Jared Kushner needs a new day job

Senior Lightening Rod isn’t working out

Breitbart News reports on the disturbing back door alliance between President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and liberal Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, a longtime amnesty advocate. 

A senior adviser to the president, Kushner heads the newly created Office of American Innovation, He has been acting as a conduit, aiding Durbin in lobbying the White House to support the illegal DACA / D.R.E.A.M.E.R.s.  Kushner also arranged phone calls between Durbin and then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who now serves as Trump’s chief of staff.

And whadda’ya know?  John McCain’s best bud and traveling companion Lindsey Grahamnesty was in on the scheme. In the report, he’s fittingly described as “liberal Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.”

Breietbart’s Neil Munro couldn’t be more correct as he writes:

“That amnesty-for-border-security deal is a long way short of Trump’s campaign promise of an effective border wall and is also very far short of his advocacy for the popular Raise Act merit immigration reform. The Raise Act would reform the nation’s immigration laws to help raise wages and opportunities for the 320 million Americans who dream of better lives for themselves and their children.”

Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) John McCain and his fellow Republicrat Jeff Flake were the architects of the failed Gang of 8, another amnesty maneuver put together in Jan. 2013 immediately after Flake barely squeaked into the senate by a mere 3 points. The treacherous twosome teamed up with Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC), Marco Rubio (Fl) and four Democrat Sens. including Dick Durbin (Illinois), Robert Menendez (NJ), Chuck Schumer (NY), and Michael Bennet (Colo) — all integral to the nefarious cabal of amnesty plotters.

Menendez currently on trial, indicted on 14 counts of corruption, is being defended by a lawyer who actually claims the charges “could be an attack on Hispanics.”

….and so it goes.



10 Responses to Jared Kushner needs a new day job

  1. Gary Darby says:

    Little Dick Durbin is a disgrace and Jared could be guilty of disgrace through Association.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    Nepotism never passes the smell test. Even though Jared and Ivanka are unpaid advisers, it strikes me as not much different than when John F. Kennedy appointed his brother Robert as U.S. Attorney General.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Yes, they’re unpaid advisers, but they have a lot to say. I’d be very happy if they hopped on the Acela Express or Amtrak train to NYC with one-way tickets.

    Hugh Hewitt asked Tom Cotton (RAISE Act) if the RAISE Act was passed, would he be for saving DACA. Cotton was happy to say yes.

    • Attila The Hunny says:

      Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst made a trip to Arizona to support John McAmnesty in his senate race last year. So much for conservative credentials. Cotton comes from a family of democrats, but is pragmatic enough to realize running as a Dem wouldn’t help him in today’s Arkansas. Very similar to McCain running as a Republican when he clearly isn’t, which is why he cloaked himself as a “maverick,” giving him free reign to collude with Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Russ Feingold, and a host of other liberals throughout his overly long career. The same is true of Jeff Flake, a Libertarian, who ran as a Republican knowing that Loosertarians aren’t elected. The voters are being deceived and the faux-Republican, squish candidates are getting elected, stabbing us in the backs once in office. They are nearly impossible to oust once they are the recipients of funding by leftist DC insiders (lobbyists) who revel in the duplicity.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I just went on Tom Cotton’s Wikipedia page and he’s pictured with Jon Kyl speaking at the Hudson institute, a “politically conservative” non-profit in D.C. committed to innovative research & analysis that promotes “global security, prosperity and freedom.” Then he’s pictured with Joni Ernst, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Cory Gardner (RINO-CO) attending the 2016 International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia Security Summit in Singapore.

        It looks like he’s getting the proper brainwashing by two AZ RINO senators. I doubt that you’d find a Ted Cruz or Dave Brat in this group. No wonder the insufferable Hugh Hewitt constantly has him on the radio show. The word ‘conservative’ has been stretched to the limit and means nothing when it comes to politicians.

    • Attila The Hunny says:

      When posers like McCain and Flake use the word conservative to define themselves, it loses all of its luster. Kyl was also a fraud, but presented a better front than either of these twin traitors do. Kyl’s father was a congressman, so he learned the political art of presentation early on.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Governor Scott of Florida is asking for prayers for the people in harm’s way.

    if you are so inclined, please consider saying this prayer for everyone throughout the world today who is suffering from the effects of hurricanes; tropical storms; earthquakes, tornados, and wildfires.

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    Thanks to anyone who joins me in saying this prayer.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Trump’s getting pretty good marks, considering the many powerful forces working against him.

    Seniors: 99.2% say media wants Trump to fail, 71% ‘strongly’ back reelection

  6. Barbara Espinosa says:

    Jared Kushner should never have been appointed a senior advisor to the President. Kushner has been a life long democrat and contributed thousands to Democrats and to the Democratic party in NY and NJ. The US Presidency IS NOT a family run business. For that matter neither should Ivanka be an advisor.