Republic’s barrage of scare tactics aim to keep Flake in senate

…don’t fall for the fish wrapper’s flaky fakery

No one has ever accused Jeff Flake of being an intellect. Well aware of his own shortcomings, he has cultivated an inane grin to give him an aura of affability. Despite his obvious limitations, he possesses a streak of arrogance that allows him to stick his RINO finger in the eye of conservatives in general and President Donald Trump in particular. Flake was an Obama guy, globetrotting with him and on his basketball team. The former president was the one he called when the horrific shooting occurred at the congressional baseball practice.

Flake has honed his insolence to razor sharpness in recent months. Prior to the election Flake vilified Trump and boasted neither he nor his family would vote for the Republican nominee. Since President Trump’s overwhelming victory, Flake has been on a campaign to undermine him, culminating with a foolish 140-page pamphlet masquerading as a book bashing conservatives, with a title stolen from Barry Goldwater’s book published in 1960.

The marginal Flake, who has fed at the public trough nearly two decades, has trouble with original thinking, but has recently labeled himself aglobalist.”

McCain reporter Dan Nowicki appears to be struggling for his professional life. Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) is old and ill. His days in the senate are numbered.  So Nowicki veers off into Neverland covering the increasingly unpopular Jeff Flake, ASS’s doppelganger. The headline accompanying his dismal report sounds like that of a racetrack tout: ‘Political handicappers are downgrading GOP chances of holding Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat.”

Of course Republicans want to hold onto the senate seat — which is not Jeff Flake’s but belongs to Arizonans. They also realize it’s Jeff the Flake who is doing his damnedest to cede it to the Dems. The questions that arise in hanging on to Republicrats like McCain and Flake  are always the same:

  1. Do we want to lose our majority?
  2. What about the US Supreme Court? The justices are getting long in the tooth and we need every vote to hang onto the court for the foreseeable future.
  3. There is too much at stake to change course with an unknown entity. What choice do we have?

The fact is that Jeff Flake, doing Obama’s lame duck bidding, promoted Democrat Merrick Garland to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy. He escorted him through the senate, arranging meetings with those who would be casting confirmation votes and stated it was “time to confirm” Garland. Fortunately, Donald Trump was elected president and nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the high court. But Flake still didn’t get the seriousness of the hearings as he embarrassed himself with this foolish line of questioning. (video)

Though Flake  is a committed promoter of amnesty for illegals, he’s not above lying about his position while in campaign mode — a gimmick he learned from his pro-amnesty mentors McCain and Kyl, (campaign ads under links) who both reverted to amnesty mode after the votes were counted.

How exactly do Republicans benefit from an untrustworthy “majority” rife with RINOs like Arizona’s two duplicitous senators? The quick answer is we don’t. It‘s time for a changeDr. Kelli Ward is a physician and former two-term state senator (two-2 year terms), who is a consistent conservative.

Flake, trailing Kelli Ward by 14 points, is worried that Arizona voters have had enough of his double talk, which explains the myriad ads popping up on the internet, describing him as “Leading to restore conservative values.”  Flake wouldn’t know “conservative values” if they bit him or ASS.

14 Responses to Republic’s barrage of scare tactics aim to keep Flake in senate

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    I see and interact with a lot of folks everyday.
    We are seeing a big influx of people moving to Arizona from the State of Washington; Oregon, and Lots from California.
    This past weekend, I dealt with people just moving here from Illinois; Alaska, and New York (Fountain Hills and Florence seem to be landing sites for New Yorkers).
    Lefties, except for the man who chose August in Arizona over Alaska.

    The majority of them have thought processes which revolve around obtaining Rx’s for controlled substances for alleged health conditions that cannot be immediately verified without testing (which they refuse). We used to call them “hospital hoppers”.
    They usually show up on weekends or after 4 p.m. weekdays.
    The Chamber of Commerce would love these puppets.

    These people, like so many others, are unconcerned about the direction of our State or our Country. They only are concerned about what they believe they are entitled to.
    They are not citizens in the true sense—-they are people who just happened to land here.
    And they will give their vote to whomever promises them a goody-bag full of empty lies.

    Heartbreaking to see what has happened to US.
    Please pray to God to deliver us from evil.
    God Save Texas.

    • Vince says:

      That’s just Joe being Joe, which is what we like about him. He’s got spunk and won’t clam up simply because the liberals want him to go away.

    • Lynda Tanner says:

      Wow, hadn’t heard this. I campaigned for him up in Apache County back when he ran for the Senate. Seemed line a good man.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’ve never voted for Jeff Flake and I’ll keep that record going. I did vote for Wil Cardon, however, and now it looks like there’s a Mormon connection between the two. It escaped me at the time. Would Wil have been any different. That said, my condolences to his family.

    Mesa businessman, politician Wil Cardon dies at 46

  3. Kimball says:

    There is nothing that would ever cause me to vote for Jeff Flake. I have known him, which gives me ample reason to distrust him. He is self serving and arrogant. I have always felt sorry for Cheryl who will never live up to the “high standard” he sees in the mirror each morning.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Turning Arizona Blue, little by little:

    The Phoenix PD performed their jobs admirably. Exactly whose idea is this?!

    Phoenix Pols to Vote on Hiring (radical, anti-police) Calif. Group to Review Phx PD in Wake of Protests
    Sal DiCiccio Posting ^

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Link to Sal DiCiccio’s Facebook page didn’t work.
      Council will vote to hire radical California group (for $50,000) to review Phoenix PD in wake of protests last week.


      • Kathy says:

        Phx PD is down 700 officers with another 700 or so who can retire. With the new chief and the leftist views they are imposing I wonder how many will retire soon??

        I can’t imagine anyone who would want to PROTECT and SERVE – enforcing law to apply for Phx PD because management will be too busy cowaring to leftist agenda.

        Bottom line ANiTFA got their butts kicked by Phx PD (who enforced law and held the peace) and the leftists can’t have that. Soros is mad because he didn’t get his monies worth this time with the media propaganda.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Houston, Texas Mayor Sylvester Turner, Dem (look him up) refused to order evacuation of that city, even after seeing what was coming.
    He and the Governor were at odds over Turner’s decision.

    Today, in the wake of the entire TX National Guard being called up and the U.S. Coast Guard bringing in an unprecedented number of resources, the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner takes time out to WELCOME illegal aliens. (from the live coverage on

    Mayor Turner didn’t have anything to say when elderly nursing home patients were up to their waists in dirty flood water, because the mayor had told everyone to stay in their homes.

    Then Mayor Turner told people to go to their attics.

    Now, today, emergency services personnel are telling people to NOT go into their attics.

    The head of emergency management in that area is a judge.
    Yeah, he’s highly qualified.
    First he said they had everything under control, and within hours he’s in vapor lock, saying WE NEED HELP.
    Ya think?
    Affirmative Action works so well.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      And the mayor of Houston is NOT accepting calls from the Governor.

      Mayor Turner’s tweets over the last several days cannot be washed away. And they are damning.

  6. Jakesez says:

    Let us think this through. If Joe runs for Flake’s seat and Kelli runs for flake’s seat, guess who will win Flake’s seat, Right, Jeff Flake.
    Now is not the time to split the vote. We have him on the run and let’s keep it thay way