Lame duck Sen. Corker hurls insults at Pres. Trump

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker recently announced his intention to step down after his term expires in 2018. Following the expected blather about this being a family decision, he said,“When I ran for the Senate in 2006, I told people that I couldn’t imagine serving for more than two terms.” Using the grand “we“ rather than “I,” he continued, “Understandably, as we have gained influence, that decision has become more difficult.”

What Corker omits is that he has already announced challengers on his right flank, who agree with Breitbart executive and former chief strategist to President Trump, Steve Bannon, who said over the weekend that “the Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election.”

“Corker doesn’t have the guts to get back in the race,” Bannon said, predicting that Corker would be easily defeated by Trump-supporting Tennessee U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

Since his announcement, with nothing to lose, Corker has been on an insulting rampage against the president, asking in a tweet Sunday whether someone “missed their shift” at the White House, which he referred to as a day care center.

“Bannon summed up the opposition, stating,”I think Mitch McConnell, and to a degree, Paul Ryan. They do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. Bannon added. “It’s very obvious.”

Calling on Corker to resign now, Bannon said, “He got out because he saw what happened in Alabama,” referring to populist Judge Roy Moore’s victory over McConnell-backed Sen. Luther Strange.

Bannon added, “Ryan and McConnell will not help Trump implement the agenda that got him elected “unless they’re put on notice. They’ll be held accountable if they do not support the President of the United States. Right now there’s no accountability. They do not support the president’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill. Everybody in this city knows it.”

He might have added Arizona‘s ‘thumbs down” Senior Senator (ASS) to that list. The vengeful McCain, elderly and suffering from a malignant brain tumor, continues to do all he can to undercut President Trump at every turn — including hand carrying a fake “dossier” to the FBI director, which he hoped implicated then-newly-elected President Trump in a compromising Russian scandal. It was McCain who cast the deciding vote to sabotage the effort to repeal Obamacare.

Arizona Rebublicrats McCain and Jeff Flake refused to support Donald Trump, the Republican nominee during the 2016 presidential election. Both U.S. Senators aided scandal plagued liberal Hillary Clinton.

Bannon told Fox News Sean Hannity that he is declaring war against the “establishment, globalist clique” on Capitol Hill that opposes Trump’s agenda.

We wish him luck.


6 Responses to Lame duck Sen. Corker hurls insults at Pres. Trump

  1. MacBeth says:

    Now autonomous and not having to comport to the whims of others in the White House, it appears Steve Bannon is doing a fine job for Pres. Trump, but without constraints.

  2. jojo says:

    Love how the globalist RINO’s parading as conservatives in the Republican party keep outing themselves. Thank you Corker for telling us the truth about the “leadership” thugs who don’t give a damn about this country or it’s citizens. We knew they were like McCain, I just like the confirmation we have a Senate filled with McCain’s.

    • Realist says:

      Corker is finally telling the truth when he says nothing is going to change, but I believe he’ll be proven wrong. He’s on his way out, McCain certainly is, and Jeff Flake will be defeated, much to the delight of conservatives.

      Unfortunately, there are 97 more of them left in the senate. We the people need to be committed to both senate and house cleaning. There’s an old witticism that no one likes any of the members of congress….EXCEPT for their own. We need to break that grip by sweeping them all out the door, district by district, state by state. Incumbency is the villain. We need term limits, but none of them will vote themselves out of a cushy, well-paying job where people applaud you for entering a room.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Corker was a never-Trumper from the get-go. He was more the Obama type, helping him with the Iran deal. Now he says Trump will take us to WWIII after (Corker) helping Iran become a nuclear power. He’d better hope not.

    When I saw Steve Bannon would be Hannity’s guest, I watched the show. Bannon is a leader – he’s inspiring – tough – just who we need to drain the swamp. It won’t happen overnight – but he’s the guy to lead the mission. (Hannity complimented him on his weight loss since leaving the White House. He said “I feel good.”)

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Some things you just can’t figure out:
    Chief Justice John Roberts picks Merrick Garland for new job

    Maybe John Roberts wasn´t blackmailed on Obamacare. Maybe he´s been a member in good standing of the swamp all along, put on the court by GWBush.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Interesting that they are once again going after Hannity—-
    for a audio snippet of something he said in 1989 regarding the AIDS crisis. This was back in the day that he was getting his start on local radio.
    His “crime”? He allegedly said that AIDS could be spread by coming into contact with tears and/or saliva of an infected person.

    A little history from someone who was one the front lines in a major East Coast hospital during the 1980’s:
    After the CDC got off of its collective ass, it was finally acknowledged that healthcare workers should take precautions against any and all bodily fluids. It’s called “universal precautions”——which would include tears and saliva.
    “Universal precautions” policies are still in effect to this day.
    That is why you will see—at least—-a box or two of disposable exam gloves at each patient room.

    CA Gov Jerry Brown last week made it official that CA is now a “sanctuary State”.

    Also, last week, he erased the law which made it a felony if you knowingly had unprotected sex after being dx’d with HIV/AIDS.

    San Diego County has almost 500 known cases of Hepatitis A.
    Los Angeles is right on their heels with many cases documented.
    It is a highly contagious disease.

    There are piles of human excrement and puddles of urine in San Diego, LA and San Fran. on the streets, on the sidewalks.
    Even in “nice areas”.

    Now there are at least 17 wlldfires burning throughout CA.
    Sadly, several elderly CA residents have lost their lives, having no means by which to save themselves.

    Hey, Jerry, maybe you should recall your days at the seminary and pray to God for Mercy.
    You need a real sanctuary—you know—-a church.