AZ SOS Michele Reagan seeks voters in Mexico

Western Journalism reports that an online ad paid for with Arizonans’ tax dollars are encouraging voter participation…. in Mexico

According to the report, “Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan appears prominently in the ad, despite that fact she will be on the ballot herself in the fall.”

It was previously reported that Reagan, with anemic polling numbers due to her mismanagement of the office, was one of the secretaries of state who refused to participate in President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity. Most of the states that indicated they would not comply are led by Democrats. In this July 26, 2017 letter to Reagan, Kris W. Kobach, Vice Chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, advised her that more than 30 states had already responded to his request and either agreed to provide these publicly available records, or were currently evaluating what specific records they may provide in accordance with their state laws.

 Kobach, currently the Kansas Secretary of State, is a 2018 candidate for governor. A bold conservative and recognized legal scholar, he has led the fight against voter fraud and illegal immigration. It’s no surprise he would meet with resistance from Michele Reagan. In 2011, as a state senator, Michele Reagan voted against five bills dealing with the continuing invasion of Arizona by illegal aliens. Democrats voted in unison against all five bills. Republicans who ran as conservatives, misrepresented their positions to their constituents. SRAZ titled the post, Meet Arizona’s Benedict Arnolds.

Long known as a Republican-of-convenience, reaping the benefits that an “R” after her famous, but unrelated, name affords, Reagan resigned her position as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2016, rather than go to Cleveland to vote for Donald Trump. That won’t play well with the Trump supporters who put him over the top to take the state of Arizona on election night.

She oversaw a snafu-filled election process with vital election information pamphlets not mailed to all voter households and half of the polling places missing from those listed, resulting in long lines where some voters waited for hours to cast their ballots in the presidential preference election.

The conservative Republican challenging Reagan on the 2018 ballot is Lori Klein Corbin, former state Senator and current Republican National Committeewoman.

Though things seem bleak, Michele Reagan does have one friend who commends her “great leadership.”


9 Responses to AZ SOS Michele Reagan seeks voters in Mexico

  1. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Pathetic. Maybe she could change her last name to Obama or Clinton for “truth in labeling.”

    • Observer says:

      Anyone who would pose as she did in that hilarious “One Friend” (fiend?) link is too disconnected from reality to even momentarily consider for a second term.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    All of these politicians should be made to live in a sh*thole country.
    Confiscate their passports as they get off the plane.

    There is also the Mayor of Oakland, CA, who appears to be a female (but, hey, it’s the Bay area, I could be wrong) and the entire Oakland City Council who vow to go to jail to protect illegals.

    Just a few days ago, in the Bay area, a jail was the scene of a takeover by prisoners for a number of hours. The report stated that it took 15 civilian workers 3 hours to clean up the destruction.
    But, the director of the facility said that he runs a “progressive” jail and was shocked at the incident because he has good rapport with the prisoners. Yeah, keep thinking that.

    If the DOJ re-discovers its mission and its manhood and begins to lock up politicians for aiding and abetting, those arrested wouldn’t make it past the cavity search before crying for their mommas.

    John McCain’s face is showing up on the “organizational charts” being passed around which outline who did what in the FISA/dossier organized crime and racketeering ring. Shows that McCain worked directly with Comey.
    He’s always been in a gang, it seems.

    Check out
    That person, who goes by “sundance” knows a helluva lot about the inner workings of the intel community and D.C. Very detailed.
    Fascinating and frightening stuff.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    anyone ever take a look at ?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I got as far as the “Participants” list of McCain’s Sedona Forum and had to take a shower. He brings in every mega wealthy family, media sources and didn’t miss a single demographic to milk. He even has his own family and his former chief of staff Grant Woods, an unparalleled sleazebag, who signed on to Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) when that liberal extremest was running for governor..Woods was a fake Republican who was an elected precinct committeeman at the time he endorsed Napolitano. Wes Gullet did the same thing and then later had the nerve to run as a Republican candidate for Phoenix mayor. He lost. We emded up with leftist Greg Stanton. Same difference.

  4. Observer says:

    Arizona doesn’t have a Lieutenant Governor post. Our line of succession puts the Secretary of State next in line as governor. Imagine this woman leading the state? McCain might think she’s a “great leader” but few others would agree. He’s unlikely to know a great leader in any event. He thinks the obstructionist jerk he sees in the mirror each morning also exhibits great leadership.

  5. Fed Up says:

    Michele Reagan thinks her last name is iconic enough to pull her through any election. She long ago wore out her welcome for me when she voted in support of illegal aliens over the American citizens who foolishly put her in office. At the time, I lived in Legislative District 8 and was part of the thoroughly disgusted contingent who she tossed to the curb in favor of the lawbreaking invading illegals.

  6. Trevor says:

    Michele Reagan and Kyrsten Sinema wanted Kindergarteners to learn Sex Ed, and of course Reagan is backed by McCain and his crew.