AZ Republic’s leftism goes full frontal

The Hillary-endorsing, amnesty-supporting, left-wing Arizona Republic, much like the amoral biblical Salome, has provocatively dropped its final veil but misses the mark as a seductress. Those still reading the undisguised pap and taking it seriously continue to dwindle. With layoffs and buyouts of longtime editors and reporters, the failing newspaper relies on ASU Cronkite students to keep the political prostitute on the street.

The latest effort trotted out as an editorial is titled, “Arizonans to help lead the way in 2018.”

Mentioned first is Juan Ciscomani, a Mexican native, and aide to Gov. Doug Ducey, described as instrumental in “mending Arizona’s relationship with Mexico.”

Ted Cooke, the general manager of the Central Arizona Project, is described as a “major player in the water wars.” Just last week, the same newspaper referred to the Rio Salado Project as John McCain’s legacy. The parched desert of Arizona suddenly has enough water to make everyone a player. Arizona natives were taught it was the state’s first U.S. Sen. Carl Hayden, who got the ball rolling long before McCain carpet-bagged into the state.

Gov. Doug Ducey is King of the Hill, with nary a rival in sight. But where does he go when he’s termed out. With unpopular Jeff Flake opting not to run in 2018 and McCain seriously ill with brain cancer, there will soon be two senate seats up for grabs. No one expects Ducey to abandon the governorship to grasp at the golden ring, but stranger things have happened. Congressional District 8, Trent Frank’s undisputed stronghold, is also now available since his recent surprise resignation. Watch for high stakes political musical chairs not previously seen.

Next comes the poser regarding tax raising, liberal Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton: “Can he go national?” asks the editorial, “Kyrsten Sinema took what should be a perennially contested district, Congressional District 9, and made it a safe seat for Democrats. But now she is running for U.S. Senate.” Not mentioned is bisexual atheist Sinema’s radical past. The former Green Party candidate is now a beloved Democrat. The newspaper is pinning it’s hopes on Stanton, referred to as a “proven vote getter,“ taking the CD 9 seat. When elected mayor, Stanton received a joint congratulatory call from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano.

CD 2 Rep. Martha (Mc)McSally, a McCain ally, has also announced for the senate. Mysteriously missing from the senate lineup is Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term member of the Arizona senate. Despite garnering national support, her conservative credentials have made her a non-person to the newspaper’s far left editorial board.

 U of A’s President Robert Robbins made the list. He should sue for defamation of character after being compared to ASU’s flamboyant Michael Crow who favors illegals over Arizona students.

 Daniel Valenzuela, a longtime union leader and Kate Gallego, who was defamed by minorities for not being a minority despite her name, now rate the headline “More firsts in Phoenix.” The newspaper describes them as potential mayoral candidates both coming from the”Democrat rich” city council.

The newspaper is salivating. Conservatives have their work cut out for them.

6 Responses to AZ Republic’s leftism goes full frontal

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did the Azrag publish the photo of Obama being “serenaded” by a bunch of mindless sycophants there in Hawaii the other day?
    Maybe the rag’s budget wouldn’t allow for the use of color ink. A black and white photo of Hawaii just wouldn’t cut it.

    Expect the Left to unleash, now that President Trump is giving his support to the oppressed people in Iran, who Obama sold out during his reign.

    Please pray for the law enforcement officers in Colorado who were shot today, responding to a call regarding “a disturbance”.

  2. Not Fooled says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward can run intellectual and decency circles around Krysten Sinema, a chameleon who has expertly remade herself into a normal seeming person.

    She is anything but. Many will remember when she called women caring for their children and opting not to work outside their homes no better than hookers for being supported by their husbands.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Good job on your apt description of the Arizona Repukelick. The newspaper is desperate to dump the hard copy editions altogether. The costs of putting out a daily edition are too high and the aging demographic that still subscribes is fading.

    A digital edition allows them to make instant changes and do away with increasingly high costs associated with printing and delivery. They can get rid of even ,more employees and rely soley on the unpaid student interns who have no offices and work out of McDonald’s on free WiFi.

    It’s amazing that any thinking parent would fund a college education in a dying business.

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    Where are the Republicans running for mayor of Phoenix? We have a deep blue capitol city in our red state that went full force for Donald Trump. Glendale has Jerry Weiers, but Phoenix has done nothing but continually elect liberals. Are they putting something in the water at the City of Phoenix??

  5. VINOAZ says:

    You have to wonder. The rot is palpable and extends beyond the two of the worst senators in congress. The fish stinks from the head. ASS and Flake the fake have all but destroyed the Rebublican party. The folks need to rise up.

    • State Delegate says:

      Everything you say is correct. The problem lies in the McCain based leadership of the state Republican Party. McCain’s minions worked to remove conservatives from the precinct committeemen posts to which they were elected by their neighbors in each legislative district. Jonathan Lines, who lives in Yuma, hundreds of miles away from the AZ GOP headquarters was handpicked by McCain clone Robert Graham who maneuvered for Lines to succeed him. Most Republican PCs have never laid eyes on him. At last count he had 11 kids, making traveling to Phoenix and supporting his family tricky, to say the least.