Pres. Trump greeted by capacity crowd at Phx. Convention Center

Deceitful Arizona Republic distorts the facts to play into its leftist agenda, but wishing doesn’t make it so

It was an event that made waiting in the long lines in Phoenix’ blistering 107° August heat worthwhile.  President Donald Trump returned to the Phoenix Convention Center venue that jump started his presidential campaign and was as pointed in his comments as he was on his wildly successful road to the White House. Trump recalled, “ Phoenix was the scene of my first rally speech, and we knew something special was happening here. Believe me, Arizona,” he said, “I will never forget.”

Following a tour of a border patrol station in Yuma, where a wall has actually worked, he was met by a crowd of thousands in Phoenix. Dr. Ben Carson, a former Republican presidential opponent delivered opening remarks to the enthusiastic crowd, noting the Democrats don’t want to give the president any credit for his accomplishments. Rev. Franklin Graham delivered the opening prayer, evidencing the strong evangelical bond the president has forged. Dr. Alveda King, a former Democrat member of the Georgia legislature, now an ardent pro-life Republican, was on hand to support the president.  She is a niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vice President Mike Pence won over the crowd as he introduced Donald Trump as “the man you helped elect as the 45th President of the United States.” Pence called the president “a man of his word and a man of action,” declaring “President Trump’s leadership inspires me every day.”

At one point in his address, the president shouted a question to the crowd, “Do the people in this room like Sheriff Joe?” His inquiry was met with cheers and applause. “So was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job?“ he asked. “He should have had a jury trial, but I’ll make a prediction, he’ll be just fine.” The president continued, “I won’t do it tonight, because I don’t want to cause any controversy, but Sheriff Joe can feel good.”

So will the rest of us who believe the career lawman was the object of a politicized witch hunt.

He also addressed Arizona’s two senators without naming either one, saying he was advised not to mention any names, so I won’t, “but we were one vote away from repealing and replacing Obamacare…” It escaped no one’s notice that he was referring to the thumbs down deciding vote of Arizona’s Senior Senator, now known by the acronym ASS on this site.

In discussing the “other senator” he recently called “toxic,” President Trump defined him as “weak on crime and the border,“ adding “no one knows who the hell he is.”

The American people voted for immigration control,” he said.  “That’s one reason I’m here.”

It was hot, the wait was long, but the rally attendees were flying high after eight years in the political wilderness, now hearing a president tell the truth about the border, the biased media — he identified as “attacking my supporters,” and his plans for America’s future. “It’s finally time to rebuild our country, ” he told the cheering crowd.

The Drudge Report news aggregator, which appears to have turned on the president was not above mischaracterizing the protesters across the street and reporting that “tear gas filled the streets.” Phoenix police made a point of saying there was no tear gas used, but smoke canisters were employed to disperse the far left, Nazi-inspired fringe group Antifa (contraction of Anti-Fascist). They are thugs, whose identifier is all black attire, and whose core belief is speech they do not agree with is ‘hate speech’ and has no First Amendment protections. They are criminals who destroy property, smashing windows and igniting fires, as part of their “protests.”

Imagine our disgust this morning to see the declaration-of-war sized headline in the Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic declaring VIOLENCE ERUPTS and a staged looking photo of a man on his knees seemingly begging the long line of police for his life. The editorial is titled “Trump returns to Ariz with divisive message.”

If you weren’t able to attend, we provide this video. Watch the crowd. Listen to the truth.

13 Responses to Pres. Trump greeted by capacity crowd at Phx. Convention Center

  1. Realist says:

    The Arizona Republic reminds me of Pravda in it’s heyday in the old, repressive Soviet Union. There is no distortion too outlandish to print.
    I attended President Trump’s Phoenix rally yesterday and felt energized just being in the crowd before the speeches began. President Trump is a patriot who makes me proud. He will never be a slick politician, which is a large part of his appeal. This newspaper endorsed corrupt Hillary Clinton, making this deceptive coverage understandable. No lie is too contemptible for it to report as fact.

    If I had not been there, I might have been sucked in by the coverage, but I’d take comfort in looking in the mirror each morning as I shave and seeing a man not a sheep.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Thanks, SRAZ. Wish I had been able to attend the rally, but couldn’t take the day off work. After reading your account, I feel as though I was there. I’ll watch the video this evening.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    I’m going to post this again today. It’s a report from a Charlottesville, VA police officer and it is on Allen B. West’s website.
    The police officer reports that the Charlottesville mayhem was planned months ago. He tells how the mayor and the police brass forced the line officers to corral the groups and drive them together in order to get the fights started. And then the officers on scene were ordered to stand down.

    The report also sheds light on the guy from “unite the right”, who is a known Dem and Hillary operative. Additionally,
    the guy who sent out the first viral Tweet and became the fake news’ star is a former State Dept employee with direct ties to the Clinton.

    Last night, a FOX Business Network reporter actually said “holy sh*t” on air when surrounded by the baying leftists, some of whom were throwing gangs signs in the direction of the cameraman for all us to see. You can find the video posted on

    As to maddrudge:
    You know that he is tight friends with Kim Komando and Barry Young(ster), and that is his link to McCain. Direct link.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Why no mention of Dr. Kelli Ward, who Pres. Trump all but endorsed this past week? Disappointing.

    Haven’t we learned from the McCain election debacles that having multiple candidates only serves to benefit the lousy, RINO incumbent?

    Conservative Kelli Ward declared early, and has not had a finger to the wind as another has. Jeff DeWit wants to be begged to run since he’d have to abandon his current political post. She has seen what running against an incumbent senator with access to endless stashes of lobbyist cash can do. When do we wise up? Jeff Flake despises Pres. Trump,continually insults him and told every leftwing network that he and his family wouldn’t vote for him during the General Election. Now he’s come out with a mini book whose sole purpose is bashing Pres. Trump.

    Think this one through, folks. Amnesty supporting Flake is vulnerable with extremely low poll numbers. Let’s not work to help him. He’ll be McCain the Second, in office until he’s hauled out in a box. Let’s haul him out with our votes!

  5. Kathy says:

    Great job by Phoenix PD in shutting down the leftist, communist, facists terrorists ANTIFA & others who came to fight and cause havoc. The leftist tried to start a riot but got clamped down hard, which prevented injuries, and vandalsim.

    The paid leftist did get their photo-ops as shown by the propaganda AZR.

    Another note – on channel 3 the female reporter (who wore all black), stated that the people in the rally were there to support “their” President. Wait isn’t President Trump “our” President as in the US President as in “the” US President???? Notice the subtle propaganda?

    Again – thank you Phoenix PD for a job well done! The thin blue line stood strong. God Bless you all!

    • terry dudas says:

      Agree about the job the PHX PD did with the rally. I watched tv coverage from Chicago, and the action pretty much follows SRAZ account. Great job.

  6. CultureShocked says:

    Couple of thoughts here: IMO it was a good idea for President Trump to not make a grandstand declaration in pardoning Sheriff Joe. I believe that in this political climate it was wise to indicate further action will be taken to insure justice for the sheriff. As far as the Ward situation it is a slippery slope and I think it is prudent to take a little more time on an endorsement, after all the non endorsement of a party senator by the titular head of the party is kind of a big deal. I believe his point was made and we understand. I am not in AZ at this time (but am a AZ resident) so I am not up to the latest on Ms. Ward, I have mentioned on this blog previously that I thought she has to “take the gloves off” so to speak in order to win against flake and any others that the R’s throw in her way in the primary. I did see a picture of her and it appears to me that she has changed her look, and has adopted kind of a Pelosi hairstyle, keeping in mind that whether you like or dislike Pelosi, she got things done with an iron hand. So IMO I hope “the look’ is an indication of a “no nonsense” determination to win and I mean WIN! Conviction not desire will get the necessary votes for displacing the flake abomination.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      You are definitely “culture shocked” if you think Kelli Ward’s fashionable hairstyle in any way resembles the helmet hair Nancy Pelosi has trademarked. That’s beyond ridiculous as is your contention that it’s a no nonsense look. Have you actually seen Dr. Ward? She’s not only incredibly accomplished as a physician and conservative former state senator, but she’s very easy on the eyes. Quite a package, I’d say.

  7. JohnJ says:

    I have seen more violence at a Cardinals football game. That’s in the stands, not on the field.

  8. State Delegate says:

    It’s a good bet the guy in the Repukelick’s front page photo was never inside the Convention Center. He looks like a street bum posed for this photo by the eager to get a dramatic picture photographer.. When I saw this, it made me angry, since there was nothing like this among the supportive crowd inside. There was also no evidence of “tear gas” when we exited. This radical lliberal excuse for a newspaper stinks. If you subscribe, for whatever reason, STOP. It admitted it lost a lot of subscribers after endorsing Hillary Clinton. Sane people who respect the President of the United States ought to unify against supporting this fraudulent coverage.

  9. Tucson GOP says:

    WorldNetDaily exposes Rent-A-Mob, funded by McCain’s villainous Socialist billionaire pal George Soros.

    By the way, I drove up from Tucson to attend the President’s rally.yesterday. It was worth the trouble, and then some!!