Charlatan Jeff Flake hurls insults, trolls for Soros’ $$

Breitbart reports that Jeff Flake — now out of the closet as a craven liberal — readily embraces being labeled a “globalist.” In his book with the filched title, Flake goes long on an explanation laden with linguistic and statistical gyrations to justify his leftward lurch. His ghost writer concludes with a dash of flaky bravado, “Given the alternatives, I’ll take the globalist moniker, thank you.”

As you read Tony Lee’s report, keep some facts in mind:

Flake doesn’t mind insulting conservative Republicans or the president of the United States, who he loudly proclaimed he would not vote for.

Immediately after the votes were counted after his first senate race, Flake joined his mentor John McCain attempting to ram through yet another congressional amnesty scam with Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, other prominent liberals and Republicrats known as the Gang of Eight. Jeff Flake and John McCain  (click links) each ran as border hawks, quickly reverting back to their shameful job destroying amnesty of illegals position.

Multibillionaire George Soros, the Socialist one-worlder with a massive agenda to radically change the U.S.  Justice system, has shoveled $millions to left-wing candidates. McCain and Hillary Clinton have been longtime recipients of his largesse. Jeff Flake, currently sitting atop a mountain of lobbyist and special interest cash, wants even more. As he continually denigrates the very base from whom he expect to pull votes, money spent on deceptive advertising can buy enough campaign induced amnesia to make them forget what they were angry about.  It’s a political take on an old magicians trick known as ‘misdirection.’

When it’s all boiled down to its essence, know this: Jeff Flake regards with suspicion those of us who voted for Donald Trump for president. He refers to us derogatorily as ‘populists’ rather than Republicans, and though he has proven otherwise over again, he calls himself a conservative, since that term garners votes from those who aren’t paying attention to what he actually is.

 Flake’s latest hammer is calling those of us who desire a secure border “xenophobic,” though we are not fearful, just fed up. He has also hurled the fabricated word “nativist” beloved by Democrats, for being desirerous of wanting to retain our uniquely American history and language — both of which have been embraced by actual immigrants who gratefully assimilate into American culture.

Keeping his campaign promise to the American people, President Trump is taking decisive action against illegal immigration. On Wednesday, along with sponsoring Sens. Tom Cotton and David Purdue, Trump announced support of the RAISE Act, a Senate bill that prioritizes English speaking immigrants who demonstrate job skills and will contribute to our country —  meriting editorial praise from the Washington Times.

It’s all happening despite Jeff Flake withholding his support of the president and engaging in puerile name calling.

It’s time Arizona Republicans return the favor and withhold our votes from Jeff Flake.




11 Responses to Charlatan Jeff Flake hurls insults, trolls for Soros’ $$

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Since his traitorous vote on the “skinny” repeal of Obamacare, John McCain has found his new constituency. Jeff Flake would doubtless poll similarly, but wasn’t included since he voted in his own pre-election self interests.

    The liberal leaning Quinnipiac polling company just released its latest survey, showing only 39% of Republican voters held a positive view of McCain and 49% held a negative view. By contrast, Democratic voters hold a 74% positive view of McCain compared to 18% negative.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Jeff Flake should not have any support from the state Republican Party. He has no use for Republicans and clearly despises conservatives, though he hauls out that label for himself when he thinks it can benefit him. If the AZ GOP rallies behind this contrarian libertarian , they can count me out. I will not lift a finger to work for Flake or the party that would support him. They’ve sugar coated John McAmensty long enough. They’ll heap praise on this RINO until his toes curl and probably after as well.

    • Lynda Tanner says:

      I only support with donations directly to the candidate OF my choice these days. No more party donations.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake is no doubt taking his instructions from McCain and Soros.

    In today’s news, Denver, CO is going to be protecting illegals from deportation. Also reported earlier this week that the Denver housing market is highly overheated, even surpassing the outrageous price increases seen in San Francisco.
    So good luck to the mile high house hunters—better nail down all of your possessions.

    There is a company in California called “Conservative Move”.
    A California native, fed-up with what has happened to his State, started this company, which is now thriving.
    He helps Conservatives move out of California and into Texas by selling their homes and assisting them with relocating to areas in Texas that are still conservative. He also helps working folks find jobs in TX, since many former Cali employers have relocated their companies to the Lone Star State.

    Here at home:
    Tempe-based company American Green, Inc. has bought an entire town in California. They are turning it into the first U.S. municipality that will be devoted completely to the growing, manufacturing, and using marijuana.
    Steer clear of Nipton, CA. unless you want to be in an altered state in an altered State.

    Please folks, as the people of the world continue to slide down the ever-widening hole leading to hell, please, if you are so inclined, pray that God will Not withdraw his Mercy and Blessings from US.
    May God continue to bless President Trump; his family; his staff, and the people of this nation.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’ve seen an ad on TV a couple of times thanking McCain for his healthcare vote – sponsored by AARP. They were all-in for Obamacare back in 2010.

    The state GOP will support Flake above anyone else. The SwampMaster, Mitch McConnell and company will support Flake. I want people to spread the word on Flake being a proud globalist – so there’s money from George Soros. Flake says he admires Barry Goldwater but Goldwater was a rabid anti-communist and would never think that Flake helping Obama, a Marxist raised by communists, in opening up ties with Cuba was a good thing.

    Megan Barth is the Founder and Proprietor of, and a nationally recognized political commentator is going on radio shows with the topic: “Jeff Flake, Arizona’s 2nd Leading Fraud, Writes A Book.” No mention of it yet on her website, however.

  5. Clementine says:

    Jeff Flake should do the honorable thing and re-register as the Democrat he is. He’s too busy cozying up to liberals and having his hair streaked with varying degrees of bleached highlights. I think some of the peroxide has damaged his brain.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Let’s call him Frosted Flake – the snowflake who melts when Obama calls.

  6. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Out of state friends and relatives have asked me what’s wrong with the people of Arizona that would cause them to continually send RINOs like McCain and Flake back to DC. I tell them that people are disconnected to what’s actually going on and they vote for a familiar name. It’s the best I can do, since I can’t understand it myself.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    The screws are being tightened.
    Trump should have deep-sixed Mueller when he had the chance.
    Now Congress is moving to pass a bill introduced by one R and one D that will make it nearly impossible to get rid of a Special Council.
    Can you say bi-partisan?

    Mueller has impanelled a GJ.

    The summer of our discontent rolls on.

  8. Jasper says:

    Anyone who reads this who is a state committeeman should contact to sign the petition to hold a special meeting to get rid of J Lines and elect a true patriot. Then all RNC $ will go to worthy candidates, if any show up.