Obamacare provider exits, insured left high and dry

AARP and others thank ASS for a nightmare scenario

Sunday’s Arizona Republic newspaper carried a dramatic full-page ad, white background with stark black letters declaring:

Thank you



The rest of the text is blue:

for putting patients first

and voting

against the

Senate health

care bill.

The lower third of the page included the names and logos of sixteen health related organizations representing various diseases and, of course, the Obamacare supporting AARP. The flashy show of appreciation to Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS), was in regard to his obviously practiced and intended to shock, Roman emperor Caligula-style thumbs down vote against the gladiator begging for mercy in the arena. In this case the victims are the American people sold a bill of rotten goods.

ASS has never recovered from his own failed 2008 presidential bid, exacerbated by Donald Trump’s stunning victory. Casting the deciding vote to derail the Republican effort was the self-described Maverick’s ultimate revenge.

Nevada’s Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson issued this statement on Monday, announcing that Anthem, the largest provider of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in the country, would pull out of the state’s 2018 individual insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. (Obamacare)

When Obama’s lips are moving you can be sure he’s lying. President Trump will survive the petty ASS’s vote. Can the same be said about the people of Nevada?


6 Responses to Obamacare provider exits, insured left high and dry

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain will be gone soon enough, but he’s committed to doing all the damage he can while still able. Instead of being reflective facing the end of his life with the horrible diagnosis of aggressive brain cancer, he remains angry and mean as ever.

    We still have actions that are within our control.
    1. Ditch AARP and join AMAC, which bills itself as the conservative alternative to AARP, which in fact worked with the Obama administration on Obamacare.

    2. Do not vote for Jeff Flake in 2018. He’s recasting himself as a conservative, but only until the campaign is over. This is his pre-election routine, just as amnesty supporting McCain walked the border with Sheriff Babeu and said, “Build the danged fence,” an idea he abhors.
    These Republicrats will do or say anything to get elected and then revert back to stabbing conservatives in the back. Dr. Kelli Ward, a principled conservative is challenging Jeff Flake.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The only ones in AZ who praise ASS for his ‘Roman emperor Caligula-style thumbs down vote’ LOL on repealing Obamacare would be Democrats*. He despises his country and Trump so much that he thinks nothing of going against his party on this important issue. Finally, I think Republican voters see the real McCain – not the ‘war hero’ stuff that went bye bye a long time ago because of his once-hidden past. It’s too bad really that he won’t be able to run again. This time, he’d lose.

    *McCain said he voted no on the advice of Governor Ducey. Maybe the gov should be asked about this when the Obamacare increase for Arizonans this year is up 116%.

    • State Delegate says:

      I, too, appreciated SRA’s description of McASS as Roman emperor Caligula. I wouldn’t be surprised if he patterned his down turned thumb exhibition after the ruthless tyrant.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Obama’s repeated statements about keeping your doctor and insurance were later exposed as lies by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, who was an architect of Obamacare. He actually admitted we lied to the “stupid” American people to get it passed. Watch this video and read Katie Pavich’s excellent Townhall column to get a memory refresher of the enormous levels of deceit thrown our way by Barack Obama and his radical leftist henchmen who ALL held us in contempt.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    If you want your ASS to receive the very best Ca tx, you need to know that Mayo Phoenix/Scottsdale has just been rated #17 as to hospitals that deliver Ca tx.

    However, if you put your ASS on your private jet and make like a bird to the Mayo mothership in Rochester, MN, your ASS could receive Ca tx that is ranked #3 in the U.S.

    (These ratings and rankings were just published today.)

    It would be easier and the outcome could be potentially more favorable had you hauled ASS to Texas where M.D. Anderson is #1. (Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland is #2 for Ca tx)

    RE: ANTHEM insurance co.
    Over the past several months, Anthem has sent notices to all of their “customers” in Kentucky, Missouri and Georgia that ANTHEM will NO LONGER automatically be paying Emergency Department claims. The claims are now being closely scrutinized by clerks—-not medical professionals.
    If the clerks decide that patients could have utilized an Urgent Care Center or waited for an appointment with their PCP, then the claim is denied and the hospital will come after YOU for payment. (you realize that you sign a financial responsibility paper to that effect whenever you are treated at a healthcare facility, right?)
    If there is no Urgent Care Center near your location or if it is after hours, your claim still may be denied depending on the IQ of your claims review clerk.

    This is alarming in so many ways.
    #1. The financial responsibility nut will potentially scare people from seeking tx for legitimate health concerns.
    #2. If a patient with symptoms waits until an Urgent Care is open or can get an appointment with the PCP, the situation may have turned from a treatable condition to a life-threatening or even fatal outcome.

    Physicians trained in Emergency Medicine are Very Concerned about this.
    Shades of the old HMO system, if you recall.

    However, illegals get Primo healthcare in ERs 24/7/365, even for the sniffles. No questions asked.
    No one Ever turned away. Not ever.

  5. Doc says:

    A “town hall” post from (ASS):
    (CAUTION! please be near a toilet while reading this so you don’t get spew all over th’ floor!!)