AZ Republic fixates on pervert’s rehab;Trump’s tax redo? 0

Left-wing newspaper disregards conservative president’s tax overhaul

The Arizona Republic has taken a breather from its incessant Trump-bashing to focus on a serial sexual predator. But does anyone really care about the license plate on the van transporting Harvey Weinstein to the Van Nuys airport? Are you concerned about the model of  the private jet he was flying  to a Wickenburg, Arizona rehab for sex addicts, or to whom it was registered? The state’s  newspaper of record seems to think this is newsworthy.

Prestige, power and money — lots of it —  make the unappealing strangely compelling, especially when the aggressive predator was a high dollar honcho in Democrat circles. Open Secrets lists the 185 individual political donations Weinstein has made. His predilections were well-known and ignored by Hollywood elites and the Dem recipients, who didn’t want the money train to stop.

President Trump is dedicating his energies to tax reform, a major issue that resonates with American taxpayers, though it doesn’t have the salacious  aura of Weinstein, an Oscar-winning producer, spending decades hitting on alluring Hollywood stars, on the rise or already there. It took Hillary Clinton, supposedly the great women’s advocate,  nearly a week to denounce her prolific donor’s debauchery.

Ignore the garbage, just as you ignored the recipients of Weinstein’s largesse.

With these words: “Your government is working for you once again, not for the donors, not the special interests, but the hardworking taxpaying citizens of our country” — President Trump outlined his bold plan to lower rates for Americans in every tax bracket, simplify the tax code, and reduce the U.S. corporate tax rate, which is one of the highest in the world. There is no rational argument against keeping more money in the hands of those who earned it.


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  1. State Committeeman says:

    Expecting the crappola newspaper to give Donald Trump credit for anything is outside the realm of reality. Hillary covered for Bill’s numerous extramarital exploits. She longed for power and even his infidelities were not going to get in her way. Weinstein’s wife is filing for divorce.

    Here’s Hillary making excuses and blaming “the vast right wing conspiracy” for his serial sexploits:

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Will McCain pay for his undermining of President Trump

    New evidence shows McCain helped fund FBI plot to frame Trump; backed bogus Russian Trump dossier – Southern Arizona News-Examiner

    “According to a court document (attached below) in a British lawsuit against the author of the Fusion GPS report, Christopher Steele, McCain along with a man named David Kramer were the first people to obtain the Trump dossier.”

    “Kramer, a virtual mystery man before the election, previously worked for the State Department under Hillary Clinton. During the 2016 election, Kramer reportedly worked as senior director for Arizona State University’s McCain Institute for International Leadership.”

    “McCain and Kramer shopped the damaging dossier to the U.S. media with hopes the press would jump on the opportunity to smear Trump. These included: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, the New Yorker and CNN and others. Only lowly liberal rag sheet Mother Jones took the poisoned bait and sprinted to publish portions of the dossier.”

    Also, there’s a picture on the Internet today of The Fab Four:
    John McCain, Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    I have concerns that this Pervy Weinstein thing is something else altogether.

    Ashley Judd, one of the biggest, loudest Trump-haters started this avalanche.

    Then attorney/feminist Lisa Bloom, another very vocal Trump-hater, signed on to Represent the Repeat Offender, promising a smear campaign of the perv’s victims. Anything for a dollar, eh, LIsa?
    But wait, doesn’t she represent many of the female victims alleging sexual assault by Bill Cosby? What must those victims think of
    Ms. Bloom? She has since bowed out, but what a mistake.
    She has been proudly photographed in front of a Chairman Mao painting which she owns. What else do we really need to know about her?

    Consider that this behavior has been part of the Hollywood scene since the beginning. Remember the stories about “the casting couch”? And the pills given to young women like Judy Garland?
    Young women being passed around like after dinner mints.
    And, apparently, young men, too.

    If anyone thinks that this Medicare-eligible guy will become
    Mr. Clean after a quick month’s stay at The Meadows, you would be mistaken. There is no fix for this, even at the basic rate of $40,000 to get your foot in the door at the Wickenburg facility.
    His wires cannot be unraveled.

    Meanwhile, California continues to burn.

    Let’s wait to see how long it takes for the hounds at the gate to start attacking Trump with fake allegations.

    • Vince says:

      You’re right about Ashley Judd AND Lisa Bloom, who is celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred’s lawyer daughter.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s McCain, again. He always has to inject a zinger into whatever statement he is making to insure that someone gets their feelings bruised.

    From an internet story posted by about the “secret” arrangement with a D.C. pharmacy and members of Congress:

    “. . . .Others were quick to praise the Navy doctors and nurses in the Office of the Attending Physician, which counts at least one pharmacist and several technicians on its staff, too.

    “If you have a vote and you can’t get home to your personal physician, you need to see somebody, and I’ll run over between votes and be able to keep my personal responsibilities going,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican. “It’s a convenience that definitely allows us to be more productive.”

    “They’re good people, they’re always courteous. It’s a very difficult job they had, never had anything but the utmost cooperation from them — but don’t tell them that! They’ve injured me on several occasions,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joked recently to STAT.

    ( just did an article about the Grubbs Pharmacy which is the oldest pharmacy in D.C.
    They hand-deliver hundreds of Rx’s to Cap Hill each month.
    According to the pharmacist-owner, some of the meds are for Alzheimer’s symptoms. Of course, now he is being harassed and walking back his statement.)

    • Kathy says:

      Sam – did you notice they only pay $600 per year!!!! All the while we get creamed by insurance premiums here in AZ. Get this City of Phoenix retiree 2018 monthly insurance premium for a family is $ 2,757 (HMO) and $ 2,589 (PPO) – non-medicare retirees!!!!! For a single person it’s $981 or $923. Who knows what other people will be paying in 2018.

      Thanks John for screwing We the People of AZ again. The hits just keep coming.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        I’d like to know how many in Congress are on controlled substance Rx’s.

        They are criminals. Treasonous criminals.

        Meanwhile, the ASS with the distorted face(is he morphing into G. Soros?) and distorted mind is at it again:

        Check this out

        FYI for all of us peons:
        Beginning 2018, Cigna will begin shifting all patients currently being medicated with OxyContin to other meds.
        As Cigna goes, so will all the others.

        Prepare for massive medical emergencies when patients are no longer able to get Oxy, which should be prescribed very judiciously for very short periods of time. Many other avenues, which are non-pharma, to be tried before Ever going to controlled dangerous substances. I have seen people get hooked in as little as 3 days. Very ugly.

        A drugged society is easily manipulated and controlled.

        And don’t buy into the story about the L.V. shooter and Valium causing him to be “aggressive”.
        Although the prescribing physician should be heavily scrutinized by the DEA through their drug database.
        Oh, yeah, they can do that.