Jeff Flake: The image polishing begins anew

Large swaths of the world are in chaos. Islamic terrorists are committed to the slaughter of innocents with the ultimate goal of taking over the planet. A North Korean madman is threatening nuclear destruction. The leftist World Economic Forum cites catastrophic weather or the reliable fallback of Climate Change as the ‘most pressing’ risk looming in our future.

But the Arizona Republic sees things through a different lens. Now that it has satisfied its blood lust in relentlessly pursuing former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it has other political fish to fry to fulfill its liberal agenda. 

Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) a Republicrat who spent decades in Washington colluding with Democrats, is suffering from what his Mayo Clinic doctors refer to as an “aggressive form of brain cancer.”  His days of negatively impacting the political scene are nearing an end. His kiss off to conservatives was casting the deciding vote against repealing Obamacare, a vengeful finger in the eye to President Donald Trump who he refused to support during the 2016 election.

 His like-minded junior senate partner, Jeff Flake, has been taking pre-election heat from every corner for his arrogant attacks on the president in particular and conservatives in general. This week he was chastised by Republican National Committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, for his skewering of Republicans in his new 140-page pamphlet being called a book, carrying a title that was previously used by Barry Goldwater in 1960. 

Jeff Flake, not known for having an original thought, will be facing voters in 2018.  The newspaper is worried enough about keeping this reckless open borders, amnesty supporter in place that the morning edition ignores all of the turmoil to strategically place him above-the-fold, with the appropriate headline, “A blaze’s aftermath.”  He is shown surveying the scene of the early summer Goodwin forest fire in the conservative voter base of Yavapai County. with an accompanying three-page article. The task is a major undertaking since the aptly named Flake holds the distinction of having the lowest approval rating of any senator in the 100-member body.

Jeff Flake: Reaping what he has sown sheds additional light on this deceptive RINO.


11 Responses to Jeff Flake: The image polishing begins anew

  1. Braveheart says:

    SRAZ never disappoints. I so appreciate this site for telling it like it is. I will never again vote for McCain mini me, Jeff Flake. It was a mistake during his first senate run. I won’t compound that error.. Having longevity will only embolden him to act and vote against us even more. He should never be forgiven for promoting Obama’s democrat pick for the US Supreme Court.

    Donald Trump gave us Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was an associate and friend of Justice Scalia, who he replaced.. Imagine the bent of the SCOTUS if Flake had his way.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    British press reporting that Dr. Kelli Ward is sending out campaign material which shows red-haired comedienne Kathi Griffin holding a likeness of a severed, bloody head that is made to resemble President Trump.

    Is this true?

    McCain attends a game of his “beloved” Diamondbacks.
    The photos reveal, at least to me, that the Ca and/or tx is taking a toll.
    Reasonable folks in this situation would stay away from crowds so as to not annoy one’s compromised immune system.
    But the ego must be massaged and stroked. Where’s Lindsey?

    And Disturbingly,
    a former CIA honcho goes on CNN to say that ‘the government (US) is going to kill him (Trump).’

    A few weeks ago, I posted that a protestant minister reported that he had met with a senior member of Congress who has been in office since 1996. The minister was told that there was already a plan in place to be rid of Trump. The minister has not been able to get any of the media to take his story. He finally went to infowars.

    • MacBeth says:

      I live in metro Phoenix, not Great Britain. I received a mailer from Kelli Ward yesterday. On the left front (appropriate, wouldn’t you say?) of the envelope is a photo of Chuck Schumer with his glasses down on the tip of his nose. The accompanying caption is:
      “Chuck Schumer and the DC Liberals have put a target on my head. Help me stop them.” That was the only reference to a head.

      Jeff Flake and his operatives must be feeding this garbage to any outlets that will take it.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      What you write is very disturbing, but I believe it to be accurate. We are now living in the world of the radical resistance movement, funded by George Soros, and able to mobilize lunatic fringers at a moment’s notice. How do the apparently unemployed afford the cell phones that send them rallying messages? What about basic necessities such as food and shelter?

      The rest of us are no doubt paying for them to sit on their asses until the next “resistance” message hits their phones.

      Republicans who couldn’t wait until Obama was out of office, never engaged in such threats and mob scenes. We work and keep the economy going and gear up for the next election. That is how and why Donald Trump is now our president.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    On the 12 Noon news on KFYI, they said Kirstin Sinema is thinking of running against Flake and Greg Stanton might run for Sinema’s House seat.

    They also said that Kelli Ward flew to D.C. and met with Trump people then shortly thereafter $300,000 was put in her PAC by Billionaire Robert Mercer.

    I’m tired of being embarrassed by our two wacky senators. Both “Republicans” working for the other side.

    On the Internet today there are many pictures of the dogs Flake’s irresponsible son let die a horrid death. Pictures are of the dogs alive, called out by their names and pictures of them (bloated) in death.

    • terry dudas says:

      The tricks, this time around, will be deadly not only dirty. Dr. Ward may truly have a target on her head. Recall the massive, blatant lies told about her during the Primary against McCain. More than a repeat is in store for this round.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    RE: The story published on the news website emanating from Britain ( about Dr. Kelli Ward.

    They do not refer to her as “Dr.”

    If this story is untrue, I hope that someone here will contact her so that she can demand a retraction. And maybe call Sarah Palin to get the names of a few good attorneys.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It looks to be legitimate – this is from the DailyMail article.

      Senate candidate uses graphic photo in mailer – 3TV | CBS 5

      Marcus Dell’Artino says she was going for the ‘shock factor.’

      • Doc says:

        I say GOOD! If she wants to play hardball, I TOTALLY SAY GOOD! She played the “soft shoe”, (& appropriately so) with (ASS), & got lied about, & AGAIN, Arizonans saw that 1 of our ?senate? seats was up for sale & won by the highest (ASS) bidder. Now, with this self-serving, lying P.O.S. mcflake, she sees that playing nice gets you nowhere in this state, in this areana. I say GO FOR THE THROAT, DR. WARD!

      • East Valley Conservative says:

        Does anyone actually believe the British Daily Mail monitors the minutia of an Arizona senate race a year in the future? If this was reported there, it’s a certainty it was a plant from the Flake brigade. I trust Jeff Flake and his minions as far as I can throw Robert Graham or Jonathan Lines. RNC chair Ronna McDaniels is the only one with integrity as far as telling the truth about the flaky Jeff Flake

  5. Philip Alu says:

    McCain MR mc Gimmick n Flake would be Democrats now if Hilary HAD won want AZ to go BLUE both worthless n cancers to a Free America….