Failing AZ Republic still using Trump rally in vain effort to boost sales

If you ever had any doubts that the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic was dead, but hasn’t the sense to lie down, today’s front page should settle the matter.

The President of the United States came to town Tuesday evening. Republican Donald Trump was greeted by a capacity crowd of supporters filling the Phoenix Convention Center. They waited in line for hours in the midday August heat, to hear and cheer him.

Prior to the event, however, the newspaper, hoping for chaos, actually gave instructions to protesters.

In March 2014, we reported the shrunken disseminator of leftwing skew, rife with seemingly endless staff layoffs, cutbacks and  buyouts of contracts, with increasing reliance on students from ASU’s left-leaning Cronkite School of Journalism. The newspaper informed nearly two dozen community reporters they would need to work from their laptops at Starbucks and McDonald’s — which supply free WiFi — and consider their cars to be their offices. Does this indicate stability?

The situation has not improved with the passage of time. In a vain effort to boost plummeting sales, today’s edition continues to milk President Trump’s Phoenix appearance through its own biased lens.

6 Responses to Failing AZ Republic still using Trump rally in vain effort to boost sales

  1. Realist says:

    The headline refers to questions. The only question I can think of is when is this rag going to realize it’s toes have already curled. I don’t know a single subscriber. Who would pay to routinely have their intelligence insulted?

  2. Kent says:

    That’s quite a reveal about the community reporters being relegated to using their cars as their office and sapping free WiFi at fast food joints. I missed that post the first time around. I’m a daily reader of SRAZ since before the election and have learned a lot. I was told about this site by a co-worker who’s much more politically attuned than I was. Now I can give him a run for his money!!!

  3. Lynda Tanner says:

    The right unraveled?? Really? I have seen no frayed edges on them. They seemed quite intact to me.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    The “peaceful” scum started throwing bottles, rocks and tear gas canisters at the police. The left always starts the thuggery and conflict. This has to end. The leftists anarchists have to be crushed.

  5. Sgt. Preston says:

    Pres. Trump has inflamed the liberal media by calling them out as being the purveyors of fake news, which is exactly what they are. The local newspaper is a classic example, as are CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

    He will be in their sights forever more, based soley on telling the American people the truth. In response, they now want to destroy him. Today it’s being reported that the Secret Service is strained providing protection for him and his family. Where were those reports about the Obama’s who took separate jets to the same vacation, along with an entire entourage of friends and relatives, including Michelle Obama’s mother who resided in the White House for eight years?

    The report concluded that Trump’s children don’t need protection. Really? With the lunatic left fomenting hatred day in and day out?

    CBS reported that Barack Obama re-instituted lifetime secret service protection for himself and Michelle It has previously been done away with after ten years as a cost cutting measure.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Obama will Never Go Away.
      He is the perfect storm.
      A Narcissist of the highest order, meeting all of the diagnostic criteria. (If you have any doubt, just google “diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. He gets a perfect score.).
      Very ill.

      Marco Rubio has, for several weeks now, 24/7 protection for himself and his family after he made that pre-recorded televised speech in which he poured out his heart to the people of Venezuela.
      Does he talk to his constituents in FL?

      The protection team includes Feds; FL State and local FL PD officers. Interesting how Marco can recognize a despot when the guy throws out the constitution in Venezuela, but had eyes that could not see what Obama did to US for eight long years.

      Obama corrupted every good thing about US and will continue to do so as long as satan finds him useful.

      If you are so inclined, please pray to God for the protection and safety of our President and Vice President, their families, and their staff.