Seeing Red AZ risks being labeled crass to tell the truth

There’s no way to win the etiquette award going after a desperately ill man. But the integrity of Seeing Red AZ requires that we speak the truth and remain faithful to the Constitution and Republican platform.

So it is we expose the Sunday, July 23, 2017 edition of the Arizona Republic and its obsessive recrafting of John McCain. The dramatic headline, “An arena without its fighter,” sits above a  photo of a hallway view of McCain’s Washington D.C. U.S. Senate office with the mahogany door ajar, showing an elegant interior including an exquisite marble fireplace and velvet upholstered chair.  The outer view features an American flag flanking a black and gold gleaming wall plaque identifying the office as that of Senator John McCain.

Above the headline is a deceptive quote from McCain’s protégé Jeff Flake:

“One of the most important roles he has played, obviously, over the past six months is as one who reassured the world that America is still gong to lead. He was a calming, consistent voice when we needed it.”

Think about that message. Jeff Flake, who broadcast his refusal to vote for Republican nominee — now U.S. President Donald Trump, as did John McCain and his family — is actually saying that since Trump’s election the world needed McCain’s assurance that it would still rotate on its axis. The same McCain who hand carried to the FBI director, the phony Russian dossier intended to destroy President Trump within short order after his inauguration. Flake, who remains a close associate of Barack Obama, even promoted Obama’s lame duck Democrat nominee, Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court, saying it was ‘time to act’ on his nomination.  President Trump actually nominated conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch who now sits on the high court.

Let’s be clear. Sick or well, intemperate McCain, who has spent his career colluding with Democrats, is a rabidly jealous man who has never gotten over his own presidential defeat and begrudges President Trump  his spectacular 2016 victory. Arizona’s two Republicrat senators are determined to bring him down even if it requires a last breath, losing the next election or ultimately destroying the Republican Party.


12 Responses to Seeing Red AZ risks being labeled crass to tell the truth

  1. MacBeth says:

    The truth is what I expect from SRAZ. There’s nothing wrong with that. I look forward to receiving the latest post in my inbox.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The final paragraph of this post is priceless in its clarity and honesty. Thanks!

  3. Rob Haney says:

    John McCain is the quintessential Manchurian Candidate. His illness does not mitigate what he has represented to millions of Constitutional loving Americans for decades. If David Duke suddenly took gravely ill, would we extol his virtues and disregard his faults?

    We just discovered another trailer-truck load of illegal alien invaders in Texas. Nine were dead. McCain is just as responsible for these deaths as if he had driven the truck. After all, it was his comprehensive immigration bill or nothing that he insisted be passed over the objections of the American people. So we got nothing, and the invasion continued with McCain’s support.

    Human smuggling tragedy? Cindy McCain gets lauded for her supposed fight against human smuggling while John McCain aids and abets it. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This post by SRAZ made my day. Rather than the Trump haters and the Left attacking anyone who utters anything resembling the truth regarding a man who lacks the respect of many across the country because of his underhanded, vile behavior for decades – we should speak the truth no matter what. CBS national news ridiculed Kelli Ward for saying McCain should step down. Last night on Politics Unplugged, Dennis Welch spent the program attacking Kelli Ward. He got Democrats and RINOs to criticize Ms. Ward.

    McCain will go out like he came in – a pampered loser. He’s despised by right of center Republicans. He’s loved by the Left – George Soros, Hillary Clinton, the deceased Ted Kennedy, the leftist news media, et al. We won’t recognize the “hero” the media will make of him after he goes. Life is not fair to the real hero’s who have selflessly done good for others. The pampered prince can’t claim that.

  5. Wes Harris says:

    Well said and all true and all beyond the pale.

  6. Not A Kool Aid Drinker says:

    Bravo! The truth needs to be told. I’ve just sent this post out to my list of political contacts.

  7. Patrick says:

    Probably true and McCain should have our prayers and sympathies but not our political support. RETIRE. TERM LIMITS.

  8. Frankly Speaking says:

    It’s said sunshine is the best disinfectant. It’s raining in Phoenix today, which proves that truth is best of all. I thank SRAZ for this excellent post.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    Thank you, SRAZ, for laying bare the truth versus the fiction.

    People like the Clintons, BHO, and McCain have clawed their way to the pinnacle of power and have used it to harm US.
    Spineless, greedy, power hungry people with very thin resumes.

    I think back to when J.D. Hayworth was the host on a local talk radio show here in Phoenix. Even when callers would attempt to get him to say something negative about McCain, J.D. remained the gentleman that he is.
    Then, because of our constant encouragement, J.D. ran against McCain and suffered $20 million dollars worth of slings and arrows that only a wealthy, hateful little man could hurl.
    And still, J.D. remained a gentleman.

    For the past 30+ years, I have been on the front lines of life and death and have seen some remarkable things occur and some things that still trouble me to this day.

    The people who cannot accept death–those who stay angry about anything and everything—-those who cannot ask God for His grace or HIs presence—well, those people can have a very uneasy time at the end. And it has Nothing to do with the type of care or medication that we can offer them. It’s the struggle of the soul.
    It is difficult to witness.

    Meanwhile, In London:
    After the socialist doctors and British judges and European Union courts have wasted 10 long months doing nothing to actively help the infant Charlie Gard to be able to get treatment for his rare disease, the child’s parents are now faced with the devastating results of the latest EEG, which reveals that the time has past in which Charlie could have benefited from advanced treatment.

    The various judges and courts dithered for months until President Trump had “the nerve” to tweet that Charlie and his parents would be welcomed in the US for treatment. Last week, the US Congress adopted an Amendment giving Charlie and his parents permanent residency should they be allowed to come here for the treatment that an East Coast hospital had offered, free of charge.

    This precious little white boy was being treated by socialist doctors, many of whom have very little healthcare experience and many of whom are of foreign extraction. The NHS (National Health Service) in Britain has been hiring physicians (mostly from India and Pakistan) for several years now VIA SKYPE interviews.
    Most babies are delivered by midwives who don’t even have time to change their scrubs between deliveries.

    This is what our government wants to force on us, even though they and their families will be protected from it.

    Please, if you are so inclined, please pray for the infant Charlie’s soul to be protected at the hour of his death and for his loving parents who have fought so hard on his behalf.

  10. Former GOP PC says:

    It’s never crass to tell the truth, and this post is filled with hard facts. What I’ve never understood is the lack of any reprimand by either the state Republican Party or the national RNC for the despicable public actions of RINOs McCain and Flake. If they wanted to write in their own names on last November’s ballot, so be it. But to loudly announce their intentions not to support Donald Trump was beyond behavior any elected official should engage in. We were also the victims of McCain’s purge of conservative elected precinct committeemen. After years of dedication, we were taken out by the operatives of Arizona’s Senior senator.

  11. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Speaking of Russians (as mentioned in linking McCain and the BS dossier), you might find this July 12 Gateway Pundit post of interest.

  12. Doc says:

    SRAZ, you are my “Go To” for keeping tabs on how Arizona’s political climate is going. That’s because of your truth telling. Nay-Sayers of this blog are “keyboard cowboys” who simply refuse to believe the truth. Preferring instead to live in self-righteous indignity.THANK YOU for all you’ve revealed!!

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