US Rep. Andy Biggs recipient of insults — hurled by a jerk

Leftist columnist E.J. Montini can’t handle a principled stance 

Those who still read the Arizona Republic are all too aware of its descent into oblivion. Content is flimsy, engineered to appeal to the casual reader seeking entertainment and dining reviews who definitely doesn’t want to be taxed with major issues or the seniors who are the target of the multiple full page hearing aid ads or retirement community inducements. Local news is frequently written by ASU’s Cronkite journalism students who obviously need another semester or two under their belts. National events are filtered through the liberal lens of Associated Press. International issues appear in the USA Today insert. The Hillary-endorsing newspaper’s stock in trade has been its unswerving dedication to battering former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Trump.  The overarching policy is amnesty for illegals.

When an issue tugs at its leftwingism, out comes the multifaceted, in-tandem grinding machine including contrived reports, columnists, the cartoonist and the trusty fallback, the editorial page to inflict punishment on the offender.

Now there is a new target. U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs. Prior to being elected to congress in 2016, Biggs represented state Legislative District 22 — running unopposed —- and served as President of the Arizona Senate. Besides being a genuinely decent man, he’s bright. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies, he earned a Master’s degree in political Science, holds a Juris Doctorate, and was licensed to practice in three states before retiring from the practice of law to concentrate on politics. He and his wife have six children.

So what causes him to be the recipient of slings and arrows and held in enough contempt by a marginal, left-wing Republic columnist to be called a “toady” and a “loser“?

Biggs is a principled, conservative. He is also a first-term member of congress.  It’s clear the newspaper thinks it has a better shot at replacing him with a Democrat than more deeply entrenched AZ Congressman Trent Franks (R-CD8), leading to this opening salvo.

According to scrawny liberal columnist E..J. Montini, Biggs has crossed the line in joining with other Congressmen in calling on former FBI director Robert Mueller to acknowledge his obvious conflicts of interest and step down as special counsel in what has become known as the Russian probe.  As FBI director in 2010, Mueller bungled an investigation into Russian bribery and extortion resulting in a deal to purchase 0ne-fifth of the U.S. uranium resources, known as the Uranium One Deal. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was complicit in approving the nefarious deal. The Obama administration Justice Department sat on information for four years and silenced a whistle-blower who tried to alert Congress to the questionable activity.

Montini’s “loser” description is his attempt at sarcasm stemming from the fact that Biggs once won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, but is a political loser for challenging the integrity of an Obama administration official.


9 Responses to US Rep. Andy Biggs recipient of insults — hurled by a jerk

  1. Anna Gaines says:

    I had no idea Montin was still around! The Arizona Republic lost many readers. I’m one of them who hasn’t bought, nor have I read their Newspaper for 13 years. I often get offers from the AZ Rep. for low rate subscription. I throw it in the trash.. I get my news from reputable sources. Too bad Montini hasn’t grown intellectually. He sounds like the same old moron (some call him “libtard”. Too bad for the Arizona Repugnant.. which is what most people call them.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Skeletal Montini is nearing retirement age, and obviously saves money on food. It shows in his diminished brain acuity. I doubt cases of Ensure would change his died-in-the-wool mindset. He’s a lost cause.

  3. Braveheart says:

    Congressman Andy Biggs can run intellectual circles around an envious liberal drone like EJ Montini.

    I would never spend money to support this obnoxious rag, but do read it occasionally at my office just to know what the enemy is thinking. Dubya Bush taught us it’s called “strategery.”

  4. Kathy says:

    The Swamp is attacking Roy Moore – why because he is a real threat to their power and McConnell’s man lost in the primary! McCain is even jumping on – as usual the evil man is spewing his hatred for an honorable man.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    News today from the Swamp:

    List of the members of U.S. Congress who are retiring or planning not to run for re-election, as of today:

    Bob Goodlatte, R Va. (Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee)
    Lamar Smith R Tx also chairman of a house committee
    Jeb Hensarling R Tx ” ” ” ”
    Ted Poe R Tx
    Frank LoBiondo R NJ

    Pat Tiberi R OH is leaving in January 2018 to take a plum job
    Jason Chaffetz R UT left earlier this year and is a dim star on FOX News (does he Always have that stupid grin on his face?)

    Beau Berghdahl, the traitor who beat the military justice system is due to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in “back pay”.

    That money should go directly for the continuing medical care needed for those brave soldiers who sustained life-altering injuries when they were ordered to rescue a damned traitor.

    Have you seen a photo of the military judge who gave Bergdahl the tiniest little rap on the knuckles?
    Looks like he would like a new Beau to hold hands with.

  6. William Heuisler says:

    A Republican is accused. And a Republican Leader quickly stabs him in the back.
    The Washington Post is running a hit piece targeting Judge Roy Moore, accusing him of inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls 34 years ago when he was in his 30s.…/after-endorsing-democrat-teenag…/

    The timing of the Washington Post’s smear is obviously to ruin a Republican candidate. The accusations involve degrees of courtship, raising questions of age among young people during long ago romantic moments… all brought up to ruin a man’s reputation.

    If all the stories are true, there is nothing illegal or improper in three of the girls’ recollections in the article. The fourth girl’s claims rest on circumstances that would only be improper under a certain age. The Washington Post story rests on the fourth girl’s age at the time… and whether anyone’s age was mentioned by anyone until now.
    If all the stories are true, why mention the first three innocent, consensual dates except to give some newsworthy weight to a questionable and improbable fourth date?

    First, why weren’t these accusations made in numerous other public forums where Judge Moore was a party? Why wait 30 years if these were all such terrible scandals? Probably most important, age statutes only apply if the accused knows the girl’s age.

    What kind of scumbag is Senator McConnell? With him in your foxhole you don’t need enemies. The Senate Leader spent millions against Conservative candidate Moore and lost it all with Strange; this is McConnell’s back-stabbing pay-back.

    Moore has stood against secular power and for the word of God all his public life. He has suffered greatly for his beliefs and this scenario does not fit – even for a 30-year-old. Judge Moore deserves our support against this very suspicious (and timely) smear, apparently designed to elect a Democrat Senator in Alabama.
    What about demanding a lie detector test? Have Judge Roy Moore and the Washington Post’s long-hidden accuser wire-up and explain. That will most assuredly clear the air.…/roy-moore-sex-accusations-244747…

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I saw where McConnell and our ASS McCain are involved in this.
      No risk for McCain. His time is limited – till then, he’s on a scorched policy to screw up America on a scale that would make Obama proud.

      • Anna Gaines says:

        McTraitor has been an Obama man from day one! He merely gave in when Soros gave him the $$. McCain sold out our country.

    • Kathy says:

      Fusion GPS anyone, paid for by McCain. Sounds just like the lie Trump dossier. Didn’t McCain have a mistress in 2008? And he fought the allegations. But now he accuses Moore? The swamp must be drained!