AZ GOP chair Lines omits facts, engages in braggadocio

If you’re up to the task, there are occasional chuckles brought on by hefty dosages of irony in the Daily Updates emailed by AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines. The first harrumph inducer is the banner that blasts it’s “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!”— an obvious attempt to disparage the fact-filled and widely read “MCRC Briefs.”

Monday’s message, “Empowering Republicans” could make even the most seasoned political observer scratch his head in bewilderment, given the shenanigans currently taking place within the AZ GOP.

Lines begins his missive by saying he’s midair “on his way to Washington DC, having accepted an invitation from the White House to continue our planning for 2018. I was honored to be invited by the President and his team to talk about how we can continue to work together to strengthen our party and win elections.”

Working together would be quite an accomplishment, given the despicable defections (video) of Jeff Flake and a host of other Republicrats, including Mitt Romney, the uncle of the RNC Chair.

Lines talks about his “great relationship” with RNC Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel and how “the White House, the RNC and the AZ GOP are working seamlessly to empower Republicans, strengthen our party, and win elections, and how PCs are being empowered like never before.”

With Lines hectic schedule he night have forgotten that McCain operatives worked diligently to purge dedicated, conservative elected precinct committeemen (PCs). Former Sen. Kyl also engaged in the same trickery.

Aha!  Finally Lines is going to name names and maybe kick ass of defectors: “As always,’ Lines says, “There are those, even some within our Republican ranks, who wish to tear down our President and to demonize some in our party. As I’ve done throughout my chairmanship, I will urge everyone to maintain a civil and respectful discourse, and focus our efforts on defeating Democrats and furthering our President’s agenda…we owe it to the President, to our elected officials, to our fellow PCs, and to our country,” he says. Lines has been chairman since January 28, 2017.

If Lines is referring to Arizona’s two pathetic US Senators McCain and Flake, it would be the first time. His comment is encased in double-speak, so who knows? McCain withdrew his momentary endorsement of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Flake did him one better by making the rounds of liberal television networks publicly stating he would not vote for Trump. Flake even promoted Obama’s lame duck nominee, Democrat Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court. Fortunately, Donald Trump was elected without these traitors and appointed conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch to the high court.

In a irresistible display of pomposity, Lines concludes, “We are a party on the rise. In fact, earlier this year at the RNC Spring Meeting, Chairman McDaniel specifically asked me to stand up and be recognized, as a tribute to the leadership that the party is providing to win elections and #TurnAll15Red!”

“Chairman McDaniel’s support means so much to me; and needless to say, the confidence that President Trump and the White House have shown us is truly humbling. And none of it happens without my fellow PCs.”

Which PCs? Those who were systematically purged by the party elites or the new recruits who have no historic memory?


9 Responses to AZ GOP chair Lines omits facts, engages in braggadocio

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Let’s cut to the chase here. There was a single reason Jonathan Lines was pushed for chairman. Robert Graham and Lines are both committed to the reelection of fellow church member Jeff Flake. Ronna Romney McDaniel factors in for the same reason. This is not rocket science. They all know that if defector Flake can win a second term, he’ll be impossible to get rid of, exactly like 80 year old McCain who was just reelected to another SIX YEAR term!! Flake backed away from his own self imposed term limits pledge when in the US House.

    Politics and religion are a combustible union. Conservative principles are what matter and amnesty pushing Flake has none. If he didn’t want to vote for Trump, that was his business and he should have kept his mouth shut.but restraint is more than egotist Flake is capable of.

    • Jane Usa says:

      Just because Sedionist John McCain was re-elected, does not mean he or Jeff Flake can’t be recalled. Do we have replacement candidates? If so, let’s start the recall process. If nothing else, it should scare them straight.

  2. State Delegate says:

    One thing that Jonathan Lines can count on is that Arizona conservatives will give Jeff Flake the same support he gave to Republican presidential nominee — and now our President — Donald Trump. Flake was and still is a Libertarian, not a Republican and certainly not a conservative. He’s named “Flake” for a reason.

  3. Kimball says:

    I’ve known Jeff Flake for years, which is why I’ve never voted for him.

  4. Disgusted in AZ says:

    Sure hope someone fills him in on the anti Trump rinos we have leading the pack here in AZ and that he sends them packing asap!

    • LD 23 PC says:

      If you’re referring to the RNC Chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel is a woman. Mitt Romney is her uncle. Although she supported Trump early on, it sounds like she’s been taken in by Jonathan Lines.

  5. Former GOP PC says:

    For Jonathan Lines to allude to honoring or even considering elected PCs and our integral place in the party is infuriating. He knows damn well that even during the last primary when PCs are elected, there was a major thrust to remove longtime conservative committeemen. It’s been going on under the “Reign of McCain” and engaged in by Kyl and Flake. Flake’s donors include Gregory Wendt, the San Francisco Obama donor who aided McCain in removing so many dedicated Republican activists. My wife and I were precinct committeemen for many years, working on behalf of the party, Republican candidates, donating our time, sweat and money. Then we were kicked to the curb and replaced by McCain recruits who we’ve been told have never shown up at a district meeting. Not only will we never vote for McCain or Flake, but we will extend that to withholding our votes from anyone who accepts their endorsements. We expect to be screwed over by democrats, but find it reprehensible when those running as Republicans engage in the same tactics.

  6. Barbara Dickerson says:

    At one time I thought of forwarding the many MCRC Briefs comments about Lines disingenuous behavior and resulting damage to Rona Romney McDaniel, RNC Chair. But after reading this, it brings to mind she is likely a Mormon, as her mother was married to Scott Romney, Mitt’s brother. Rona has been a true Trump supporter, even in the beginning of the campaign. She broke from Michigan governor Snyder and others when she endorsed and spoke for Trump at his last Michigan rally. However, Mormons are unified, and Lines is taking advantage of that.



  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic –
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