Russian involvement in US election? Nope. it was the FBI

When suspicious Republicans got wind of the fact that Democrat operative and former CNN commentator Donna Brazile was funneling questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of the presidential debate, the topic was stonewalled and termed preposterous — until  Brazile, the onetime chair of the DNC, finally admitted her involvement. Hacked emails from the campaign blew the lid off her previous denials.

And so it is with the now known to be fraudulent claims of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. “Collusion” was the Democrat’s repeated byword, used to describe Donald Trump, his friends and even family members.

It turns out the collusion was on the part of the FBI, the agency with the reputation of being squeaky clean. People working for the FBI from former Director James Comey on down, were poised to protect the conniving Hillary Clinton. Judicial Watch has done the research and exposes the incredible deception, including the purposeful words Comey used to exonerate Clinton — replacing “gross negligence” which denotes criminality, with the softer term “extreme carelessness.” Political bias clearly influenced the Clinton email investigations.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe has become “irreparably tainted” after “endless revelations of bias” against President Trump. Laura Ingraham’s “Angle” monologue is enlightening.

 And that damning dossier guaranteed to bring Donald Trump’s political aspirations to a screeching halt? It was a bogus construct, but gleefully hand-carried to then-FBI Director Comey by none other than Trump-hater Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS), who had previously referred to his liberal friend Hillary Clinton as a rock star he could support. In the end, he did — as did Arizona’s junior senator Jeff Flake. Both Republicrats announced they and their families withheld their votes from Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

 Flake, who authored a Trump-bashing 140-page booklet, has opted not to seek reelection due to bottom-dragging polling numbers. He did not  want the embarrassment of a massive primary election loss to Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and conservative former state senator, who had been crushing him in the polls. Prior to his political career, unprincipled Flake worked as a lobbyist and registered foreign agent for Rossing Uranium — one of the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear fuel —- which operates a mine in the African country of Namibia where Flake did his LDS mission. Flake earned a substantial salary opening doors in D.C. and promoting the firm which had deep financial ties to Iran.

Using The Freedom of Information Act, lawyers at Judicial Watch have sued for access to documents to probe this scandal that has permeated the highest levels of our government.

Fox News headlines its report:Republicans turn focus to FBI’s McCabe over texts on ‘insurance’ against Trump.” It’s filled with revealing information.

Although the networks and newspapers have given this scant coverage, expect this investigation to explode.


7 Responses to Russian involvement in US election? Nope. it was the FBI

  1. Jake sez says:

    I have been a member of reputable law enforcement departments from the city, state and federal goverments for over twenty years. I know for a fact that if any officer of the FBI or other reputable organization were to do half of the things that the officials in the FBI are accused of doing, they would be fired immediately and an investigation of misconduct would be conducted.

    While I, like many other members of enforcement communities which have had to deal with the FBI, I have had a problem with their attitude, but I have never doubted their competence or trust worthiness. I can only imagine the irritation that FBI agents must be going through at this time.

    Once politicians stick their nose into an operation it’s doomed.,. Politics come first and the job comes second. They love the power that comes with the job and can’t wait to use it for their own purposes.

    I keep wondering why President Trump doesn’t clean house at both the DOJ and the FBI. Bring in a hard nose who won’t be buffaloed by some self aggrandizing politician.

  2. Vince says:

    I heard Judge Andrew Napolitano being interviewed last night. He said this scandal was going to dwarf Watergate.

  3. Pima Pal says:

    Make no mistake, Señor Juan McAmnesty and Jeff the Flake are not thrilled with this turn of events, uncovering the truth of the actual collusion. Still, on their way out the door, they remain focused on joining with the Democrats, who will ultimately benefit from this scheme, in granting amnesty to illegal aliens, including citizenship to the so-called “dreamers.” That was the only way Flake said he would sign on to the much needed tax reform bill. His plan to hold the senate and American citizens hostage to this colossally bad idea typifies how he thinks. Flake is a fake Republican.

    He ought to come down to Tucson and see the damage that has resulted from the open border policies he and his buddy ASS advocate for. Can’t wait until they are both out of the senate. Arizonans deserve better.

  4. Maggie says:

    Nothing about any of this is the MSM and certainly not the AZ Repugnant. They must all get their marching orders from the same leftwing source. Thank God there’s a Fox News.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    FBI in the 1970’s: you had to either have a J.D. or a C.P.A. to be hired as an agent. White collar crime and the mafia were what they focused on.
    Fan Belt Inspectors.

    Now they’ve become what they used to investigate.
    With blessings bestowed upon them by Obama, via Holder and his mob.