from ASU. And claims to have taught both in Arizona and Illinois (oh, that infernal Illinois connection).

        But despite the fact that there is little to be found regarding Knecht, it seems that YouTube once again enlightens us.

        Seems Ms. Knecht might have a temper problem.

        Here, Knecht goes after a young school teacherat a PUSD meeting:

        Knecht is getting a LOT of juice from teachers (who obviously have not seen the YouTube video).

        I thought that Janet Napolitano, who was successful in re-routing so much of our tax dollars to public schools, took credit for fixing the school system. Ms. Knecht and Ms. Napolitano would get along famously, right down to the hairstyle.