Dems’ connections to anti-Trump Russia dossier

Analyzing the “Russia probe”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham Monday as she debuted her new Fox News program, “The Ingraham Angle.”  Nunes called on the Department of Justice to “do its job” regarding leaks from major U.S. intelligence services.

Ingraham opened the inaugural edition of the show with a powerful monologue about what “America means to her and to regular Americans.”

Arizonans who attended the impressive kickoff of Dr. Kelli Ward‘s U.S. Senate campaign gave Laura Ingraham a sizzling Phoenix welcome as she endorsed Ward — sharing the stage with Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon and former Arizona Congressman, now NewsMax host, JD Hayworth. Fox News’ Sean Hannity has also endorsed Ward.

This is Ingraham’s take on Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump swan song speech.

The Guardian, a British news source, reported in early January that it was none other than bitter presidential loser John McCain, a virulent Trump-hater, who personally passed what turned out to be a fake dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts to then-FBI director James Comey. It’s difficult to forget Comey.  He’s the one who gave an undeserved legal break to corrupt Hillary Clinton— despite damning evidence against her.

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  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Just read the comment posted yesterday by Conservative Since Birth and am reposting it here since it speaks to the troubling behind the scenes conspiracy that is part and parcel of the scheme to take down Pres. Trump and his associates. This appears to be about as bad as it gets, though at this point, I’m keenly aware the political scene will only worsen for conservatives. We need to remain diligent and vote for principled conservatives to drain this this incestuous and filthy swamp. Kelli Ward gets my vote for US Senate.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Frankly Speaking: Glad that it hit you the same way it hit me. That swamp is bigger and deeper than can be imagined by most.

      If anyone has the time, look up the interview Politico had with (the drunken) John Boehner recently to learn more about the swamp. He and Pelosi had a close working relationship – she’d supply Democrat votes if he needed them – to pass legislation good for the swamp – not we the people.

  2. PV PC says:

    Stopped for a light breakfast on my way to the office this morning. They have free newspapers floating around for customers. Today‘s gem of an article is how Kelli Ward can’t win. Once again the laughable rag passing itself off as a newspaper is indulging in wishful thinking rather than disseminating real news. The newspaper, or what there is left of one, is still reeling over Hillary’s defeat, Flake’s decision to opt out of running for reelection, since it was clear he couldn’t w/in and McCain dealing with a malignant brain (in actuality as well as politically). The political horizon for the liberals at the Arizona Republic is beyond bleak.

    No doubt the “editorial board” will double down on its previous endorsement of atheist, bi-sexual and communist sympathizer Kyrsten Sinema, who has slickly changed her appearance and stopped demagogueing married stay at home mothers (referring to them as no better than prostitutes living off men), our military and law enforcement.

    • terry dudas says:

      Therefore, our job is to constantly remind AZ voters of Sinema’s history/record. Civic memories are very short, and with a thoroughly compromised state press, citizens need alternative news sources. This one is excellent, but limited. Check out Arizona Daily Independent (ADI) also.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    What perfect timing for Laura Ingraham to launch her first show on FOX! So brilliant.

    And, if you missed Tucker Carlson, you can find it on Podesta and his poltergeists/attorneys tried to shut down any FOX discussion by threatening various lawsuits.
    Tucker was only emboldened by this and doubled down.

    Meanwhile, since today is Halloween, Hillary says that she might “dress as the president” today.
    President of Venezuela?
    or perhaps
    President of hell?
    She’d be qualified for those two spots, and it would not require her to hide her true self as she has done her entire life.

    Who will Billary kill off next ? The list of untimely deaths of people who dared to enter the Clinton circle is long.

    More McCain Madness, today from The

    He sees a “crackpot” every time he dares to look in a mirror.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      McCain’s the crackpot.
      McCain says US must fight ‘crackpot conspiracy theories’ | Daily Mail Online

      McCain, a former Navy pilot, addressed the Brigade of Midshipmen on Monday

      •He didn’t name Trump but did slam ‘isolationism’ and ‘building walls’
      •McCain said the US must fight conspiracy theories by avoiding echo chambers
      •And he blamed an ‘America first’ attitude for leading to the rise of Adolf Hitler
      •He invited plenty of questions ‘since we’re not doing anything in the Senate’

      Imagine, bringing his hatred to the young at Annapolis. He wouldn’t get away with it if he was a Republican. The media love this kind of division.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This comment I saw on another website is not necessarily my feeling, but it has crossed my mind.

    ‘I´m beginning to believe McCain does not have a glioblastoma. My aunt was given the same diagnosis last October, was bedridden a month later, and died on January 2nd. Her glioblastoma tumor was inoperable because glioblastomas by definition are so invasive – they have tentacles that grow rapidly and regrow if you surgically remove them. Based on my family experience, something just doesn´t add up. Could McCain´s story all be a hoax to get more publicity and sympathy? Sorry, but I´ve become more cynical in my advancing age.’

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Here’s some info:
      Usually, when a person presents with any or all of these symptoms:
      confusion; change in personality; problems with speech and comprehension; vision or hearing changes; or gait and balance problems, a physician will run some very basic labs and check your reflexes, etc. And then charge Medicare for a complex or comprehensive visit. Yeah. And see you in a couple weeks.
      Then, if you’re still having problems and someone is really advocating on your behalf, you might be able to get a CT scan whenever the radiology facility can fit you into their schedule.
      After some additional time passes, you might get an MRI.
      This process may take weeks or longer, unless you are fortunate to have a great doc or an involved advocate.

      Time is of the absolute essence because a brain tumor (or aneurysm) pushes and squeezes normal brain tissue which then is evidenced by noticeable neurological symptoms. Sometimes, a tumor will actually cause healthy brain tissue to herniate out of the skull into the spinal space, which immediately stops respirations and is a fatal event.

      McCain has access to the best healthcare facilities with the latest technology. So, if he does have a legitimate illness, he was Way ahead of the curve because of his access to care.

      Any delay in diagnosis or treatment relating to a neurological disorder or disease can make a huge difference in length of time and quality of the time remaining for the patient.

      His behavior will get worse, either from medications or from the tumor (or both).

      I’ve seen people with glioblastomas become extremely aggressive—even becoming a threat to self or others.
      It’s ugly.

      I’m surprised that he flits about on airplanes, as changes in air pressure could cause a negative event.

      Joe Biden, probably because of his Govt positions, survived Two separate brain aneurysms. Unheard of really.
      When I see him trying to kiss or hug or get handsy with females, I believe that it’s a result of the brain surgeries.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Thanks Sam.

        His privileged life comes into play once again. He should be on his knees thanking God rather than trying to take down a duly elected president in his final days.

  5. Kathy says:

    Washington Free Beacon: The publication is largely funded by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who strongly supports gay rights and open borders. Among its original board members were Bill Kristol, and both the present editors, Michael Goldfarb (formerly deputy communications director for John McCain) and Matthew Continetti (Kristol’s son-in-law) both worked for the Weekly Standard while

    Notice who’s name is in this article and his ties to McCain.

  6. Kathy says:

    And again McCain’s stances get more Americans killed by terrorists. Read toward the end of the article.

  7. Jake sez says:

    Notice whenever the liberals in the swamp need a republican to aide and abet them to slip something through the lines and damage the conservatives, who can they count one? John McCain and his minions. Enough of this turncoat.