Jeff Flake, the time to reregister as a Democrat is now

Dem to Republican switches should encourage Flake to “come out” and feel comfortable in his own skin

An intriguing scramble is taking place in the political arena. Donald Trump’s presidential triumph was based not only on the fact that he expertly outmaneuvered 16 other Republican challengers, but on the colossal missteps of liberals — such as the disastrous round table discussion which relegated Hillary Clinton to the West Virginia back burner in a traditionally blue state.

In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton carried West Virginia by a solid 13 percentage points. In November 2016 Republican Donald Trump made those numbers look like chump change as he more than tripled that percentage — sweeping the state by 40 points.

Declining coal mining and the resulting job losses clearly illustrate the disconnect (video) elitist Dems have with their own base. Barack Obama promised to bankrupt the industry— an issue on which his heir apparent Hillary Clinton hung her hat. It was a loser and so was she.

The issue so resonates with the coal producing state that West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Democrat, appeared at a  rally featuring President Donald Trump, switching parties on Friday to become a Republican. The previous day, he addressed the crowd of Trump supporters estimated at 9,000, telling them, “This man is a good man. He’s got a backbone. He’s got real ideas. He cares about America. He cares about us in West Virginia.”

Here in Arizona the opposite is true. Jeff Flake has shown an increasing liberal proclivity. He said was unable to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and wouldn’t vote for him. He has now come out with a book bashing conservatives, and Sunday appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” taking the GOP to task for not shutting down the “birther” movement, which he claims Donald Trump led.

The more pertinent question is: Why doesn’t the Arizona Republican Party shut down anti-GOP Jeff Flake? He has repeatedly been in opposition to mainstream Republicans and hostile to conservative issues. Yet the AZ GOP is bizarrely gearing up to support Flake in 2018. A recall of the state chairman is gaining steam.

In 2015, Democrat state senator Carlyle Begay, representing the Navajo Nation switched parties to become a Republican, saying  it’s been the Republicans who have worked with him to “improve education, jobs and infrastructure” in the tribal communities where unemployment is as high as 80 percent. Watch his video announcement.

U.S. Rep. Bob Stump represented Arizona in Congress for 26 years — the first five as a Democrat. Elected in 1976, he reregistered as a Republican in 1981 after voting for President Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts. He served as chairman of both the Armed Services Committee and Veterans Affairs Committee, working diligently on behalf of the military and veterans. In his 2003 obituary, the New York Times correctly identified him as a “strong conservative.” No rational person would make that claim about Jeff Flake, but that’s what his pop-up Internet ads are deceptively calling him.

For decades Arizona conservatives have endured Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) misspent time in D.C. as a Democrat enabler, colluding with liberals on myriad issues running the gamut from amnesty for illegals to shamefully casting the deciding vote as he sided with the unified Dems against restructuring the unsustainable Obamacare monstrosity, though rates in Arizona have soared 116%. ASS’s time has come and nearly gone, but Jeff Flake should do the honorable thing and come out as the Democrat he is. The party switch didn’t hurt Congressman Stump. He was reelected for the next 21 years.

In this recentMy Turncolumn on the AZ Republic’s editorial page, Flake is  encouraged to ditch the Republican Party.

It’s an idea whose time has come.


10 Responses to Jeff Flake, the time to reregister as a Democrat is now

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    No amount of pre-election deceit would ever cajole me into voting for Jeff Flake. I’m a committed conservative registered as a Republican and active in the party.. As an elected State Committeeman, I was in attendance at the Arizona Republican Statutory meeting when McCain and Flake were brought onstage by McCain toady and former GOP state chairman Robert Graham, The usual no show senators were greeted by loud boos, walkouts and turned backs. I was a walk out. Flake is an “never-Trumper.” I am a “Never-Flaker.” I will be voting for Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    The opinion piece published in the rag is written by a guy who is running for elected office and also runs something called the Centrist Project here in Scottsdale.
    Maybe the writer needs a little political juice, as he urges Flake to join the Centrist Project.
    Nothing like the smell of self-promotion and pandering in the morning.

    The writer also states that Trump is trying to dump Flake because Flake is a Republican like Goldwater and Reagan were, but the party has abandoned Flake.

    I encourage everyone to follow the link provided by SRAZ so that you can read the opinion piece.
    You might enjoy the fiction and the distortion.
    Creative writing, to be sure.

    Flake has never been an independent.
    Even now, he is busy racking up points with Soros by carrying political slop buckets uphill for the ailing (and failing) McCain.

    The Mexican cartel violence has now invaded the Playa Palmilla beach in Los Cabos, with a running machine gun battle leaving 3 dead on the beach while American tourists doze in the sun.
    (story with photos today on the British news website Daily Mirror)

    And remember this week in history:
    72 years ago—–The U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 and bombed Nagasaki on August 9.
    Let’s pray to God that nothing like that has to be unleashed again.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    PS I forgot to ad I will not be voting for anyone who endorses Jeff Flake or accepts his endorsement, though I can’t imagine who would want such an albatross.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Laura Ingraham talked about Jeff Flake this morning on her radio show. She said she’ll get behind the person running against Flake and help work against him. She also said she doesn’t even like “seeing him.” She feels the same as I do. As somebody posted in a comment section about Flake: Maybe people don’t like him – not necessarily for his voting record but because he comes across as a sanctimonious prissy hectoring scold?

    Maybe he’s going to run against Trump in 2020 and this liberal/Libertarian/”Independent” stance will help him…..after all, he said “demographics” are against the Republican party. He should change parties and should just STOP using the word conservative. It’s a lie.

    As SRAZ says we’ve endured Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) with his “independent/maverick” behavior – we shouldn’t endure another ‘independent’ politician. He should change parties. Good riddance.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      When Flake uses the term “demographics” he means only one thing: Hispanics. His daughter is married to a Hispanic and Jeff is now a grandfather. Flake, Kyl before him, and now short timer McCain have all pushed this narrative that we have to cede power to Mexicans and other Latinos, because they will soon be the nation’s ethnic majority. That will be in large part to to the unflinching support they have all given to an ongoing influx of predominantly uneducated, and unwilling to acclimate group that think arriving here in violation of our border is OK. Why wouldn’t they think that when these con men senators have given their actions a pass at every turn.These are not immigrants, they are invaders. And all of the rest of us get to foot the bills for their food, shelter, medical care, their kid’s education and even provide them state funded public defenders to give them legal representation when they are charged with crimes.

  5. John Dickerson says:

    Jeff Flake has been looking for a free lunch all of his life. HE IS ALREADY A DEMOCRAT LIVING BY HIS NAME—(FLAKE). He doesn’t give a darn about the American Citizen’s living in the State of Arizona!!! ALL HE WANTS IS MONEY, PRESTIGE AND MORE MONEY!!! “SCREW YOU – LITTLE DUMB VOTER!!!” Is the frame of mind he lives by. He hasn’t done one damn thing, since he’s been in Washington, DC, except raise MONEY for his BANK ACCOUNT and re-election to Public Office.

    Jay Ardee – U.S.A.F. Veteran.


  6. Maggie says:

    Com’mon Jeff, do it. Give honesty a try..

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Late note RE: Sheriff Joe

    Sheriff Joe asks why Trump is not coming to his aid.

    The last paragraph in the report says it all.
    All roads lead back to Soros.

    They went after Sheriff Joe and railroaded him.
    No one in authority has come to his aid.

    They went after Roger Ailes and took him down.
    To this day, no concrete evidence has ever been delivered.
    No doubt he died partially from a broken heart.

    They took down Bill O’Reilly and we’ve yet to see any evidence.

    Recently, Eric Bolling of FOX announced that he will most likely seek to run for public office in the next few years, although not in New York.
    Fast forward to the present time—Eric Bolling has been accused of sexual harassment by the same chick who also ruined Ailes and O’Reilly. She is an attractive, highly educated female, and yet it takes her years to now become offended. How convenient.
    But a Lesson for All of Us.

    They have also been trying to take down Sean Hannity.

    Trump has too many Obama left-overs in high places.

    The President needs to stand up for Sheriff Joe in this dark hour.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The attractive, highly educated female is a lesbian and is a professor of something leftwing at Occidental College in L.A. where Obama attended school.

      What a joke this whole thing is. The Left (Media Matters) is starting a new boycott of advertisers of the Sean Hannity Show, just started a couple of days ago.

      (My opinion and it’s probably in the minority: I’m glad O’Reilly is gone. He has a lot of baggage and I don’t see him as conservative as many do. He’s an opportunist like Hugh Hewitt.)

  8. Kimball says:

    This post questions why AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines and his mentor and predecessor Robert Graham are gearing up to support Jeff Flake in 2018, without ever trying to rein in his anti Republican, anti-Trump stance. The reason is simple. They are all members of the LDS (Mormon) church and would rather sell their first born than speak ill of a fellow brethren. (Unless he’s conservative Russell Pearce!)