Dying AZ Republic continues to insult readers

Over the years, we’ve written about the failing, intelligence-insulting local newspaper. On this lovely autumn morning when many of us might be inclined to forgive many overreaches, let us remind you why the Hillary-endorsing, amnesty-supporting rag is not worth your time or money.

Today’s edition contains only three + pages of opinion passing itself off as news. These efforts are  tucked in among multiple full page ads for hearing aids, along with knee braces and dentures for its aged reader demographic. AP and USA Today handle whatever “heavy lifting” there is. The lone columnist quotes Democrat strategists who are putting together a ballot initiative which would be a constitutional amendment to limit free speech in elections. Her effort is titled, “Want to find out who is buying our elections?”

The editorial by Linda Valdez’ encroaching replacement Elvia Diaz is headlined, “Will love for Mexico save NAFTA.” It is on the same page masquerading as “Opinions” that headlines, “Republican Party of louts and dunces.”

There is a total of four lockstep letters to the editor, under an anti-Republican cartoon, most often Trump-thumping. They are titled: “Failing again to understand supporters of Donald Trump,” followed by “Arizona is fortunate to have men like Jeff Flake and John McCain.” Next contains a threat to conservative Arizona U.S. Reps. Andy Biggs and Trent Franks, titled, “We will remember the Republicans who turned on Robert Mueller.” The final letter compliments the newspaper’s publisher on her editorial intended to remove a GOP state lawmaker.

As usual, there is a front page box inviting remaining readers to “Go deeper with digital.” The newspaper, which often repeats the same article twice in a single edition, uses ASU Cronkite student reporters and lacks editors. Most of its seasoned reporters took the desperation buy-out offers and left a few years ago.  It can no longer continue to stay afloat buying newsprint and ink while keeping what’s left of home deliveries and drop-offs at convenience marts.

The Daily Insult’s only immediate path to survival is going entirely online where it will compete with multitudes of more reliable news sources and eventually turn up its toes. The left-wing Arizona Republic, which actually referred to itself as conservative when endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, has written its own obituary.


7 Responses to Dying AZ Republic continues to insult readers

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    When I was growing up in Phoenix I was a paperboy, riding my bike in the early morning hours before school to deliver newspapers and make some spending money. Nearly every house in our neighborhood took delivery.

    My parents got the Arizona Republic in the morning and the Phoenix Gazette delivered every afternoon, so my Dad could get the most up to date news when he came home from work. He’d change his clothes and come out to his living room chair to get caught up on the issues of the day while Mom prepared dinner. It was a wonderful traditional home that created good, upstanding citizen kids ( my three siblings and me) who all received a college education and were not propagandized by liberal unionized teachers. All of us are conservative Republicans!

    My father would have thrown the current Arizona Republic in the trash and wouldn’t have spent a thin dime to buy it.

  2. JohnJ says:

    After raising my subscription to $55.00 a month, I said enough. The repugnant is nothing but advertising and left wing garbage.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    From time to time, I encounter elderly folks who are in the process of moving from their single family residence into a more age-appropriate setting. Among the many things that frustrate them in this undertaking: they complain about not being able to cancel their newspaper subscription to the Rag.

    Sounds like the AZ Atty General should have their consumer protection unit look into this.

    Maybe a class action lawsuit would provide the final nail.

  4. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    On my daily bike ride I see several (certainly not many) Daily Insults lying in front of estate gates and am tempted to insert copies of this excellent editorial ‘neath the rubber bands holding this fish wrap together. Many of their readers, I’m sure, believe that just because it is a newspaper, it must be balanced and objective, but there is a world of truth out there they are missing.

    • Clementine says:

      Absolutely add the inserts under the rubber bands, or simply scatter a few copies under the newspapers. Think of it as an act of thought provoking kindness. All too often people need to be prodded to think.

  5. Vince says:

    The only time I’m aware of what’s in the AZ Repugnant is when I see posts like this, that make glad I don’t support this tripe. Not a single person I know reads this newspaper anymore. Some dropped it over the homosexual agenda. Others over the relentless hatchet job on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the hold outs nixed their subscriptions over the Hillary endorsement. . The newspaper called her “flawed,” but still thought she was the superior candidate. Imagine that!

    My mother-in-law wanted the crossword puzzles each morning. We now buy her crossword puzzle books at the supermarket and she’s a happy camper.

  6. Nancy Russell Plencner says:

    As a 40 year reader of the Republic, I once noted to Frosty Taylor that if her daily publication had a sports section our household would happily drop the Arizona Republic like a hot potato. The Repulsive is costing me more then the price of its annual subscription. Its pages bring me nothing but screaming anti Trump headlines, editorials (Ha!) that make me furious, and a daily dose of toxic Benson. After my morning coffee and the Arizona Republic, no wonder I have to double up on my prescription blood pressure meds! Even the TV listings are generally wrong!