Amnesty advocate Kate Gallego wants to be Phoenix mayor

No straight answers to simple question: *What’s the ideal number we should give citizenship to?”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asks a simple question of unprepared liberal extremist Phoenix mayoral candidate Kate Gallego and repeatedly gets a scripted talking point extolling “immigrants” that doesn’t answer his question as a response.

Her mindset is not surprising since she’s hired illegal aliens as staffers in her District 8 City Council office, brought on-board through Barack Obama‘s self-admitted unlawful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program.

That’s the  flawed  program pushed by Democrats and Republicrats such as Arizona’s two disastrous U.S. Senators requiring the United States to accept unverifiable claims of illegals under age 36, that they were brought here as young children by their illegally invading parents. The end game for their fraud is being rewarded with amnesty that morphs into citizenship. In other words, a program that removes consequences for  their deceit and serves only to encourage more unskilled and often illiterate illegals to flood into our homeland ultimately swelling the ranks of the Democrat Party.

What’s not to like?

Kate Gallego is a first-term member of the Phoenix City Council, not even prepared to speak without a script, but she wants to be the mayor of the nation’s sixth largest city.

According to a newly released study by John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center, in Arizona, illegals of all ages are 142 percent more likely to be convicted of a crime than other residents, but that figure soars to 250 percent among the 18-35 age cohort, those most likely to fall within the DACA parameters.

Will Racke, writing for the Daily Caller, provides the complete story, including a link to Lott’s study.

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  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    I read John Lott’s study yesterday. The numbers are astonishing! Kate Gallego is a picture perfect argument against electing council members to represent specific districts rather than the city as a whole. That was the system in place before the Democrats saw an opportunity to create and seize minority districts. Gallego is not Hispanic but carries her ex-husband’s name, which is good enough. He’s now the far left AZ CD 7 Congressman. This tells you all you need to know about who he is and who he thinks he represents which is not all of the residents of his district.. He says his parents were “immigrants,” but neglects to say whether they came to the US through the legal route.

  2. Rambling Rose says:

    Kate Gallego looks like she’s been overindulging in more than her share of tacos and refrieds since her election (trying to prove her credentials at district fundraisers??) The lard might be affecting her thinking.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I saw her on the show and didn’t recognize her! She was blonde and trim at one time. I can’t find her maiden name anywhere. It wasn’t Hispanic. Looks like she’s going to go with the marriage/divorce Hispanic last name for political reasons. She’s even been called names by other minorities for using the Gallegos name for political gain. And they’re all Democrats affixed on the same agenda!

      She acted like a dullard on Tucker Carlson’s show. Embarrassing.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Why are all these lefties so sour-faced, so ugly?
    Ugly on the outside. Rotting on the inside.

    If you want to call Speaker Ryan’s office to demand the release of the memo, call his D.C. office
    (they will ask you for your zipcode first—-if you are not in his district, they will disregard your call)

    Here’s some zipcodes to use, which are in his district:

    53121 Elkhorn, WI
    53147 Lake Geneva, WI
    53105 Burlington, WI
    53140 Kenosha, WI

    They lie to US all day, every day.
    So you can borrow a zipcode and be “visiting” Arizona.

    Ryan’s # 202-225-3031

    • Doc says:

      So, I tried this just now. The call went to a list of “The Speaker’s statement on blahblahblah”, but then offers to allow me to leave a message. So, I chose that option and LO AND BEHOLD…I got the john mcTraitor treatment…”this voicemail box is full and cannot receive messages at this time”. No option to speak to a staffer was offered.

      HOWEVER…I DID call Congressman Gosar’s office and DID speak to a staffer. I made it known that I (we) want the documents released. I also took a moment to let the staffer know that when “Contempt of Congress” charges are levied against an individual, it means nothing which, in my opinion, is a HUGE part of the problem. I suggested that maybe 2 or 3 members of the Capitol Police be stationed in the room & when these charges are confirmed, the person in question (think eric holder) gets to try on a pair of chromed bracelets as he/she is hauled off to jail. Without this, as has been proven time & again, what Congress is, is a “Toothless Tiger.”

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Good work!

        In 1988, Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Henry Giugni led a posse of Capitol police to find, arrest, and corral Republicans missing for a Senate vote. One of them, Republican Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon, had to be carried to the Senate floor to break the filibustering over a vote on senatorial campaign finance reform.

        ”We had a hurried caucus among the Republicans in the cloakroom, and we all scattered,” Senator Packwood said. He headed for his office in the nearby Russell Senate Office Building. The sergeant-at-arms, Henry K. Giugni, led a posse of six Capitol police officers into the inner sanctums of the Capitol and the office buildings.
        ”I had a list,” Mr. Giugni said, speaking in the flat tones of the police officer he once was, having served from 1948 to 1952 as ”a motorcyle cop and on the vice squad,” as he put it. He declined to say whether his work on the vice squad had prepared him for the Senate. Used a Skeleton Key
        ”I went into many offices in which no one was in,” he said. Then he got to Mr. Packwood’s office and, using a skeleton key, unlocked the door.
        ”Maybe he thought there was an intruder, and he tried to push the door closed,” Mr. Giugni said.
        Senator Packwood thought no such thing. He had placed a heavy chair in front of one door to keep the police from forcing it open. That worked. He bolted another door. That did not work. The key unbolted it. ”It was their mass against my mass,” Senator Packwood said.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Doc – Glad you got through to Congressman Gosar’s office and said your piece.

        Who do I call? My congressman – Trent Franks – disappeared. Guess I’ll have to try Paul Ryan. Oh, I see that doesn’t work either.


      • sykotek says:

        UPDATE! So, watching Harris Faulkner yesterday speaking to a (r) representative from South Dakota. She was talking to him about the looming gubmint shutdown. Then she asks how is it that if there is (this was yesterday) a shutdown, our Military WON’T

      • syfd124 says:

        UPDATE! So, watching Harris Faulkner yesterday speaking to a (r) representative from South Dakota. She was talking to him about the looming gubmint shutdown. Then she asks how is it that if there is (this was yesterday) a shutdown, our Military WON’T get paid but all 535 members WILL? So, this moron answers with, “Well Harris, this is something we’re looking at.”

        The top of my head justabout BLEW OFF!! SO, I call Congressman Gosar’s back. Again, a staffer answers the phone. I relayed to the staffer that my Congressman lead the way in not “looking at this”, and putting a STOP TO IT. This folks, is an absolute disgrace!

  4. Anna Gaines says:

    Kate Gallegos:

    I heard the interview. Clearly Kate has a one track mind. She didn’t deviate from her support for illegal aliens “DACA”. That’s one problem we will continue to exacerbate by educating those who have no adherence to the principles that founded this country. Once these people; whose parents or, themselves entered the USA illegally, they grow up to demand rights they never earned as the “Legal Immigrants” of the past: Those who came to be good citizens, and give their loyalty to this nation.

    These represented by Gallegos are not loyal Americans, they’re “Tyrants” in the making! Kate Gallegos is one of their own. demanding, and ordering changes be made to please those here illegally, or descendants of illegal entrants. They who demand the culture, and laws of this compassionate nation to be changed to fit them. There’s no such thing as: They being in the shadows. They are out there protesting, demanding rights they did not earn by entering illegally via their lawless parents.

    Sadly, as I witness it daily, those who entered illegally, do not see themselves as Americans because they’re not. They remain loyal to the country they left behind because of the lack of opportunity to succeed in it. In the USA they do DEMAND rights they never demanded in their place of origin!! They rarely assimilate. They prefer Americans assimilate to their culture (?)

    Not only do they demand rights, they take them without having earned them! These are creatures who take all they can from a country. Taking rights they haven’t earned: A free education, the right of employment, and demands of freedom to do as they please.. including usurping the rights of American citizens to protest our Government! They don’t live in the shadows as they claim! They’re right on our faces demanding rights they didn’t earn by entering the USA legally, and truly loving the country; not only for the opportunities it offers, but, by giving loyalty, and respect for its laws. The only ones who more than paid for their parents sins are those who served and even died for our country. Not those little nincompoops who demonstrate against our laws.

    I believe we elected, voted for, and support: President Trump precisely because of his love, and loyalty to this nation and it’s principles. Here’s the son of “LEGAL” Immigrants; who wants the original principles of this country’s foundation to remain, why? Because those are the basic principles that made this country the best country in the world!

    Kate Gallegos; you need to take a look at yourself and see if you are representing all those who voted (Legally) for you.

    Anna Gaines, Loyal American Citizen

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    via twitter:
    Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS

    Verified account


    6 hours ago

    I just read the classified documents, and I demand they be released. #RELEASETHEMEMO

  6. Trevor says:

    Let me guess are the GOP candidates former McCuck staffers?