McCain curses conservatives from US Senate chamber

Ailing John McCain returned to Washington on Tuesday to cast a vote on the latest version of healthcare reform. This is the procedural vote tally.

And whadda’ya know? McCain used the occasion to read a scripted speech disparaging conservatives. He didn’t call them that, of course, as he denounced them, declaring, “To hell with them!”

Arizona’s senior senator, not known for decorum, coarsely dispensed this sage advice, “Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio, and television and the Internet. To hell with them!” Longtime Democrat colluder McCain who has worked feverishly to bring down President Donald Trump, then offered a peculiar proposal, “Let’s trust each other.”

Exactly how does President Trump trust the single person who is doing the most to obliterate his presidency?

Obscuring McCain’s verbal assault the slavishly loyal Arizona Republics front page used a declaration of war sized headline to lavish him with praise.


15 Responses to McCain curses conservatives from US Senate chamber

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Despite his inescapable incapacity brought on by terminal brain cancer, John McCain’s love of the spotlight and hatred of conservatives, render him incapable of acting admirably and resigning. I watched the video here, but switch channels every time I see him or his obnoxious daughter, Meghan.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Conservatives are the root of all evil according to Mr. Lecturer. Trump has gotten plenty done considering the Trump haters in the GOPe and the games they’re playing to stop Trump’s agenda. Obama and McCain have always railed against “talk radio, television and the internet.” Obama called out Fox News many times – McCain didn’t because they’re paying Meghan’s apartment rent. We have choices as to where we get our news. McCain doesn’t like that because he prefers the Obama/Soros worldview, which doesn’t include traditional American values.

    The fuss made over this angry man is disgusting. Life isn’t fair. Real American heroes can’t hope to get the same ‘respect’ as this pampered prince.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    McCain has been deemed untouchable due to his unfortunate illness. He’s still the same foul mouthed, miserable slug he always was. His diagnosis doesn’t alter that fact.

  4. terry dudas says:

    My nephew died of the identical brain tumor, age 52, and displayed some of the same nastiness McCain does. I’m wondering if the growing tumor has anything to do with his behavior these past years, or could it be coincidental.
    A study might be in order to graph this possibility; think also on another high-profile case, Ted Kennedy.

    • Doc says:

      It’s a good hypothesis, but the point, (in my opinion) is moot. The FACT is that no matter the reason, mcStain is the ABSOLUTE WORST ?senator?. he’s a crook, plain & simple.

      This brain tumor is sad, but NOT the Point. If he had a Single GRAIN of integrity, he would resign. We see Plainly how THAT worked out.

  5. Patrick says:

    He has managed to get elected because of his willingness to waste huge amounts of taxpayers$$$$ on military and other govt programs and gain employee/retiree votes. Terrible and all conservatives should rebel at it.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      National defense and military readiness in this uncertain world with North Korea threatening to blow up American cities is hardly a waste of money. Providing for national defense is one of the major government obligations our Founders placed in the US Constitution.

      Obviously you never served in the military as my son is doing right now. I couldn’t be more proud. He and other members of our armed forces are putting their lives at risk each and every day to protect even your sorry ass, Patrick.

      • Army Of One says:

        You appeared to have shamed “Patrick.” He’s shut his mouth.

        My gratitude to you and your son. May God watch over him and all of the other young patriots who have enlisted in our all-volunteer military.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain arrived in D.C. in a private jet, with Cindy. He showed no regard for her presence as he disembarked the plane and walked away with a small entourage.

    The wife was sporting an orthotic device on her upper right arm,
    extending from just above the elbow to just below the shoulder.
    And although wearing a long-sleeved dress, it was obvious that she also was wearing an ace bandage on her right hand and forearm.

    McCain displayed his sizeable suture line over his left eyebrow like a badge of honor. No discreet bandage for him.

    Do you find it disconcerting that we, the people, are being not represented by old, debilitated persons who make statements that show their obvious incapacity? (i.e. McCain; Maxine Wigters;
    Botox Nancy, etc)

    Will the little man behind the curtain ever be revealed?
    Or will he forever be immortalized as the Great Wizard?

    Meanwhile, in the tiny town, population 126, in France that is the birthplace of Joan d’Arc, the French government has placed 54 recently arrived African immigrants.
    Replacement population.

    • Patrick says:

      McCain does not represent and I doubt he was elected by Arizona conservatives.

      I wish him well in his life and in his medical condition.

  7. jojo says:

    McCain has single-handedly ruined the GOP in AZ. Hope he steps down but I don’t think that will ever happen.

  8. Annie O. says:

    Terry, you might be interested in Sen. McCain’s high school nicknames, Punk and McNasty.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      So McCain has been supported by taxpayers from the get-go…..born in a Navy hospital. He’s never had a legit-paying job in his 80 years! He couldn’t make it in the real world with his disgraceful attitude.

  9. Kathy says:

    Lying McCain voted against the repeal of Obabmacare yesterday, the same bill he voted for in 2015. Once again McCain has lied to we in AZ. I guess there is no need to protect AZ from this horrendous bill like he claimed in 2015. Such a liar he is. Of course he is not covered by Obamacare so what does he care. Dishonorable man all the way to the end!!

  10. Kent says:

    What a flippin’ dumb newspaper headline.. McCain’s “moment” came and went decades ago. He’s been nothing but a democrat running under a Republican banner and scewing Republicans at every turn. No wonder the AZ Repulsive loves him.

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