Sheriff Arpaio guilty of contempt, foes want mug shot

Humiliation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ultimate goal as newspaper runs massive front page photo of sheriff,  emblazoned with the single, all caps word: “GUILTY”

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge’s 2013 order to end patrols targeting “immigrants,” more properly termed illegal aliens. Actual immigrants have followed the legal procedure to enter the United States and become citizens. The terms are not interchangeable.

The popular sheriff was elected to an unprecedented six four-year terms by Maricopa County voters grateful that he stepped up to do the job the federal authorities failed to do.

Arpaio’s defense team argued that Arpaio did not intend to defy the court order. He admitted to continuing patrols, but said his former attorney did not fully explain the intricacies of the  legal document. In 2016, after being relentlessly hammered by the amnesty/open border local newspaper, Arpaio was defeated by George Soros supported Democrat Paul Penzone, who refers to illegals as “guests.” Multi-billionaire Socialist Soros desires a borderless world,  and was described by Politico as attempting to overhaul the U.S. justice system.

An Army veteran, Arpaio was a Washington D.C and later a Las Vegas police officer before joining the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, where he served with distinction in numerous foreign counties over his 25-year career with the agency. Ultimately he headed the Arizona DEA office before winning election as sheriff in 1992.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, aware of his popularity, denied Arpaio’s request for a jury trial.

Arpaio’s lawyers said they would appeal the verdict, contending their client’s legal fate should have been decided by a jury, not a judge. They also contend Judge Bolton violated Arpaio’s rights by not reading the decision in court.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for October 5. The 85-year-old sheriff faces up to six months in jail on the civil charge, which it is unlikely he will serve. The ultimate goal of the federal prosecutors is to humiliate the career lawman. The failing left-wing Arizona Republic newspaper will happily fold if able to run a large front page mug shot of the sheriff it loves to hate.


13 Responses to Sheriff Arpaio guilty of contempt, foes want mug shot

  1. Jakesez says:

    As a former police officer who has worked patrol, I ask those who are railing against patrolmen from contacting too many of one ethnic group; whom do you think I will be involved with if I am assigned to an ethnic neighborhood? I will be interacting to those in the area which will be mostly people of that particular ethnic origin. I guess I could go out of my patrol area in order to contact other groups but would not that violate the “neighborhood patrol” intent? Get to know your area and people who live there. That is what is meant by “Neighborhood Patrol”.

    I also understand selective enforcement and the problems of looking for only one or two types of individuals. It can be abused, but I do not feel this was the intent of most officers. You work with those in your beat area.

    • MacBeth says:

      Illegal means illegal. Regardless of the patrol area, and the Sheriff’s office covers the entire county, not specific neighborhoods like the PDs, law must be maintained or anarchy reigns. There are now sections of Paris where police no longer patrol due to large influxes of unemployed and refusing to acclimate “refugees” mooching off the taxpayers in what are now criminal havens.

      MS-13 criminal gangs from El Salvador have been infiltrating the United States through our sieve-like southern border. Once here they fan out across the country bringing illicit drugs and terror in their wake, as they rape and murder asserting their prowess.

      • Jakesez says:

        All police or Sheriffs offices have areas of patrol. We call them beats but they can be called anything you like but they are areas of patrol The Maricopa Sheriffs Office has beats or areas of patrol. I rode many of them.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    On July 21, 2000, based upon the recommendation of United States Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona,[1] Bolton was nominated by President Bill Clinton to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of Arizona vacated by Robert C. Broomfield. She was confirmed by the United States Senate on October 3, 2000, and received her commission on October 13, 2000.[2] Bolton assumed senior status on September 1, 2016.

    He was refused a jury trial, as stated by SRAZ.

    This is plainly persecution strictly for political reasons of a man in his 80s who certain factions didn’t like. Anyone who stands up for America is a target, e.g., President Trump. If you’re a real felony-type lawbreaker like the Clinton’s, you skate with your life, you’re admired by many, and you get to keep millions of ill-gotten dollars.

  3. Kathy says:

    Sheriff Joe is a good man, not perfect (as no one is). He did his job, trained by the Feds program 287(g) arresting of illegals. I wonder how many LEGAL citizen’s lives were saved by Sheriff Joe’s enforcing of law. How many have lost their lives because of the McCain/Flake/Soros/Obama non-support of the rule of law??

    McCain/Flake/Soros/Obama have so much blood on their hands by their actions is the CRIME which they should be prosecuted for.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Joe is guilty. Guilty of enforcing the law and protecting the public. Shakespeare had a plan for lawyers. Start with the judges. A pox on all those who love criminals, illegals and Islamo-fascists.

  5. Patrick says:

    He is a good man. Unfortunately, like many he stayed around too long and it came back to bite him. All elected jobs should have term limits.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      When good people are in office, how does that come back to bite them? Sheriff Arpaio was repeatedly ELECTED because he was doing the job we wanted him to do. Te same argument cannot be made for McCain who literally bought his seat with millions of lobbyist’s dollars. The ones who should be term limited are the lobbyists!

      I’m so sick of hearing about the Tent City tents and how inhumane the heat is.Our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan endure the heat without the aid of large fans that are in the MCSO tents.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    As the saying goes, I’m not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV.

    But what about Due Process? He was entitled to a jury trialunder the 5th Amendment, was he not?
    Or did the court sneakily deny him that right by indicating that jail time was not being sought?

    Hope that Trump pardons him and gives him a job.

    McCain, on his first day of post-surgical CA tx, (or someone using his account) continues to bash Trump on Twitter.

    And Flake is Building an ARK.

    Of Note:
    On the morning that Congressman Scalise was shot on the softball field in Alexandria, VA., it is now learned that the elite team of police officers who are trained to respond to this type of event were instead SENT TO NANCY PELOSI’S ABODE IN GEORGETOWN, some 8 miles from the shooting.

    Please, if you are so inclined, please pray to God for His protection to cover our President Trump; his family, and his staff.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Trent Franks calls for Mueller to resign as special counsel

    Good for him. However, McCain’s partner, Lindsey Graham, said ‘there will be hell to pay.’

    EVERY Republican should be calling for Mueller’s resignation/firing.

  8. terry dudas says:

    It’s clear to me that Sheriff Joe got railroaded by the system he served. Denied a trial, and having to submit arbitrarily to a bench judgement, may be a cause for the verdict to be thrown out. To add to the appeal mix should be the long delay in the bench verdict -six weeks to announce a verdict after a two-day trial smells fishy to me, as it should be an appeals court.
    As a Arizona citizen, I’m expecting that this story is far from concluded, and that the presiding judge in this fiasco is investigated for corruption.