Liberal Greg Stanton joins political musical chairs game

Beguiled by Washington, political opportunist Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton drops bid for Secretary of State

It’s possible to get a severe case of whiplash trying to keep your eye on the political prize Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is after.

 The Democrat who is not inclined to being democratic as we’ve pointed out here, here, and here, still has an open campaign for Secretary of State — a sleeper position often the direct route to the governor’s office since it is next in line of ascension if a sitting governor is unable to serve out their term.

But now we see that the ambitious liberal isn’t content waiting for a governor to provide an opening. He’s  announced he’s resigning the top city job and looking directly at D.C., now that Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is bounding from her Congressional District 9 House seat and mounting a challenge to Jeff Flake, John McCain’s doppelganger senate seat-mate. Dr. Kelli Ward is the conservative in the race.

The only discernible activity on Stanton’s Secretary of State page is a payment of $1000 Stanton made to Equality Arizona last November, listed as an expenditure. But there was a method to Stanton’s seemingly madcap donation. EQAZ, as it nicknames itself, lists its mission on its website:

“Each election cycle provides us the important opportunity to help elect candidates who will work to achieve full LGBTQ equality in our state. Helping to elect pro-LGBTQ candidates is one of the most important things we do.”

For an insight into Stanton’s mindset, EQAZ supports “our LGBTQ immigrant population.” which they claim is “too often at high risk for discrimination, isolation, and a lack of access to resources.” The group also opposed the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Liberal Democrat Stanton announced that he was “disappointed” that President Donald Trump plans to rally supporters in mid-August. “’It is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit,’ Stanton said. In fact, Stanton ludicrously linked the visit and request for the president to “delay his plans” to visit Phoenix “to what he referred to as “the nation still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville.”

During his campaign for mayor, Greg Stanton was so beholden to then-Firefighters union boss Billy Shields, that when his daughter, Mindy, given a job as Stanton’s treasurer, was charged with embezzling over $77,000 from Stanton’s campaign, lawyer Stanton — who should have known better — tried to have the felony charges dismissed so as not to rile her powerful father. Shields was still angry enough that the crime was reported, to support Stanton’s opponent.

In our January 2013 post,Phoenix Mayor Stanton: An ambitious liberal to watch,” we detailed his commitment to a keeping a sieve-like border as he told mayors of Mexican border cities meeting in D.C.,  “We should never let border security get in the way of the economy.”

We predicted then that Greg Stanton, who was congratulated on his mayoral win via calls from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, has higher aspirations.

In March 2013, Stanton blatantly lied about the imposition of a food tax on Phoenix residents. Imagine if this radical liberal with no conscience gains a congressional seat. It was by design not happenstance that Phoenix City elections have notoriously low voter turnouts, timed for the hottest part of the summer when many residents are vacationing. The only announced mayoral candidate is Daniel Valenzuela, another liberal with union roots.

We need a solid Republican to step up and re-take the reins of the nation’s fifth largest city. We’ve been in the liberal abyss far too long.


6 Responses to Liberal Greg Stanton joins political musical chairs game

  1. Observer says:

    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is a hard left operative who has no qualms about resigning mid term to seek higher office. Blue Phoenix located in the heart of Red Arizona hasn’t had a rational mayor in decades. SRAZ is right about the timing of the elections, purposely intended to get the most mileage out of city employees and union voters

  2. MacBeth says:

    I hope the voters in CD 9 hand him a major defeat. He would be as dangerous as Raul Grijalva or Ruben Gallego. Have any Republicans announced for this seat yet?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Radio talk show host Seth Leibsohn recently announced. This is his “about” page: It’s all about him.

      I’d like to see a “position” page listing the issues conservatives care about. Where is he on illegal immigration, the wall, taxes, the astronomical debt, health care, etc. How deep is his support for President Trump?

      I’ve listen to the Seth and Chris show and its obvious he’s been planning this run since the inception of the radio show. He should have those items (and more) listed. He worked for Bill Bennett, so that makes me more confident in his views, but he has establishment hack Sean Nobel on way too often for my tastes. Nobel was John Shadegg’s chief of staff and Shadegg was a clone of Kyl, McCain and Flake which is worrisome.

      I’m willing to judge him on his own, but I need to know more of where he stands. “Settling” hasn’t done conservatives much good in the past.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off Topic for those who might be interested in the subject.

    Meghan McCain Breaks Down Crying During First Day of Co-Hosting ‘The View,’ Talks About Her Dad’s Cancer

    • Maggie says:

      So now airhead Meghan McCain is “dedicating her life to finding a cure for cancer”? Did she go to medical school while she was hiding out from her job on Fox?
      She couldn’t keep up with the conservative, intelligent woen on Fox’ ‘Outnumbered,’ so she’s found an ideological home with Whoopie and the liberal crew on ‘The View’,” a show which no one watches.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just saw this on

    Steve Bannon working to unseat current GOP’ers in Senate, except for Ted Cruz.

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