Flake’s Trump problem: AZ GOP struggles with tangled web*

A New Day, A New Shenanigan  is a must read, posted on Republican Briefs. It unambiguously addresses the trickery emanating from AZ GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines relating to the Tues. Aug. 22, Phoenix event featuring President Donald Trump.

Lines is clearly in a bind, since it is not the state party but state Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Trump’s Arizona campaign manager, who is coordinating the volunteer efforts inside the Phoenix Convention Center.. Lines defines those duties as “crowd flow, greeting guests, security, etc.” In Lines’ Daily Update, he says he’s “thrilled” with this setup, Wan‘na bet?

Then he says, “The White House, the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign have tasked Arizona Victory and the AZ GOP with voter registration and volunteer recruitment.”

Lines follows up with, “Because we know that the Democrats are doing everything they can to turn our state blue and using millions of George Soros’s dollars to do it, we must counter their efforts. Tuesday’s event is a great opportunity to welcome thousands of new Republican voters and volunteers into our party…and will be essential for victory next November.”

All well and good, except for in his gloss-over, Lines omits a couple of irrefutable facts: George Soros, whose efforts Lines acknowledges we must counter, is a longtime colluder and funder of John McCain. It wouldn’t be surprising to find self-described “globalist” Jeff Flake feeding at the same trough, since a major connective thread for open borders/globalist/Socialist billionaire Soros is amnesty for illegals who have invaded the U.S. Acting in concert, McCain and Flake worked to shepherd through their deceptive, “bi-partisan” Gang of Eight amnesty scam. Conservative Review’s Chris Pandolfo writes the aborted effort has been resurrected with McCain, now suffering from what his doctors describe as an aggressive form of brain cancer, at the helm. Flake running for reelection in 2018, can’t be a party to this effort, though he was integral to the scheme which was killed in the House of Representatives after conservative backlash demonstrated the grassroots will not tolerate pro-illegal immigration.

And speaking of Jeff Flake, we address point number two which is Jeff Flake’s contemptible attitude toward President Trump, whom he publicly declared “Can’t win and shouldn’t win” the 2016 election. Since then, Flake has written a 140-page pamphlet masquerading as a book, with a title stolen from Barry Goldwater’s iconic book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” in which he does everything short of burning President Trump at the stake. His internecine battles have not missed the notice of RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, who has chastised Flake for his antics. In signaling his support for Dr. Kelli Ward, President Trump tweeted, “Jeff Flake is “toxic and weak on borders.”

It will be interesting to see how  AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines deals with traitorous Jeff Flake, President Donald Trump and conservative senate challenger Dr. Kelli Ward.

*“O, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive,“ oft-repeated adage, attributed to Wm. Shakespeare.

George Soros and his pal John McCain


9 Responses to Flake’s Trump problem: AZ GOP struggles with tangled web*

  1. MacBeth says:

    Jonathan Lines is in a fix. He’s committed to bringing Jeff the Flake across the finish line, but he can’t do that and maintain allegiance to Republican Pres. Trump, who he needs to hold the AZ GOP Congressional delegation and the national advantages Republicans have in the US House and Senate. Watching Lines will give Arizona Republicans severe neck aches as he switches back and forth trying to keep all of the balls in the air. It’s a job he’s clearly not up to, especially trying to do it from Yuma County. Most importantly, he has to decide if he supports the president or the liberal Flake. With Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Kelly Ward, where does that leave Lines?

  2. VINOAZ says:

    If you are honest and ethical, the choice is simple. But, those two things are sadly lacing in politics.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Good observation. I predict the GOP establishment will contort themselves like pretzels in order to keep Jeff Flake viable. I’m a longtime Republican activist and elected precinct committeeman and will never again vote for Jeff Flake. The recall against Jonathan Lines is gaining statewide momentum.
      Kelli Ward is the lone conservative in the AZ 2018 senate race. She needs our support or we will ultimately have an elderly Jeff Flake who will never be wrested out of office, exactly like McCain.
      Flake is an anti-Republican!

  3. Maggie says:

    George Soros is gazing at McCain with as much pride as a dedicated mentor has for his A student.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Suggestion…maybe it’s time we stopped referring to the Arizona Republican Party leadership as “establishment” and start calling them what they actually are: A Syndicate. They surely are not working in the best interests of Republican voters, when they push a contemptible traitor to the Republican Party like Jeff Flake.

    This is a dictionary definition which I think applies very well
    “A loose association of racketeers in control of organized crime.”

  5. Former GOP PC says:

    It’s difficult to trust anything that comes from the AZ GOP these days. We don’t get much since we were part of the McCain purge of conservative PCs. What I do see is sent to me by well-meaning friends who think I’m still interested. In truth, after all the years of dedication of time and money my wife and I gave to the Republican Party and to be kicked to the curb like dog poop, we re-registered as PND — Party Not Declared.
    We I will not be voting for Jeff Flake. Kelli Ward is the conservative in the senate race and she has our support and our votes.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    With Trump firing Bannon, he has lost his only staffer who really wanted to save the U.S.

    Jared and Ivanka are New York libs to the core and do not share conservative values. Total liabilities.

    The retired military men who are now surrounding Trump have done just that—–surrounded and isolated him. There is only one final step to be taken by these globalists who once served in the military.

    No turning back from these mistakes.

    Trump needs John Bolton, and has needed him since day 1.
    But Bolton is brilliant in all matters geo-political and Trump’s ego will not allow him to be up-staged on any matter.

    I support Trump.
    But this is going to end badly. Just as Soros and his Johnny-Come-Lately have planned. Soros now doing everything he can to once again ruin his homeland—Hungary, which refuses to take in the replacement population from Africa. First, he sent them Adolph, and now, Africans.

    Keep in mind that on Monday, the Phoenix area will experience a partial solar eclipse, commencing at 9 AM, peaking around 10 and ending after the noon hour.

    Please do not direct your eyes toward the sun during those hours.
    Although we are not in the path of the total eclipse, you could still cause damage to your eyes. There’s already enough blindness going on in the world now, so don’t chance it.

    That old song that Bonnie Tyler sang in the 1980’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, seems appropriate these days.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Megan McCain tweets today that her father completed his “first round of chemo/radiation”.

    If you don’t know about the chemo-brain fog phenomenon, just know that it is real.

  8. Seeing Red AZ says:

    You are a friend to SRA and certainly not “disrupting our day with minutiae!” It’s easy for us to slip up, even though our practice is to reread each column before they’re posted. Your editing skills are taken as a gift. Thanks!