Mulish McCain attempts to scuttle tax reform

Ailing John McCain hasn’t the grace to leave the senate and spend precious time with family  and friends, as his Mayo doctors suggested following the release of his diagnosis of an aggressive brain cancer and follow-up treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. Instead he’s making demands and signaling his intent to torpedo President Trump’s tax reform efforts.

Why? Because tax reform, like repealing and replacing Obamacare, was a key Trump issue that resonated with voters nationwide.  McCain is a jealous and vindictive man who despises President Trump and like his underling Jeff Flake, stated he would not vote for the 2016 Republican nominee, opting to support Hillary Clinton.

McCain wants to call the shots on tax reform exactly as he did on repealing Obamacare. The 81-year old, self identified ‘Maverick” revels in his role as obstructionist-in-chief. Whatever he can do to throw a wrench in President Trump’s agenda makes McCain’s day. Republicans control both the U.S. House and Senate, but the margin is slim and a defector such as McCain can single-handedly doom long-awaited GOP reforms.

Now trying to sound high-minded, but failing miserably, the unhinged egotist is calling for “bipartisanship” on the tax reform deliberations. Bipartisanship has a single meaning in Washington, D.C. It signifies Republicans caving to Democrat demands.  It’s impossible to recall one issue on which meaningful concessions were made by Democrats. That’s not how they function. 

After decades in Washington, the left-of-center McCain knows these facts, but chooses to ignore them.

Republican leaders plan to use the same fast-track procedure on taxes as they attempted to implement on health care reform. The plan requires 50 Senate votes while bypassing a potential Democrat filibuster. Because the GOP controls only 52 votes in the Senate, every vote is essential for passage.

Expecting Democrat support for a tax overhaul is an exercise in futility. Democrats are not known for favoring tax cuts, since their liberal policies require ever more funding.

Earlier this week, President Trump hosted Republican and Democrat members of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee at the White House. He expressed optimism about the simplified tax plan, and promised to “cut taxes tremendously for the middle class.”

The president would be wise to schedule the vote when showboating, elitist McCain is in Scottsdale undergoing treatment at Mayo Clinic. Married to an heiress, he’s able to access health care outside the reach of the average American. When he campaigned for president, he was unable to give a definitive answer to how many homes he owned.

This is presidential candidate McCain caught in his own deceitful web about his knowledge of economics —- essential for reforming the cumbersome and oppressive tax system.


5 Responses to Mulish McCain attempts to scuttle tax reform

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    Pres. Trump’s tax plan will exempt the first $24,000 earned. What a help that will be to families and the economy, since Americans will have more of their own money to spend. If John McCain tries to do to this what he did to repealing Obamacare, sick or not, he should be recalled.

  2. Jakesez says:

    Can’t recall federal official’s. Another little gift the congress gave themselves. At least we can make Flake cry like a little girl.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s official.
    The vicious, catty females on the TV show called The View have chosen Meghan McCain to fill the “Conservative chair” on the show.

    Whoopi Goldberg and Joy(less) Behar and the other unhinged women have gone through a long list of true Conservatives, the last of whom was Ms. Bila, who was unceremoniously fired for asking “questions that were too tough” regarding Hillary Clinton.

    To be sure, Ms. McCain will provide the anti-Trump rhetoric upon which the others thrive. Information being spoon-fed by Daddy, no doubt.

    A judge has ruled that Black Lives Matter cannot be sued.
    And that is truly frightening.

  4. jojo says:

    The Grim Reaper is the only hope we have of removing McCain. I’m sure there’s already a special place reserved in HELL for him that has been waiting for a long time.