We’ve been conned on “tax reform”

Republicans were so enthralled that President Trump was finally able to achieve a victory getting his signature tax reform measure passed, that we failed to see the big picture.

This was far more than a tax break for middle-income families, a simplification of the onerous federal tax filing, a repeal of the Obamacare mandate forcing Americans to buy health insurance, and a means of creating a level playing field for businesses, enabling them to return their off shore operations to the U.S. to provide jobs for American workers.

The senators were so proud of their 479-page bill, they voted on it in the dead of Saturday night when no one was looking. HR 1 passed by a 51 to 49 margin.

Tucked in among a limitation on wagering losses, repeal of deduction for alimony payments, repeal of the deduction for lobbying expenses,  dealing with rum excise taxes in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the myriad “striking” this and “inserting” that, is the crème de la crème means of expanding the Democrat party —-  those alleging they were brought into the U.S. by their illegal alien parents when they were children. There is no means of verifying their claims, but their supporters don’t care about authentication. David Inserra, writing for Heritage Foundation has compiled an excellent analysis on the topic, noting that amnesty provides an incentive for more lawlessness.

Democrats and their mirror image Republicrats have said they won’t support a measure that doesn’t provide a pathway to citizenship for nearly a million so-called “Dreamers” in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, illegally put in place (brief video) by Barack Obama, who admits he had no authority to do so.

Our antenna should have been raised when Trump-hating John McCain and Jeff Flake voted in the affirmative. Amnesty for illegals is the glue that binds them.

Did you know that every single individual tax cut contained in the Senate bill is scheduled to expire on December 31, 2025? There is no permanence attached. Even if President Trump is elected to a second term, this date is outside of that time frame.

Pay attention, This deceptive bill is now headed to the House.


9 Responses to We’ve been conned on “tax reform”

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Of course the senate voted on this POS in the middle of the night. That’s also when congress votes itself pay raises. How many of them do you think actually read the bill that was amended and reworked up until passage?

    Remember House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s admonition when questions were raised before the passage of Obamacare? She told Americans “It needs to be passed first and then you can see what’s in it.”

  2. Army Of One says:

    Then there was another brainy member of congress who grilled an Admiral over his concerns that increasing US military presence on Guam might cause the island to tip over. Democrats keep electing these nitwits. We’re screwed.

  3. Clementine says:

    McCain and Flake never would have voted for passage of this bill without the amnesty for illegals portion attached. Let’s hope it can be amended in the House, but trusting Paul Ryan is ridiculous. He’s the leading RINO and a hypocrite to boot. He opposes construction of a border wall but recently erected one around his own house “for security.”

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I care a lot about this tax bill, but mostly about the illegal immigration part that shouldn’t even be in it. Our two senators will be sure to take care of the illegals and give us the middle finger. I’d call Paul Ryan’s office, or McCain’s or Flake’s but been there, done that. On this subject, there’s no hope. Immigration, both legal and illegal, will be the thing that transforms America and the new world order will be set.

    Mexican convicted of sexual assault was deported 20 times | Daily Mail Online

    “Oregon became America’s first sanctuary state when it adopted a law in 1987 preventing law enforcement from detaining people who are in the United States illegally but have not broken other laws.” Huh?! Well, that doesn’t work – as the globalists/open borders America-haters always knew.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    SRAZ – I forgot to say thanks for “We’ve been conned on “tax reform.” It’s very informative, especially – tax cuts expiring in 2025 in the Senate bill.

    The “snow” on the site helps to perk me up after reading the above post.

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    When I’ve tried calling the offices of McCain and Flake, they refuse to take my call without me clearing my number, which is unlisted and blocked from view. They work for us. We pay their salaries. They don’t have to know my name or have access to my phone number. No one can cause them harm over a phone line. Security guards at their office doors? After the way they give us the back of their hands, I could understand that, but only if the money came from their own pockets, not ours.

    My wife and I were well enough known to the McCain cabal that we were ousted as elected precinct committeemen after devoting years of volunteer work and plenty of money to the AZ GOP. Former Chairman Robert Graham was well aware of what was going on within the districts and did nothing to stop it while he continued to suck up to McCain and Flake. Jonathan Lines is following the same course.

  7. East Valley Conservative says:

    This bill encompasses far more than tax reform. We will likely rue the day it goes into effect. Once Paul Ryan gets his hands on it, the results will spell disaster for the American people. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense to me that Mitt Romney tried to pass this RINO off as a numbers cruncher and policy wonk. He fits right into Romney’s leftist view, as do McCain and Flake both of whom Romney has traveled to Arizona and campaigned for. The only thing worse than being screwed over by democrats is being screwed over by those who claim to be Republicans.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Sen. Flake Trades Tax Vote for Promise of Amnesty Debate – Breitbart

    I hope he’s being played.

  9. greenvalleygal says:

    The bill is not yet law. While it is still in reconciliation, pray that God’s will be done and trust Him.