AZ Republic gives instructions for Trump rally…to protesters

Under the guise of providing tips to those attending President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally, the Trump-haters at the Arizona Republic newspaper use the report to dispense more than advice to wear comfortable shoes, bring snacks and water. Another reminder: “Don’t bring a gun.

In a less than benign article cunningly titled, “How to attend (or protest at) President Trump’s Phoenix rally Tuesday” the emphasis is definitely on the protest aspect. Many supporters of the president have attended his previous packed house events, and are aware the lines are long, the wait is tiresome, and August weather in Phoenix is….well, August weather in Phoenix. During Donald Trump’s campaign, the same venue was used. There was a small group of political opponents kept in an area across the street, and who amounted to a wart on the Republican’s backside.

Clearly that is not what the newspaper is angling for this time.

The Hillary-endorsing, failing newspaper is not being civically responsible in directing anti-Trump attendees. It is laying the groundwork for disruption that provide the negative headlines it hopes will sell newspapers.

After recommending “How to get inside the rally,” among the “tips” it provides is to have “an exit plan.” Readers are advised to ”coordinate with whoever is attending with you on where/when to meet up in case your phones die, cell service cuts out, or there is an emergency.”

Other helpful hints include a “List of unofficial events outside the rally.” Follow that through to its logical conclusion.

The following question and answer posed and answered by the Arizona Republic is the crème de la crème of the incendiary anti-Trump article:

Q: Will registering for a ticket and not showing up leave an empty space?

A: No. Many protesters have registered for tickets but plan on not showing up in hopes of leaving President Trump talking to an empty room. This will not work, as seating is first-come, first-served, and there will be a mass of supporters waiting to get in. The only way Phoenix Convention Center will be empty is if no one shows up at all.

Saturday’s edition features the Phoenix Police Chief reassuring attendees the city is “well prepared” with maximum staffing, noting Phoenix’ partnership with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center.

This, for a visit from the President of the United States?

The same newspaper — advocating against a presidential pardon for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio — employs professional Hispanic editorialist Elvia Diaz, who has written a commentary with this enchanting title: “Send Joe Arpaio to prison. Being old is no excuse.”It begins with these words:

“Some of you want me to feel sorry for Joe Arpaio because he’s old  and can’t do any harm since he’s no longer sheriff. My answer? Hell no.

I want the 85-year-old former sheriff to go through the same hell that he forced Latinos to live, the same agony and torture of an uncertain future.

Where is my compassion for a senior citizen, who’s frail? Why keep kicking him when he’s already down? I have the same compassion he did….”

Remember, Diaz is talking about illegal alien invaders.

11 Responses to AZ Republic gives instructions for Trump rally…to protesters

  1. VINOAZ says:

    Joe is guilty of enforcing the law and protecting citizens. Diaz and her ilk protect law breakers and criminals. It is a pity she and others are not severely punished. The left never rests. They are intent on destroying America.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Well stated! The Arizona Repukelick is a disreputable, leftist, agendized rag. Subscribing is not just throwing money away, but it allows them to keep churning out this garbage

    • Anna Gaines says:

      The critics seem to be mostly the illegal aliens or descendants of illegal residents, mostly from Mexico. They came to this country without the rights of legal immigrants, yet they are ungrateful and hate the country and it’s people. I don’t know if Elvia Diaz was born of legal or illegal entrants, for the language she uses it sound more like the first. The lower class illegal immigrants do not associate with Americans, they prefer their ghetto lifestyle. Many of those who get a free education from our country still turn out felling like outsiders and rarely assimilating. Look at the crowds of same people together most of the time. ‘Rarely’ do they form normal relations with the Anglo residents. They like to live with people like themselves and never learn to get along with people of other ethnic backgrounds. You can observe the crowds of the Hispanics mostly hanging together. Those who came here legally and are educated from their country and here, are quite different. These group seems more normal and adjusts to other people’s differences. In case people think I’m being “Racist” as the racists usually call me. I came here as a legal immigrant and it took me less than a year to meet some of the nicest people in this country. I became a US Citizen by choice and I defend my adopted country and it’s wonderful people who have opened their doors to so many foreigners. Americans are the least racists (unless they’re uneducated) I only know those who come here illegally are the real racists. Their sense of inferiority makes them act superior? If that makes sense only to them. The fact they they mostly associate with like-people is sad, because they never learn to be true Americans and remain resentful foreigners. She’s not a thinking person. She’s being guided by her emotions and the fact that she doesn’t feel a part of this country. Someone so biased should never be allowed to be a Journalist. In her case is a mere hateful writer. Too bad we “All the racist Americans” Tax Payers paid for her education.
      Even if those of illegal parents are born here, they remain foreigners who feel inferior and pretend to be better than the Americans. I hope that the USA starts to vet educated, people & interview them to see they will eventually make good citizens who truly love this nation, not just come and take, but also integrate, or adjust enough to give loyalty to their new country. Elvia Diaz is an ungrateful, biased, small minded creature. Ye, I know many of them call me racist, but it’s not racism, because I came from a foreign country also, but I knew, it was me who had to adjust to this wonderful country, not have the country pander to me. I’m a naturalized American by choice, and i swore an oath to defend this country when i received my citizenship. I fully honor that oath. Diaz has no right to hate and speak bad about the Sheriff. She doesn’t know him. I know the man, I consider him my friend and I happen to know him and his wife are beautiful, kind and generous people. That Judge friend of traitor Obama took interest in making life difficult for the Sheriff. Biased judges should not be allowed to remain in office. Illegal alien journalists should not be employed if they don’t know how to be fair and balanced..neutral in their opinions.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Since Friday, Six police officers (two in Kissimmee, FL; two in Jacksonville, FL, and two in Pennsylvania) have been shot.

    In Kissimmee (home to the Magic Kingdom of Disney), one of the officers is deceased and the other officer has been given an extremely dire prognosis. They did not have time to even draw their weapons and neither had been provided body cameras which could have provided much information as to the suspects.
    When one suspect was arrested, he resisted but was finally taken into custody. The deceased officer’s handcuffs were used in the arrest procedure.

    This is 2017. The 100th anniversary of the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing multiple times to the three children who tended a flock of sheep in Fatima, Portugal. If you don’t know about this (especially the “Miracle of the Sun” which was witnessed by thousands on October 13, 1917), you can read about it on
    It may give you pause and open your heart.

    You are aware that Satanists have been doing their diabolics during the time of every waning moon.

    Evil is real and walking among us.

    President Trump and his family are in grave danger.
    I have no reason to believe that law enforcement is going to go out of their way to protect President Trump or those whom he brings to Phoenix with him.

    We can defeat the works of satan and his minions by praying to God in Heaven.
    “My God, I believe; I adore; I hope, and I love Thee. I beg pardon for those who do Not believe; do Not adore; do Not hope, and do Not love Thee”.


  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I hope there won’t be trouble.

    Protest Trump Downtown Phoenix 8-22-17

    “Come stand up for decency, equality, and good. Stand up for your children and the goodness in their hearts. Stand in solidarity with the brave people in Charlottesville. Stand up against bigotry, hate, white supremacy, Nazis, Islamophobia, transphobia, xenophobia.”

    Also, Elvia Diaz is a piece of work – she certainly can’t be mistaken for an objective journalist writing that kind of trash. The only ones who should be sent to prison are the criminal illegal aliens walking our streets.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Megan McCain, classless daughter of ASS, gets major press for her photos and reporting on her father’s first chemo/rad tx.
    She uses the hashtag “f***cancer”

    May God deliver US from her.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This is frightening:

    Communists Plan November Sedition, Riots to End Trump-Pence “Regime” – The Organic Prepper

    Their plan is unrelenting chaos in the streets.

    “We are united by the political mission of our Call to Action and we are, as it says, “working with all our creativity and determination toward the time when millions of people can be moved to fill the streets of cities and towns day after day and night after night, declaring this whole regime illegitimate – Demanding, and Not Stopping, Until the Trump/Pence Regime Is Driven from Power.”

    They seem to want to replace this perceived “fascism” with communism.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      How did we come to this? Conservatives despised Obama and his far left radicalism, but we waited until he was out of office and made the correction that needed to be made. The relief was felt across the nation and we united to elect majorities in the US House and Senate, governor’s offices and state legislatures.

      We did not riot, burn down buildings and deface statues. That is not in our DNA. We elected a businessman with no political experience, who sometimes muffles things but in the main is far superior to the “community organizer,” who bought the election with free cell phones and promises of free health care and college. The left never stops to think about the price tag at the end or the $20 TRILLION in debt he incurred. Our American youth, educated in government schools by radically liberal teachers thought it was swell to elect a man whose father and grandfather were Muslims just seven years after 19 devout Muslims commandeered commercial airliners and flew them into the Twin Towers killing nearly 3,000 people for Allah.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        How did we come to this?
        George Soros and his ill-gotten dollars bought the souls of those we thought would represent US.

        Six police officers shot since yesterday. Now, two are deceased.

        Leftists paid for by Soros in Boston hurled bottles filled with urine at police. Should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
        Same for those who carried long sections of lumber with nails at each end in order to injure mounted police and their horses.

        The cowards cover their faces.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The number of troublemakers is extremely troubling. Today in Boston.

    Boston braces for rally where activists could clash | Daily Mail Online