A new tough guy Dem for the AZ Republic to endorse

Redeem Green Robinson has got a lot on his plate. The 28-year-old Democrat is a candidate for the state Senate in Legislative District 30 in the 2018 Primary Election.  He’s also charged with assault and criminal damage originating from a fight earlier this year with his now former-girlfriend.

During the 2016 election cycle, Paul Penzone, who had previously roughed up his then-wife, won the Arizona Republic’s endorsement for Maricopa County Sheriff.  Incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio, happily married to his wife Ava for six decades was on the newspaper’s hit list, taking slings and arrows on a daily basis for enforcing the law. Popular Arpaio was elected to an unprecedented 6-four-year terms.

The Arizona Republic endorsed Penzone, whose campaign was funded by open borders globalist George Soros who funneled $2 million to Penzone. It didn’t hurt that Penzone, using the strings-attached-cash, bought full page ads in the failing Republic where the bottom line matters more than integrity. Soon after Penzone was elected, he showed his gratitude to billionaire Soros by referring to illegal aliens as “guests.”

10 Responses to A new tough guy Dem for the AZ Republic to endorse

  1. Maggie says:

    In the current climate following Harvey Weinstein’s admissions to years of disgusting sexual assaults of aspiring actresses, any allegation made against a man results in his immediate job loss, even without a determination of fact.

    Law enforcement and law making are positions where we should be able to expect decency and adherence to the laws they enact and enforce.

    I remember being outraged (but not surprised) when the newspaper endorsed Paul Penzone after he was charged with assault.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Of course the Repukelick will endorse Redeem Green Robinson. He “redeems” himself by being a Democrat.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Heck – the Democrats have elected Marion Berry, caught on camera while in a hotel room with a woman not his wife doing crack cocaine; the Kennedy womanizers, one responsible for the drowning death of a young campaign worker, the other two sharing Marilyn Monroe; Bill Clinton whose reputation preceded him before being elected president and it went downhill after that. Then there’s Senator Menendez from NJ whose trial is going on right now dealing with underage girls and corruption, only because he crossed Obama. Otherwise, there’d be no mention of it.

    The Democrats keep electing and re-electing these amoral characters, so Mr. Robinson has a chance. If he were a Republican, the media would be on it right away.

    • D. B. Cooper says:

      You did a great job on this list of ‘Dem Womanizers.’ You’re also correct in your assessment of the media reaction if Redeem was a Republican. It would be front page news. Dems? Nah. We’re already used to their outrageous sexual proclivities. Harvey Weinstein funded all of the liberal candidates and thought he could emulate them.

  4. Observer says:

    Are you aware that the redacted copy of the March 18, 2003 Glendale Police report on Paul Penzone linked in the second paragraph of this post, is no longer operational? Penzone, the new Sheriff in town, obviously exerted some pull over the Glendale PD.
    I remember reading the report the first time around, now it has mysteriously disappeared.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Another farce.
    Another outrage.

    Barack Insane Obama is going to be on jury duty in Cook County, Ill. in November. Residency status be damned, apparently.

    Meanwhile, due to the heat being cranked up on Billary; the DNC, et. al., it appears that Mueller is going to bring charges on multiple persons on Monday.
    Mueller is tainted and should have never been given an inch of authority.

    • Kathy says:

      Mueller should have never been appointed. There was no crime as a basis. Never has one been established. Thats why the witch hunt, so he could create a crime. Timing is suspicious since now Mueller is linked to the Uranium One deal coverup, when he was head of FBI. The informant testimony will be very interesting, if we get to hear it.

  6. Doc says:

    Off topic but…So, I’m watching Fox News Tonight, & Tonight’s host, Jessee Watters, just said in talking about Arizona “being in play” what with kirsten sinema (d) running against a (r) in November. Then he says that R.I.N.O. martha mcmcsally is possibly going to run against Dr. Ward in the primary.

    …just sayin’…

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Jesse Watters is a waste of precious time.
      The obnoxious Hugh Hewitt said there was a meeting planned with the AZGOP to pick someone to run in the primary (Kelli Ward is already in) – he says they’ll be interested in Martha McSally and David Schweikert.

  7. Doc says:

    So, if that’s the case, mcsally is fairly well tied to ASS, & schweikert also has those same ties. However, schweikert is, to my knowledge, a non-entity. When’s the last time anybody heard of him doing…anything? Now, mcsally however, while sadly acting more & more like her master (ASS) has way more “air-time”. Either way, if azgop has their way, they’re Really gonna’ muck-up th’ works for our Heroine, Dr. Ward.