Do you prefer a sleek jaguar or a secure border wall? & UPDATE

Liberals are fond of telling us why building a secure border wall is a bad idea.

A wall won’t stop those who are determined to enter the United States: As though desire provides rights. Ask Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and the myriad other high profile sexual abusers about that.

 We can’t stop the illicit drugs coming across the border: We just have to consider our kids collateral damage.

Our population is aging:  Regardless of the fact that many illegals have the equivalent of a grade school education and limited skills, we are told we need a younger labor force. Illegal aliens, though prized by  the illegal labor profiteers who belong to the Chambers of Commerce, are not educated high tech workers. Crops are able to be harvested mechanically. When they are trained to work in the service industries and construction trades, they undercut wages and  take jobs from American workers. Their American-born children then compete against our own American students for university placements and jobs.

It’s cruel to break up families: Although deported illegal aliens are free to take their children home with them, this bogus claim remains high on the faith-based community’s list.

Now there are even more novel approaches to advocating for an open border. We are to consider the “fragile ecology” of the desert border region, and  big cats —  Jaguars, to be exact. The Arizona Republic devoted three pages to telling us about the “beautiful cats” that are “known to cross the border in the same mountainous region as people.” Bet you didn’t know “building an unbroken barrier to stop the people, means extinction of the America jaguar.” The article is titled, “A big cat, a big wall, a big question.” The bold subtitle hits the preposterous button:  “Keeping border crossers out of the U.S. would also affect jaguars, symbols of a strong Southwestern ecosystem. Is it worth it?”

To which we say, Yep. Sure thing. Or as the Lone Ranger‘s trusted sidekick,Tonto, often said, “You betcha, Kemosabe. “

Sunday’s front page report, continuing on to three jump pages, reveals there is another wildcat endangered by the construction of a border wall. Ocelots, described as spotted night stalkers that prowl the Amazon, are also threatened. Most migrate from Mexico into Texas. We are told they live a life of mystery in the borderland shadows, evading even the eyes of the biologists who study them, except during occasional live trappings or roadkill cleanups.

Though biologists miss them, they haven’t escaped the notice of the open border proponents at the Arizona Republic, writing, “In Arizona, at least occasionally, a few slink along the tree-lined mountains that rise from the Sonoran Desert, a place where they face local extinction if a border wall cuts off migration routes.”

Next we’ll be told that construction of the border wall will further endanger exotic species, previously unknown in the southern deserts. Watch for articles on the newly spotted white rhinoceros, penguins, zebras or gorillas. The Arizona Republic is not above using any scheme in its attempt to halt the much needed wall.

Many Americans who voted for Donald Trump last year did so, based in large part, on his promise to build a barrier. Illegal invaders on two feet, must be stopped.


13 Responses to Do you prefer a sleek jaguar or a secure border wall? & UPDATE

  1. VINOAZ says:

    I do not understand the left’s attraction to drug & human trafficking, criminals, terrorists, illegals and dangerous animals. BTW some areas are too rugged for a fence. The wild life can move back and forth there.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    The fact that Jaguars are dangerous predictors is completely overlooked by the dedicated open borders crowd at the dying Arizona Republic. How many subscribers do you know? In my neighborhood, I see just a couple of newspapers in the driveways I pass on my early morning jog. I sincerely doubt that most of the younger homeowners are subscribing to the online edition, when there are countless news sources available, free of charge, that are far more reliable than this agenda filled rag. I see it occasionally at a neighborhood cafe, and it nearly makes me gag on my breakfast.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      You nailed it with the observation that the newspaper is in deep trouble and its leftward, anti-Trump bent is a major reason why. Arizona voters overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump’s presidency, and a major reason was his promise to build a wall.
      Walls worked in China centuries ago (BC) built through treacherous terrain as a protection from invading nomads, and work exceptionally well in technologically advanced Israel today. I believe Pres. Trump will fulfill his pledge.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Liberal Democrats and Republicans are running out of excuses as to why we can’t have a secure border. The responsibility of those in Congress is to protect Americans, not wildlife.

    We’ve not been given a straight story as to how a Border Patrol agent died and another hurt at the Texas border recently, apparently beaten with rocks. I saw on national news that the FBI is in charge. Also read that drug cartels use guns if anybody gets in their way crossing the border and terrorists use rocks. Not knowing anything, you can conjure up some stories on what might have taken place at the border. Those in charge won’t give out the name of the agent who is now out of the hospital. Why the secrecy?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    I’ve had a Glorious week!
    My neighbor is out of town and asked me to keep on eye on the place.
    Neighbor forgot to temporarily suspend the delivery of the propaganda pulp.
    Straight into the recycle bin after kicking them up the driveway.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Our crooked former governor and head of Homeland Security is slowly being found out. Whether anything will happen is the question.

    At last! Major California newspaper calls for crooked Janet Napolitano to be fired

  6. laura4272014 says:

    accept my password and then it gave me a place to make a new one but when I tried typing it in, it would not do anything. I hit the link that asked them to give me a new password but it also did nothing.  Laura

  7. Vince says:

    Border security is national security. Period.

  8. Observer says:

    There is a virulently pro-Mexico contingent at the Arizona Republic that wants nothing more than to have the USA become Mexico Norte. That’s what these unimaginable stretches of rationality are all about.

  9. Doc says:

    I think Arizona should build a Border Wall around the offices of the Re-Puke-Lik…complete with a Faraday Cage…runnin’ some 220 thru it!!!

  10. Kimball says:

    The only time I’m aware of what’s contained in this leftwing newspaper is when I see it here. We stopped our subscription long ago. It gave us a mental breather that we’ve relished, plus extra cash for better pursuits than reading mind numbing crap.

    It’s good to see we made the right decision!