AZ Republic: Joe Arpaio pardon still Page One news

Devastating storm takes back seat to Trump/Arpaio hatred

 It’s time to put President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in perspective.

Barack Obama pardoned 212 people and commuted the convictions of a further 1,715 people — among them are: persons who committed treason against the United State. On his way out of the White House, the travesty continued. Obama granted 78 commutations on Dec. 20. 2016

 On January 17, 2017, Obama commuted the sentence of 209 individuals 109 of whom faced life sentences. These included Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning convicted of espionage and Oscar Lopez Rivera sentenced to 70 years for seditious conspiracy and attempted escape — enabling them to be released from prison on May 17, 2017. Manning’s sentence initially ran through the year 2045. Two days later on January 19, 2017 his last full day in office, Obama commuted the prison sentences of 330 federal inmates; most of them black violent drug offenders.

The United States Department of Justice provides THIS LIST of pardons granted by Pres. Barack Obama. THIS LIST shows the commutations Obama granted.

The United States Department of Justice provides THIS LIST of pardons and commutations  granted by Pres. Bill Clinton.

8 Responses to AZ Republic: Joe Arpaio pardon still Page One news

  1. Teller Of Truth says:

    This rag attempting to pass itself off as a reputable newspaper is a joke and a relic. There are much better ways to access news in the 21st Century than through a radically liberal newsasaur. Why would any Republican, let alone any conservative, waste money on this unconcealed promoter of the Democrat Party agenda? This paper actually endorsed scandal plagued Hillary Clinton for president. That should be all anyone needs to know.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    Unfortunately the media and the Democratic Party ore one. Facts and truth are foreign to them. Friday deeds have been common to both parties. Next thing, Schumer will suggest Trump caused the hurricane. Just like Cheney caused Katrina. One liar whined Trump did not follow protocol. Neither did Clinton when he pardoned criminal on the lamb Marc Rich. Dollars from Denise Rich did the trick. Perhaps a roll in the hay was included. Don’t know how we survive the media. See “How the mainstream media operate” by Dennis Prager 8/23/17, Townhall and elsewhere.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I just skimmed through those excellent list from the Justice Department SRAZ provided. I intend to look at them much closer this afternoon.

    I don’t remember any outrage from the AZ Repukelick when the actual criminals were put back on our streets. Where were the front page “reports” when Democrat presidents misused the system to give pardons to their own cronies or violent offenders.?

    There is no excuse for buying this newspaper. If you must read it, get a cup of coffee where a number of daily issues are free for customers. to read.

  4. Realist says:

    How exactly is President Trump pardoning a misdemeanor an abuse of power?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    If anyone attempts to engage you in a “conversation” about Trump and the pardon of Sheriff Joe, immediately turn it back on them by asking how safe they feel since Obama released dozens of terrorists from GITMO and hundreds (maybe more) of dangerous drug dealing felons from prisons in the U.S.
    Then walk away (being ever mindful that you may be turning your back on an unhinged person).

    RE: canceling your subscription to the AZRagingZoo.
    If you have used a credit card to pay for your subscription and the rag will not take your call to cancel, just call the customer service number for your credit card company and tell them that you are no longer authorizing payment.

    Meanwhile, some medical facilities are being evacuated in TX.
    This is no small task, especially when the reason is flood waters.
    They evac’d 18 newborn babies who were in a neonatal ICU
    well before the storm made landfall, and that evac took 24 hours of continuous work on the part of dozens of people with specialized training; equipment, vehicles, and aircraft.

    All in TX who are being affected by this most horrible catastrophe will forever bear the psychological scars similar to being in combat.

    Please pray to God for Mercy and Protection for all of US, especially for the people in Texas.

    And consider donating blood, or make a monetary donation to an organization such as the American Red Cross (you can specify TX disaster relief) or Samaritan’s Purse (which is Rev. Franklin Graham’s magnificent organization). Or Best Friends Animal Society out of Kanab, Utah, whose staff and volunteers were on scene during Katrina; rescued hundreds of animals (despite the FEMA people making them wait almost 2 weeks), and was able to re-unite alot of the animals with their owners in the aftermath.
    Any act of kindness or selflessness will not go unnoticed in Heaven.

  6. Patrick says:

    Biggest news in Arizona since Janet Napolitano was outed!

    • Braveheart says:

      Are you kidding? Janet Napolitano never had to be “outed.” Any person with room temperature intelligence would be able to see her for what she is.

      There’s far more going on here than JNOs sexuality. The left is trying to remove our duly elected President of the United States through repeated lies and the undermining of his authority..

      Remember it was John McCain who hand carried the secret dossier to the FBI Director, that supposedly implicated Donald Trump as colluding with the Russians? It was totally bogus and totally McCain. Has anyone noticed that Russia has disappeared from the media radar? It was a fabricated balloon that finally burst.