Contrarian McCain’s legacy: Colluding with the left

From his bonding to amnesty for illegals, lack of commitment to tax reform and promoting campaign finance measures crafted to benefit Democrats — through to his deception on health care reform and sports teams’ refusal to respect our American flag and national anthem — McCain takes the wrong side

After selling out Americans for the second time with his “no” vote on replacing Obamacare, John McCain has moved on to giving aid and comfort to those who disrespect our national symbols of liberty — the American flag and national anthem.

We could lay his betrayals off on what his Mayo doctors referred to as an aggressive brain malignancy, and sympathetically declare that he is reacting to the scourge that’s overtaken his sensibilities. It only takes a brief moment to regain equilibrium and recognize that McCain, now 81, is acting as he always has, in whatever manner gains him the most press and attention as he cravenly colludes with the left and then configures himself as a “conservative during campaign season.

In the instances of his stance voting in opposition to healthcare reform, there is one response.  It happens to be the same reason he is siding with the unpatriotic NFL players who show contempt for the symbols of our freedoms by”taking a knee” and refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The reason is based in his jealousy of and hatred for President Donald Trump, a political outsider who attained what McCain spent his entire career angling for — the presidency. It rankles McCain that Donald Trump overcame 16 other Republican contenders and now continues to work toward fulfilling promises he made to the American people as the 2016 GOP standard-bearer. Keeping promises is a concept beyond John McCain‘s limited abilities.

There was a time when kneeling was indicative of a display of humility and honor. With the National Football League, it denotes unity with broad and unfounded oppressive racial overtones. The football players live large on their inflated salaries paid for by sports fans who just want to see a game. They are tiring of the ongoing and increasing displays of arrogance and lack of patriotism. As a result, attendance and viewership is down. NFL has come to stand for “Not For Long.”

In her nationally syndicated column today, NFL Pigskins at the Public Trough, Michelle Malkin details the $billions spent on taxpayer-funded stadiums across the country.  But that doesn’t bother the tone-deaf John McCain, who sides with the players “rights” of free speech.

Although the First Amendment protects free speech, there are limitations. While the government is prohibited from infringing on free speech, private businesses are not. Workplaces have the ability to determine what is allowable within their confines. Sports teams are well-financed workplaces.

President Trump’s defense of patriotism is correct. John McCain is on the wrong side — again.

7 Responses to Contrarian McCain’s legacy: Colluding with the left

  1. CD 8 PC says:

    How did Arizonans get so lucky as to have two of the nation’s worst senators? McCain will be gone soon enough, but we need to replace the Flake with a conservative who will support the president’s agenda. The people of Alabama did that yesterday. We’ll have the opportunity to elect Dr. Kelli Ward in 2018 and put lying Flake out to pasture where he belongs.
    Dr. Kelli Ward is an actual conservative!!

  2. Kathy says:

    McCain has been selling out this Country since Vietnam, so of course he will side with cowardly, spoiled NFL players in their kneeling.

    Now arrogant, spoiled & cowardly NFL players are blaming We the People. Aaron Rodgers wants all of the fans to stand arms locked in unity during the National anthem on Thursday – really Aaron. NO, we will stand up straight and tall, remove hats, with hand over our heart with respect – like we always do. This man doesn’t even know what most children are taught at a very young age.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Next time that McCain forms a new “gang”, he should include Jared Kushner.

    The repeal bill co-sponsored by Lindsey Graham was just a big ruse.
    All orchestrated.
    Maestro McCain allowed his first violin, Graham, to play us.
    And then McCain wacked him with his baton.

    As for the Nefarious Felonious Losers, I remember when police escorts from multiple jurisdictions were conducting a rolling shut down on Interstate 10 west bound for the superbowl players because they were only willing to stay in the fanciest hotels in the Valley which are on the Scottsdale side of town. This type of special accommodation has to stop.

    Many years ago, I had the honor to know Johnny Unitas of the old Baltimore Colts; Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer and Earl Weaver of the Baltimore Orioles. They were gentlemen.
    We called them “lunch box players” because they showed up on time; went to work and did their jobs to the best of their abilities and then went home.
    Never any whining, despite significant wear and tear on the body.

    Johnny Unitas probably never made, in his entire career, what many Notorious Felonious Losers make in one year just in salary.

    We can now see who will stand for America and who will not.

    Those who will not stand for America look like a bunch of ugly buzzards sitting on the fence looking for an easy dinner.

  4. East Valley Conservative Guy says:

    Robert Robb, the only truth teller employed at the Arizona Republic, has an editorial column today that exposes John McCain’s flagrant lies.
    In the hard copy edition, it’s titled “John McCain’s Senate fantasy.”

    It’s a factual account of the deceit McCain employed in the lead up to his back stabbing votes on Obamacare. The American people mean nothing to this scumbag. His colossal ego always takes precedent.

    Yesterday former Maricopa County Attorney Richard Romley wrote a slavish paean to McCain that he could probably dress up a bit and use for a eulogy when the time comes. He claimed McCain’s deception was “right.”

    Romley was elected as a Republican, but like Grant Woods has a longstanding habit of veering left and supported democrats more often than not. All three of them, along with Jeff the Flake, should come out of the closet and reregister as the democrats they are. They stay with the GOP because they know that having a “R” after their name on the ballot is beneficial in red state Arizona.

  5. Maggie says:

    My Dad had a saying that turns out to be rooted in more truth than I thought as I was growing up, If I came to him in tears for one reason or another, he often said, “Don’t expect too much and you’ll never be disappointed.”

  6. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    As Sen. McCain’s cancer malignancy continues to throttle his brain, you would think that his decisions and actions would become ever more inconsistent and irrational. But this legislator doesn’t seem to be missing a beat, which indicates to me that he is merely following orders from the Insiders, the puppeteers who have been manipulating his strings for years. He’s not thinking, just obeying.
    The man is told to punch a certain button, he punches it, hardly able to explain why. If this Manchurian Candidate continues to do as he is told, he will be around to cast many more insufferable votes.

  7. Annie O. says:

    So, GOP, how’s the Big Tent working for you?