Magical McCain: Knows the past, foretells the future & Update

Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore too conservative for GOP establishment elites who try to take him down

Sex abuse has become the issue of the day. After initial complaints surfaced, emboldening others, allegations about media mogul Harvey Weinstein reached epic proportions. As per the latest script, he checked himself into rehab. We’d already seen this explosive scenario with Bill Cosby as women came forth with their stories. Then came the even more difficult exposés as young boys channeled into the entertainment industry began revealing the abuse by movie celebrities who preferred them to the glamorous females who surrounded them. provides a seemingly endless list of Hollywood celebs who have had allegations made against them.

Now it gets political. Roy Moore, a former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, recently won a hotly contested GOP senate primary runoff election in that state, to succeed Jeff Sessions who is now serving as U.S. Attorney General in the Trump administration.  Appointed Senator Luther Strange lost despite being backed with millions of dollars in support from a Senate PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The attempt by the silk-stocking Washington elitists to control the vote of the people of Alabama has failed,” Moore declared on election night.

Maybe. Maybe not. They play hardball and don’t like to lose.

The establishment was none too happy with the election outcome. What better way to take down this strong Christian conservative, who was a Captain in Vietnam after graduating from West Point, and prior to attending law school, than to allege sexual misconduct? It’s the rage.

 The interestingly timed bombshell accusations come from Leigh Corfman, a three-time divorcee so deeply in debt she’s filed for bankruptcy protection on several occasions.  She now claims Moore engaged in “sexual misconduct” with her 38 years ago when she was 14 and Moore was 32. According to her account, there was no actual sexual contact. As a troubled teen from a broken home, she reportedly used drugs and attempted suicide.

But who does John McCain believe? McCain, the self-appointed judge and jury says, “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they are proud of.”

Our bet is the starkly politically motivated accusations will energize Roy Moore’s supporters.

Surprise!! It turns out Debbie Gibson, one of Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore’s accusers is a dedicated Democrat activist who has worked for the DNC as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. This disclosure was mysteriously missing from the Washington Post’s original report which was heavy with finger-pointing and light on substantiated facts. Gibson worked for Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, prior to the accusations becoming public.



15 Responses to Magical McCain: Knows the past, foretells the future & Update

  1. MacBeth says:

    This is dirty politics, pure and simple. The timing makes that all too clear. The Republican establish has come out against Roy Moore because they can’t control him.

  2. Kathy says:

    It appears that McCain has done some more purchasing of “made up dirt” using Fusion GPS re: Mr. Roy Moore. Hey McCain – Keating 5 ring a bell??? Were you having an affair with Cindy when you dumped your wife years ago?? And then there is Vietnam.

    Notice the Fusion GPS story has been removed from the news cycle (those that covered it) since it was revealed that a billionaire conservative (along with an ex-staff of McCain’s) donated to them – hummm. What did McCain know and when?? How much did McCain pay?

  3. Maggie says:

    John McCain knows nothing of what this woman alleges took place nearly four decades ago..He simply despises conservatives and this conveniently planted story fits him just fine.

    Hypocrite McCain was a known womanizer throughout his years at Annapolis which is why he graduated at the bottom of his class. But far worse was the fact, which he admitted to, that he betrayed his wife Carol, who waited dutifully for him during his time in Hanoi. He end Cindy had an elaborate wedding that took plenty of planning within weeks after his divorce was granted. He knows nothing of what this bankrupt woman claims took place nearly four decades ago, but it serves his purpose. It probably serves hers also. She’s not suddenly coming forth with this story without someone (McConnell??) waving some cash under her nose.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    How much more suspicious.could the timing of this story be? Why didn’t this pathetic woman come out with this when Roy Moore was twice elected to the Alabama Supreme Court? She had plenty of time. The difference is the national Republicrats fear he’s his own man, and they can’t abide that. They want control. To do what? So far with the help of wretched RINO John McCain, they’ve done nothing, since putting roadblocks in the way of President Trump is all they care about. McCain and Hillary are best of friends and Flake and Obama are.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Another accuser:
    Roy Moore’s Accuser Worked for Democratic Leaders and Is Actively Campaigning for Moore’s Opponent

    McCain has nothing to lose. Till then, he’s on a scorched earth policy to screw up America on a scale that would make Obama proud.

    I do think what’s happening will energize Roy Moore’s supporters.

    • Kathy says:

      All the while she is scrubbing anti Moore facebook posts. Moore should file charges against her and all involved! Of course the NRSC is pulling funding, another establishment trick. I’ll be donating to Moores campaign tomorrow!

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        Good for you, funny or rather sad that all the Republicans are against Moore already not knowing if this is even true telling him to step down.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    There’s no proof of anything but he’s being crucified anyway. (RINOs at work)

    NRSC cuts fundraising ties with Roy Moore

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Anything that is generated by the Washington Post, which was purchased by Jeff Bezos for the sole purpose of promoting fake news, is likely trash.

    Look at the timing. Once again, it’s one month before the election down there in Alabama.

    This story is non-stop on CNN, with their guests going way out on limbs to opine and suggest.

    Sadly, Jake Tapper was able to make a fool out of a former Alabama GOP chairman (Murray Connor?). And the GOP guy just kept falling down the rabbit hole until Tapper shoveled dirt on top of the hole and left him there.

    Meanwhile, from our illustrious FBI (fan belt inspectors):

    Seems that one of their “counterterrorism supervisors” was in Charlotte, North Carolina along with some other agents to attend training.

    Boy, did he get some training!
    He took an “exotic dancer” back to his hotel room and she allegedly stole his ROLEX watch; his GLOCK handgun, cash, and other personal items.

    Good thing the exotic dancer wasn’t a terrorist in drag—-the fan belt inspector may have lost a lot more.

    Obama is no doubt having a good laugh about this, in between snorts and cannabis-laced gummy bears.

  8. PrayThroughHistory says:

    Good piece! Senator McCain HAS been a hero in the past, but little problems like:
    Keating 5
    Gang of 14
    HRC ” my favorite democrat”
    Killing ACA repeal
    Falsely accusing Judge Moore out of spite after falsely accusing President Trump out of spite w/ fake dossier eem to tarnish his past heroism.

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Three short paragraphs showing the hypocritical creature Arizona calls its senator – aka ASS.

    Monumental McCain hypocrisy on Roy Moore

  10. Capt. Marvel says:

    John McCain has finally said something with which I agree in discussing Roy Moore. I would only change the name Roy Moore to that of John McCain and the state of Alabama to Arizona.

    “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they are proud of.”

    Being proud of petty, foul-mouthed, envious, hypocrite John McCain is too big a hurdle for most decent Americans.

  11. Still Disgusted in AZ says:

    Yup, they did it to Clarence Thomas but it failed. Then they did it to Herman Cain and it worked he lost all support by many in establishment what the he!! Happened to inocent till PROVED guilty. This is right out of the Alinsky play book destroy the character of your opponent with hired sleezy women who will say anything for some $$ yet the Dems get to defend the scuz balls like Slick Willie and NJ Melendez.

  12. Kimball says:

    This decision to keep Roy Moore out of the senate is being led by the do-nothing congressional Republicrats who want nothing more than to see President Trump fail. They are willing to short circuit a Republican for being a Trump supporting conservative and ultimately lose GOP majorities in the House and Senate. I’m a conservative and am far more disgusted with the McCain/Flake/McConnell wing of the party than any Democrat. I expect underhanded crap from the Dems.

  13. CD 8 PC says:

    Roy Moore is being asked to step down over what are clearly politically motivated contrivances that never arose during any of his former races within the sate of Alabama, because he didn’t matter to the DC establishment. Now that he has the wind at his back to be a United States Senator, the dynamics have changed. He could be a thorn in their liberal sides and they will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. I pray the people of Alabama have more sense than to let the elitist power brokers call the shots in their state.

    The DC insiders only like “mavericks” when they lean left, like the miserable McCain.