Navigating the language of Liberalese

Illegal alien mother teaches her kids an essential principle: Actions have consequences

The USA Today headline was an attention grabber: “After 17 years, Ohio mom of 4 faces deportation.” The hard copy edition was somewhat different: “Immigrant mom faces deportation after traffic violation.” 

Either version elicits the same response. What’s going on here? It turns out, the answer is “plenty.”

 Beatriz Morelos Casillas, 37, her husband and their children live in Smallville…er…Painesville, northeast of Cleveland. She was stopped on her way home from her factory job, we are told, and found to be driving without a license, a violation any of us would be charged with. .Her case had the added caveat of Casillas, a Mexican national, being in the United States illegally.

Her illegal status caused her to be taken into custody. The sympathetic portrayal claims she was “scheduled to be deported to the Texas border state of Tamaulipas — one of the most dangerous places in Mexico.”

To add to the drama, we are told her he kids, ages 4 to 12, are U.S. citizens and never have been out of the United States, according to her husband, Jose DeJesus. “She doesn’t have anybody in Mexico,” DeJesus said. “Everything she owns, everything she has is right here. She is here to live the American dream.”

Using Jose’s logic, sneaking into the United States, having a large family of anchor babies and wanting to live the American dream are reasons to overlook the laws of our sovereign nation, and give her a pass. Further into the tale of woe, we are told this is not her first rodeo.  She’s been deported previously

But such facts aren’t enough to keep an Hispanic advocacy group from coming to her aid. They refer to as “low hanging fruit,” for the U.S. government, since her repeat offender status allows her to be deported without a hearing.

How dare officials expedite a repeat offender? Why should there be any consequences for blatant disregard of our laws?

 Ask Rev. Steve Vellenga, pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Painesville, who is working to rally community support for Casillas.  “She is not a criminal, not a violent person, and she is being sent back to a situation where her life will be at risk. This is the result of years of failing to reform immigration. We don’t see the immorality of what we are doing.”

Then ask the families of Kate Steinle and Grant Ronnebeck who join the infamous list of victims of multiple deported illegals. 

Fortunately we now have a president who is addressing the seriousness of the porous border, which provides passage for illicit drugs, criminals and a route for those from terror sponsoring nations who intend to wreak havoc on America.

In 2010, Seeing Red AZ posted “A Primer: How to decipher Republicese,”which includes a link to a 2008 post titled, “Lingo,” in which we expose the word manipulation of the liberal media.




8 Responses to Navigating the language of Liberalese

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    She knew the risks when she chose to ignore the laws of the United States. Federal law as to immigration.
    And driving without a license—for all these years—think of all the people that she has put at risk.
    Who knows the number of accidents that she has caused.

    If we look closer, will we find some welfare fraud or perhaps disability claims? Because lawbreakers rarely break just one law, as we see in her case.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Catholic church decides to take her in and protect her from the authorities, as the church has done before.

    The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Charities are not working in the best interests of legal American citizens.

    My parish forked over $280,000 this year alonebecause that is the amount that Bishop Olmsted said that he wanted from our parish to support Catholic charities. I take offense when a Sunday Mass is replaced totally by a film and a lecture that drones on for an hour.
    And then every week after, we are reminded about how much has been given and how much we need to come up with.
    This is a yearly occurrence.

    Over the last nine years, since the Church has pushed the “Catholics in the Public Square” ideology where the Bishops were and are A-OK with the likes of Obama and his ideas, I have completely re-arranged my charitable donations to local organizations (none of which are affiliated with the Church) that I can personally check out.

    • Realist says:

      Not being a catholic, I’ve not witnessed what you describe, but it strikes me as offensive and not why people are inclined to join or stay with a church. Leftward religions give these shams phony names like “Social Justice,” as they degrade religion and demoralize their congregants. Piety comes not from enabling criminals, which ALL illegals are.

      I’ve read that the Catholic church membership is falling. I attributed that decrease to the distaste for the current pope who is clearly a communist. But it’s also clear that church policy concerning illegal aliens must be factored into the decline. I wouldn’t stay.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Only the liberal media would consider articles such as this to be compelling tugs on the heartstrings of citizens. I find them an affront, which directly accounts for the fact that we no longer subscribe to this garbage passing itself off as a newspaper.

  3. Fed Up says:

    The underlying tragedy is that churches cover for illegals, often providing them sanctuary.

    The clergy are no better than a governor like Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in California who has actually welcomed illegals into the state, New York mayor Bill DeBlasio, emulating Brown condones sanctuary cities, protecting those who are taking American jobs, especially in the hospitality and construction sectors as well as competing with American students for college placement. The illegal students are receiving in-state tuition, to boot !!!

  4. Patrick says:

    If the wording in the Constitution had been a bit different her children would never have been given citizenship either. No way should children born of non citizens while in USA be made citizens.

    • Villanova says:

      The debate has been raging and many legal scholars believe the Fourteenth Amendment has been seriously misinterpreted. It was put in place immediately after the Civil War in order to properly address the legal status of American born children of African born slaves, brought he against their will. It has been too broadly applied to children of illegal aliens who have made their way across our border, often paying transporting coyotes hefty sums to sneak in. The operative word is “ILLEGAL.”

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Another day – another nutty performance by Flake
    I am so tired of this guy out there every day bashing Trump – today bashing Trump, protecting Obama. He’s as nutty as McCain.

    Senator says GOP should have shut down birther movement | New York Post

    • Night Owl says:

      My best guess is that various forms of degenerative brain disease is a contagion afflicting members of the US Senate.