Trump perfects imitation of McCain, Kennedy, Kyl, Jeb & Jeff

“Love” takes precedent over law

After colluding with Democrats and Republicrats on what he brazenly refers to as “comprehensive immigration reform,” Pres. Trump says he is not worried about criticism for normalizing nearly a million illegals.  He’s calling his incomprehensible measure, “a bill of love.” Remember candidate Trump blasting Jeb Bush his RINO presidential rival, for calling sneaking into the United States, “an act of love“?

Now Trump is boldly morphing into Bush referring to his own amnesty actions as “a bill of love.” Border security has been all but forgotten.

“I will take the heat. I will take all the heat you want to give me and take the heat off the Democrats and the Republicans.”


Is Trump also prepared to “take the heat” from the American citizens who voted for him based in large measure on the promises he made regarding controlling the illegal invasion?  The real heat will come in the form of a Republican Party resembling the Whig Party, which fell into cataclysmic extinction after electing Pres. Millard Fillmore.  How long before all the grateful new Americans forget who gave them their indefensible pathway to citizenship?  Just look at Mexifornia where it would be impossible for Reagan to reprise his two-term governorship. All of the statewide offices are held by Democrats. The state senate and assembly have Democrat majorities. The current governor, leftist Jerry Brown welcomes non-citizens to his newly declared Sanctuary State.

We’ve been down this reckless path before. In 1986 then-President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, often referred to as Simpson-Mazzoli commemorating the Republican Senator and Democrat Representative who crafted the “bi-partisan” hoax,  supposedly a one-time amnesty for illegals.  The net effect was more stealth illegals, when they saw there were no consequences for their illegitimate actions.

We’ve heard the same blather previously. Illegals must show good moral character, pay fees, learn English. There is no means of enforcement or penalty exacted for failure to comply.

Without Joshua’s trumpets blaring, Trump’s promised wall will be the next to fall.

John McCain and Ted Kennedy teamed up on such amnesty bills.  Next, John McCain and Jon Kyl took the reins.  Most recently it was John McCain and Jeff Flake with the bi-partisan “Gang of Eight.” In each incarnation the aim was to legalize millions of uneducated foreign nationals who brought no skills to the U.S. With more crops harvested mechanically and with xeriscaping making inroads in drought-conscious states, fewer landscapers are needed. Dishwashers are machines. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians are not coming from Mexico, Honduras or Guatemala. The needy are.


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  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Just saw that Darryl Issa (R-CA) is retiring. Bad news for the GOP. CA is tricky these days – even San Diego is turning blue.

    I don’t like this “play” we’re seeing with Trump. He’s talking about a two-part immigration plan. I keep hearing the words “comprehensive immigration reform” by the Democrats. How will this go. I’m not in a mood for seeing Trump working with the 2018 radicals in the Democrat party. They’re out for blood. Screw ’em. We need to end DACA and ‘dreamers’ and all the other scams the politicians put forth.

    Flashback: Trump Tells Chuck Todd He Will Send Dreamers Back Home “We Either Have a Country or We Don’t” (Video)

    I am watching and waiting. I won’t be fooled yet again. I hope he surprises us with his so-called ability to make a deal. I want a good deal.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Another spot on post, SRAZ. My wife and I attended 2 local Trump rallies and proudly voted for Donald Trump. His yard sign graced own front lawn. After reading today’s post and watching yesterday’s video, I feel as though I’ve been duped. I was drawn to Trump by his unwavering support of a border wall and restrictions on the illegals who are flooding our nation. What a disappointment!

  3. PC and State Committeeman says:

    How long is the incubation period of that most detestable disease in DCs swanp– Washintonitis??? Or in my hope of hopes he is duping the room full of RINOs and Dumbs by agreeing with them to open up with their pro amnesty BS after all he had them on camera for over an hour. I am playing the waiting game let see where he is going with this as I can’t believe he would turn on his base. Washingtonitis is a sever ailment that so far we haven’t been able to inoculate most people with immunity. But with principled Congressmen like Florida’s DeSantos, Gaetz, and Jim Gordon Ohio, Meadows and a few others maybe these young men will save the day. Tho we have not heard from the likes of Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz ya have to wonder has the cat got their tongues or are they just suffering from the swamp disease??? Then there is the dumb mute Sessions what the hayllo is with him. Let us hope that Biggs and Gosar stand up and make some sensible and Constitutional comments. Just an fyi the CD9 candidate Steve Farraro wants to support DACA.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    DACA Amnesty Could Flip Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to Democrat Party

    This is why the rabid Democrats want this so desperately and this is why we DON’T WANT IT.

  5. Jake sez says:

    Look out Prez. I hopeTrump is aware enough to recognize a trap when he sees it. The old bait and switch.

    There is talk about all people receiving a $35,000.00 payment ILO of any and all welfare payments due to the lack of jobs for low skilled individuals. Once that is passed how long will it be before there is a chant to increase the money. After all that is still poverty level. No reason those who have a job should maker more than those who don’t need to work. Lets make it fair for everyone.

    There is also a push to make the dreamers legal but not citizens. Again, how long until we hear about them paying taxes nd contributing to society and not receiving the benefits of citizenship. It is all a game of get approval and then change the rules.

    old trick that still works.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe Trump’s meeting with Rs and Ds in front of the cameras was a stunt to shoot down those who say he is mentally unstable.
    Or maybe he is practicing the Art of the Deal moves.

    Whatever he’s doing, it is making his loyal base nervous.

    Not only do we, the working class, legal citizens in AZ have to deal with Zero representation in Washington, we pay the price for illegals to literally and figuratively run over us.

    Now, if you haven’t noticed, there is an enormous influx of people (I use the term loosely) from WA, OR and CA.
    Since December, I have come into contact with new residents who have just arrived from New Hampshire; New Jersey; Tennessee; and Pennsylvania. I’ve never seen this before in my 30+ years of working here.
    All of these people have a definite sense of entitlement.
    And the left coasters have a very close relationship with Polly (as in polypharmacy—-love, love, love Rx’s, as many as possible).

    So be very careful on the roadways.
    You may encounter them as they drive from the pharmacy to the vape shop to the happy place where the marijuana is sold.

    Did you see the story out of Seattle? The new “sweet beverage tax”.
    Costco posted photos of the new prices on the soda, which now is heavily taxed so that the cost of a case of Dr. Pepper is almost twice what it was prior to Jan 1.

    And Portland, OR has announced that the city is building a new high rise condo building in the heart of the Pearl District–where the affluent live. Except this high rise will be exclusively for homeless persons. Each condo will cost the taxpayers over $480,000 because the city is using a “new, green technology”.
    No concrete or steel for them. It’s some kind of weird material that is kinda sorta like wood, but isn’t really.

    • Jake sez says:

      Couldn’t stand the way thing were where they lived before so they move here and then want to do things here like they did things back home.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Sam – I also have no representation in my district since Trent Franks “disappeared.” But the government will still take my taxes.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        And what the hell is Arpaio doing?
        Supposedly, a poll conducted by the local ABC channel shows Dr. Kelly Ward’s numbers plummeting after the Steve Bannon fiasco, and Joe almost tied with the flygirl.

    • Rick says:

      I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh for two days regarding Trump’s televised one hour love fest with the Dems. Trump has something in his hand that he’s not revealing. He said to them (on camera) no DACA unless he gets the wall and they agree to dissolve chain migration and visas.

      So the Dems are in a weak position. They need DACA to pursue their historical cultivation of the underclass – permanent poverty – bigger government – higher taxes – and payback for wealthy Dem donors. So they agree with Trump and they get DACA’s 850k or so dreamers. But they give up chain migration, something that even the Chamber of Commerce was pushing for – which is an unimpeded flow of cheap labor that renews itself, they give up visas for the same reason, and we get the wall which essentially ends all migration into Southern California and along the southern border.

      CA’s economy would be changed overnight as would the economies of other states that rely on cheap illegal labor. That’s permanent. So I suspect that the Dems and the GOP will squabble among themselves and NOT be able to come up with some semblance of an agreement with Trump, which would then initiate the end of DACA and everything associated with illegal migration into the US. I predict they won’t be able to come to an agreement within the next 2 months, a deadline of sorts that begins the sunset of DACA. That’s why Steny Hoyer had such an angry face throughout the proceedings. He realizes that Dems are no longer in control of their destiny.

      Should the Dems decide to “assassinate” Trump over DACA and initiate the shut down of government, polling has revealed that the Dems would lose the fight. They are between a rock and hard place.

      Rush took a female caller today who described herself as a Cuban exile who came over after her mom and dad lost everything to Castro’s Communist regime. She is an ardent Trump supporter and legal US citizen, backing Trump through the left’s hate and the fake Russian collusion investigation. However, she said that if Trump should grant amnesty to these DACA illegals, it would be the lone definitive issue that would turn her away from him. Call DC and tell them no DACA!

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    This is crazy.
    Just a few hours ago, the lead story on breitbart was that McCain was involved with the Fusion GPS stuff.

    Now, the story has completely disappeared.

    Power and corruption.
    24/7 McCain.

  8. Realist says:

    John McCain hand carried the supposedly damning dossier to the FBI director. He was so intent on aiding and abetting corrupt Hillary and damaging Trump that he would do whatever it took to accomplish his nefarious scheme. John McCain is a despicable leftist who created a hero image for himself that is vehemently denied by those who were imprisoned with him in Vietnam. They called him the “songbird,” for giving up classified information to the North Vietnamese. His injuries were sustained while bailing out of his plane, not fro, beatings as he has claimed. He has done everything possible to ensure that any documents regrading our MIAs and POWs have been permanently sealed. Ask yourself why?

  9. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.
    Of course we will remain friends. We appreciate your suggested edits.Today’s list was a long one. Hope we got them all! We have one request for you. Please do not put up a link to your blog with your comments. In our ”About” page we explain the reason for this.

    Thanks again.
    Your friends at Seeing Red AZ

  10. Vince says:

    What galls me is hearing these DACA folks called “young people” and “kids.” They can be up to 36 years old, which means many of them are grandparents!! This absurdity is even repeated by conservatives who are using the lingo they hear. Gently reconfiguring lawbreakers as “kids” is meant to create sympathy and deny reality. There is no way toknow whether they came to America at age 3 or last month. Why would any thinking person accept the word of lawbreakers as to their status?
    The first letter in DACA stands for “deferred.” meaning they only had their deportation delayed not obliterated.

  11. greenvalleygal says:

    Amnesty for DACA has not happened yet.

  12. greenvalleygal says:

    Would anyone support putting a NUMBER on those eligible?

  13. Sgt. Preston says:

    Seems flip-flopping on illegal is endemic to both parties. Watch and listen toHillary,Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Barrack Obama. They all lie like rugs when it serves their purposes.

  14. Jake sez says:

    Trump referred to his backers as “Far Right” yesterday. I hope he has something going on that we don’t know about because I am so use to being betrayed by republicans that I an very wary of anyone in office.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Ditto! ”I voted for Trump and want him to succeed, but he needs to be reined in. Rush Limbaugh thinks Trump is trying to throw the libs off guard. I hope so, but I’m not so sure. In any case, none of this is a game, This is serious business and should be treated as such.