AZ’s senior senator (ASS) pushes new amnesty scheme

This comes a day after Pres. Trump outlined his wise plan based in US interests

 Keeping his campaign promise to the American people, President Trump is taking decisive action against illegal immigrationOn Wednesday, along with sponsoring Sens. Tom Cotton and David Purdue, Trump announced support of the RAISE Act, a Senate bill that prioritizes English speaking immigrants with verifiable job skills who will contribute to our country.  —  meriting editorial praise from the conservative Washington Times.

 But the chief dissenter is not happy. It would be comical if not so serious.  Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS), suffering from what his doctors at Mayor Clinic have described as an “aggressive form of brain cancer,” expends time he should be spending with family, instead chomping at the bit to push through his repeatedly failed “comprehensive immigration reform.”  He makes his pathetic move a day after Pres. Trump’s announcement support of an immigration overhaul that benefits America

Yet fawning  USAToday. blasts, “McCain aims to revive immigration reform when he returns to Congress” There are several  operative words in the headline, alone. “Revive, immigration reform, and returns,” all fall into the category of questionable.  The Gannett Inc.  twin Arizona Republic headlines, “McCain’s next big move” referring to his traitorous deciding vote against efforts to reform Obamacare.

 ASS has been focused on granting the gift of amnesty to illegal aliens since working feverishly on the issue with former Sen. Jon Kyl. Americans across the country rose up in protest of their failed bill, tying up hone lines and clogging Fax machines.

He has said he is fulfilling a promise made to Democrat Ted Kennedy. ASS and Jeff Flake, both antagonists of President Trump, previously orchestrated the infamous Gang of Eight bill, with two other RINOs and four full fledged radical leftists — led by Chuck Schumer. It also failed.

Numbers USA endorses the RAISE Act.

9 Responses to AZ’s senior senator (ASS) pushes new amnesty scheme

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Interesting choice of words used by the news rags, as pertaining to ASS:

    “McCain’s next big move”

    When terminally ill folks are no longer able to be revived, they make their next big move into eternity.

    Hope he has to face the thousands of innocents whose lives were taken by illegals.

    here’s a story from the news today:

    The police said that a lot of violence was very evident at the scene, which was the elderly woman’s residence—a place where she has the right to be safe.

    California Labor Commissioner, Julia Su has ordered that ICE agents are NOT allowed to enter State buildings without a warrant. Apparently, ICE agents have been seeking information regarding illegals who (have the outrageous nerve) to file claims against California employers.

    And this, today :
    Jeff Flake has plastered advertising banners on conservative websites that carry a lot of traffic, such as breitbart.
    Labeling himself as a “conservative”.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Is this the behavior of a “conservative?”

      “Since entering the Senate in 2013, Jeff Flake has, time and again, proven he is part of the indulgent hypocrisy in Washington. While he waxes poetically about conservative principles, his Conservative Review Liberty score is an abysmal 53%, also known as: “F”. In 2013, I watched first-hand as Flake refused to sign a letter pledging to defund ObamaCare, among his many betrayals to conservatism. Jeff Flake is neither a conservative nor does he have a conscience.”

      Brent Bozell (His father ghostwrote Barry Goldwater’s book “The Conscience of a Conservative” Flake’s book has the same title. A faker through and through.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I agree with SRAZ. ASS should be home with his family resting up for more treatments not on the radio like he was this morning (KFYI) “after a week of treatments” saying it’s challenging, but with exercise and good food he’ll come through. We’re seeing and hearing more of him than ever. But then, he has a vendetta against our president he has to settle. Bringing up immigration reform now is just mischief. Trump’s RAISE Act is excellent! It’s long overdue and favors America’s best interests, not those of illegal aliens.

    Swamp Master, Mitch McConnell is pouring over $400,000 into the Alabama primary (Jeff Sessions’ seat) fighting against two conservatives who are running. McConnell is backing Luther Strange, an easily malleable RINO. The primary is this month. McConnell, McCain and others did the same in another southern state a while back and got the guy they wanted into office. A doddering old soul whose first mission when he got to the senate was to find his office and he couldn’t.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    President Ronald Reagan read The Washington Times every day during his terms in office This was his 1997 quote:
    The American people know the truth. You, my friends at The Washington Times, have told it to them. It wasn’t always the popular thing to do. But you were a loud and powerful voice. Like me, you arrived in Washington at the beginning of the most momentous decade of the century. Together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. And—oh, yes—we won the Cold War

  4. Patriot Dad says:

    Seeing Red AZ has come up with the perfect acronym for John McCain in using the first letters from Arizona’s Senior Senator: ASS to define him.

    Being ill doesn’t suddenly make him a good man. He never was and still isn’t. No one lies like McCain, or has a greater opinion of themselves than he does. His pompous arrogance is the mark of a small man, who graduated at the bottom of his US Navel Academy class. He never would nave gotten in the USNA were it not for having a father and grandfather who were Admirals.

    ASS is a petty jealous and crude silver spooner who, as a member of Congress, has worked hard to earn our contempt and is not deserving o praise.

  5. Kathy says:

    On Drudge now – A Virginia man is suing the Republican Party for fraud and racketeering re: the lies on repealing Obamacare. Fundraising on lies, lies, lies – maybe we in AZ have a huge suit against McCain since he’s been for each term he has run on Build the Dang Fence!!!!!

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Here are Flake’s poll results and his “conservative values”
    ads on the same page.

    Poll: Jeff Flake’s approval rating in Arizona now … 18/63 – Hot Air Hot Air

    A comment below the article:
    Maybe people don’t like him – not necessarily for his voting record but because he comes across as a sanctimonious (sic) prissy hectoring scold?