Jeff Flake’s son, ex-wife lose: Jury decides in favor of Arpaio & taxpayers

During a federal civil court trial in which Austin Flake and his now-ex wife Logan Brown were suing the taxpayers of Maricopa County for $8 million in a malicious prosecution case, their attempts to play on the sympathies of the jurors fell flat with Thursday’s verdict.

 The duo were the caretakers for nearly two dozen dogs who died excruciating heat related deaths at a Gilbert kennel owned by Brown’s vacationing parents. They claimed former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio brought charges against them in order to embarrass Flake’s father, Sen. Jeff Flake — so out of step with Arizona Republicans, he does a fine job of discrediting himself without any outside assist. Papa Flake’s polling numbers sunk so low that he has opted not to seek reelection. After writing a 140-page anti-Trump diatribe masquerading as a book and with a title stolen from Barry Goldwater‘s iconic, “Conscience of a Conservative,” he was unable to resuscitate his career. Arizona is not the place to deride Pres. Trump. He won Arizona’s GOP primary by more than 20 percentage points before carrying the state in the general election. Among the president’s most ardent supporters, the feeling of betrayal is particularly intense.

After a six-day trial, the jury was unmoved by Flake and Brown’s claims of fear, distrust of the criminal justice system and depression requiring therapy and medication, resulting in “bickering” that ended their marriage. Austin Flake testified that he was forced to quit BYU until the matter was resolved — and gasp! — he had to get a job. Jurors refused to award them damages in the animal cruelty case that riveted Valley residents in 2014. The shocking account revolved around the boarded dogs being locked in a small utility room, without food, water or cooling in the scorching summer heat. After initially alleging the dogs bit through the electrical wires, they later claimed the air-conditioning unit malfunctioned. A Maricopa County Grand Jury indicted the Flake’s and Logan’s parents Todd and MaLeisa Hughes.

After the divorce, whiney Austin testified he got a dog for emotional support. Had he won, the millions of dollars the twosome originally claimed they deserved, the greenbacks would not have licked his face, but would likely have calmed him considerably.

Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office found dead dogs piled like cordwood in a nearby shed after the couple’s crude attempts to revive the still dying pets with a garden hose failed.  Austin and Logan admitted they never called a veterinarian, when they first saw the horrific condition of the family pets left in what their owners believed was optimum care.

Seeing Red AZ wrote numerous accounts of the then-ongoing saga that took unexpected twists and turns, exemplified by Logan’s mother and stepfather who were not even in the state at the time of the atrocity serving 23 days jail time. This single post provides a broad overview.


10 Responses to Jeff Flake’s son, ex-wife lose: Jury decides in favor of Arpaio & taxpayers

  1. Maggie says:

    The Flake’s are well named. Both father and son insult the intelligence of the very Arizonans they need most, voters and jurors. Another son posted vile things online and his daddy apologized on his behalf, requiring nothing of the delinquent son. Great parenting, by a mostly absent father.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Austin Flake and Logan Brown should be trying to repay the families who lost their pets in this cruel manner. Instead they want our sympathy and money. It’s a shame they divorced. They deserved each other.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I don’t see any redeeming social value to the whole Flake family. They’re quite controversial. Jeff was elected by the very party he worked against. He worked closely with the most leftist president we’ve ever had, helping him with his agenda. He bashed Donald Trump before and after he became president and he’s not through yet. His two sons have caused controversy. No wonder Jeff Flake couldn’t run again. The people are tired of the constant crazy behavior. Democrats are the only party that don’t hold their politicians accountable.

    • Kimball says:

      All true.
      In my view Jeff Flake’s efforts to get a liberal democrat selected by Barack Obama in his final weeks in office, appointed to the US Supreme Court was a loathsome as it gets.
      Flake was all too happy to do Obama’s bidding on a wide range of issues, but repeatedly bashes President Trump, who won the Republican nomination over SIXTEEN other candidates. I will be so happy to see this flaky faker Flake out of office. I only regret that by dropping out, he has denied me the pleasure of voting against hi.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    I will never forget an exercise that my classmates and I participated in while studying geriatric medicine.
    Each of us took a turn at sitting in a wheelchair; having goggles smeared with Vaseline placed over our eyes, and soft foam earplugs in each ear. Back in those days, the use of physical restraints was considered acceptable, so we were subjected to having a waist restraint tied to our middle and secured at the back of the wheelchair, out of reach. Then, a stranger arrived with a tray of unappealing food and hurriedly attempted to force-feed us. The food was a combination of meat and vegetables that had been pureed and was not even at room temperature.

    How do you think that you would feel? How would you react to that situation? You have no idea what is going on and cannot fend for yourself, let alone defend yourself. At the mercy of others who turn out to be merciless.

    This is what it is like for many elderly who are confined to so-called care facilities. All carefully kept behind closed doors until something so horrific happens that we are forced to get a glimpse of it. Neglect. Abuse.
    People only care for a minute.

    Those four people who were responsible for the care of those pets which were beloved by their owners, should be have been sent to prison.

    Consider making a donation to a local animal shelter.

    And remember, with a prayer, those people in long term care facilities. Most of these folks get no visitors.

    • Enuff says:

      What you describe as part of your training is both fascinating and terrifying. It relates well to the miserable care the Flake’s provided those poor dogs who suffered immeasurably.

      I’m an advocate for capital punishment for heinous crimes, since those who don’t deserve to walk among us will never be repeat .offenders. But I believe lethal injection is too easy. Vicious murderers, such as the family members here in Phoenix who brutalized and then stuffed a 10 year old little girl in a box in which she was tightly cramped and left her overnight to suffocate while they partied should be put to death the same manner they deprived their victims of their lives. They’ve all been given death sentences and will now initiate years of appeals, which Ame Deal did not get, all for taking a Popsicle out of the freezer.

      There is great wisdom in the Old Testament scriptures calling for “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

      • VINOAZ says:

        Totally agree and raise you one. Any immigrant harming or attempting to harm an American should be executed and entire family given the choice of execution or deportation.

      • Enuff’s remarks are understandable.
        However, America is a nation of justice, not vengeance. Punishment yes, depravity: forget about it . . .

  5. VINOAZ says:

    These lowlifes and their lawyer should be caned and tossed into a hot shed with no water. They have the nerve to sue when they should have sent to prison and paid restitution. Our country is going down the drain!

  6. Justice, of a sort. Maricopa County still had to pay major bucks in the trial. Too bad a suit can’t be brought against the folks for filing such a frivolous lawsuit.
    (Not for publication. For the sake of the Archives, you can drop this one “frivolous? comma twixt “veterinarian” and “when.”
    “Austin and Logan admitted they never called a veterinarian, when they first saw . . ..” A shortened form shows why: “I called a vet when she arrived.”
    I hope we are still friends, and Merry Christmas!)