Vengeful McCain headlined as key player in phony Russian dossier

Arizonans who pay attention have long known of the underhanded tactics and uncontrolled temper of  John McCain. To call them legendary would make him appear to be laudable rather than the unsavory character he actually is. The UK’s Daily Mail and the Guardian reveal John McCain as the devious schemer behind the effort to take down President Donald Trump, who McCain and his senate seat mate Jeff Flake each said they would not vote for.  McClatchy News fired the opening volley in outing McCain in the Russian dossier scandal. The Daily Caller has revealed that McCain will face questions in a defamation lawsuit.

Possessing an insatiable ego and access to lobbyist money and Socialist billionaire George Soro’s generous funding, McCain has vastly outspent more worthy opponents and was reelected in 2016 to another six-year term at age 80. Never letting the truth get in the way of his mission, he and his operatives have even engaged in intra-party measures to oust conservative elected precinct committeemen within the Arizona Republican Party — using out-of-state Obama donors to accomplish his ends.

It appears McCain’s role in this  latest outrageous action against the President of the United States, might finally be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back and results in unceremoniously removing him from the U.S. Senate in disgrace.

Longtime readers of Seeing Red AZ are aware that we use substantiating links in our posts.  Today we veer from that policy, since our well known “blue links” would take over this crucial information contained in the news reports.

We urge you to read the reports. Knowledge is power.

7 Responses to Vengeful McCain headlined as key player in phony Russian dossier

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Soros has been spending much of his time in Europe this year, successfully getting the thin man with the thinner resume installed as president of France. Macron, who had zero political experience, is now very full of himself and is laying down the law to the French press—pretty much cutting them out. Macron is also going to give his first big speech from the Palace of Versailles, which has not happened for centuries.

    Soros is unusually publically vocal, giving interviews to say that Britain will be begging to get back into the European Union within four years.

    Of note, Soros jetted in to attend a big billionaires’ bash in the Hamptons, Long Island, NY just recently, where he rubbed elbows with Ivanka and Jared. (I&J are currently rubbing elbows with more billionaires (who hate her father) in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    It looks like Soros passed his chaos magician wand to McCain to orchestrate the mayhem here.
    Ever notice how these people seem to keep on ticking even after bouts of melanoma; pancreatic cancer, and other illnesses that other folks just can’t survive?

    Meanwhile, please if you are so inclined, please say prayers for the tiny infant Charlie Gard and his devoted parents in Britain.

    Finally, finally, the judges (yes, judges) who have thwarted this baby’s ability to access the necessary healthcare that could possibly help him, have agreed to allow a highly qualified American neurologist examine Charlie at his bedside, hopefully, in the next few days.
    Ten long months have passed without important care being made available , and yet the tot fights on.
    We owe Charlie a prayer.

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  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain is in this up to his dirty neck. He’s worn out his “maverick” shtick with just about everyone. He’s now in the middle of a small cabal of criminals i.e., Hillary, Comey, Russia and anyone else who wants Trump’s presidency to come to a crashing halt. He needs to be dealt with by the Senate. I want Ted Cruz to take it on. God knows Mitch McConnell, who lets McCain run wild, certainly won’t do it.

    McCain has jumped the shark. He’s incapable of carrying on the job of senator. He’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off. An 80 year old chicken – groan.

  4. Maggie says:

    A man who calls his own wife, the mother of several of his children, a “c**t and a trollop” in front of reporters and staffers (or even in private) is more than capable of engaging in underhanded tactics. McCain is a bitter old man who despises the fact that the presidency eluded him and Donald Trump was elected. It sickens me that these senile old man “represents” Arizona. He sure doesn’t represent me!

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    I had hoped John McCain would be defeated at the ballot box by the very capable Dr. Kelli Ward, but he was able to purchase the senate seat again just as he previously did when he outspent former Congressman JD Hayworth by 10 to 1. He was reelected by senior citizens who believe his self created tales of heroism, that have long been disputed by those who were imprisoned with him in Hanoi during the Vietnam war. Arizona is also home to an enormous influx of newcomers who vote, though they know nothing about the names on their ballot. McCain is recognizable so they mark their ballot for him, not realizing he is a practiced liar and not very smart, but very nasty. He uses rage to cover his ineptitude.
    Since he wasn’t defeated as he should have been, I’d be more than happy to see him removed from office for his corrupt actions in this smear dossier intended to harm Pres. Trump.

    This tells the real story about John McCain. Watch it:

  6. Angee says:

    No loyalty to country, and no loyalty to his (our) President.Trump.. He is well known by many who has seen his tantrums, and seen his disloyalty to country and to the Republican Congress.