Globalist claims USA slips in the eyes of the world

Although no one likes us, they all want to come here

The U.S. News and World Report article begins with a large dose of high drama, describing the mood on the international conference call at the beginning of this month as somber as Ian Bremmer, self-anointed president of the political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, prepared to list off top global dangers in the coming year. Trump-hating Bremmer, who has created a niche career for himself, began with this:

“If we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis — the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown — it feels like 2018. The reasons are many, but the most prominent causes for global insecurity stem from U.S. President Donald Trump’s move away from global leadership, and China’s eagerness to fill the perceived vacuum.”

This quote provides an insight of  Bremmer‘s globalist stance: “In a time when so many challenges transcend borders, the need for international leadership has never been greater. We are told that “Trump shocks and divides the world.”

According to Bremmer, “Donald Trump pledged to “Make America Great Again.” The world thinks he is doing the opposite.” To no one’s surprise, the report’s highest disapproval rating goes to President Donald Trump.

Consequently, according to Bremmer’s Eurasia Group, the United States slips in this year’s U.S. News’ Best Countries ranking, dropping to the No. 8 spot. Topping the list are countries such as Canada, Germany and Sweden with increasing Muslim populations and liberal immigration policies that are rendering their native cultures to second class status. Oddly, Japan, which has national policies restricting immigration made the list.

Muhammad has replaced William in the top ten most popular boys’ names in England and Wales, according to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper.

As in 2017, Canada remains the No. 2 in the survey. Germany, as it was in 2016, is perceived as the most powerful country in Europe – surpassing the U.K. to place at No. 3 overall, while the U.K. drops to No. 4.

Meanwhile, demanding “dreamers” who want noting more than to be granted amnesty, followed by full citizenship and voting rights, create a nightmare for Americans.

Disneyland, which bills itself as “the happiest place on earth,” is the latest battle ground for the DACA./dreamers, a band of wild illegals who think waving Mexican flags, screaming obscenities and trying to shut down access to the famed amusement park, will win them support as they blast, “No dream! No deal!” When Barack Obama pushed his illegal executive order through after repeatedly saying he couldn‘t, he sat in the White House and had Democrat House and Senate majorities, but took no further action. President Trump has no obligation to honor this purely political absurdity with unverifiable claims they are all “kids” who were brought to the US by invading parents. Claimants can be up to 36 years of age. The ultimate goal is increase the number of Democrat voters by millions.

11 Responses to Globalist claims USA slips in the eyes of the world

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Jeff Flake said he embraced the anti-American description ” globalist.” So glad that RINO creep will be out of office. It can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Conservative Guy you are right on, I am so sick and tired of these anti sovereignty pro amnesty morons who put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens safety and well being. Globalists Flake and Grahamnesty, et al, are the height of hypocrisy and un-American behavior. Let us hope the 4 page document be released to the people to bring to light the traitorous Dems in the FBI and DOJ. Let us also hope that Mueller is shut down and can let our president get on with making America great. The corruption must be terminated with severe and quick justice and why our President does not fire Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray asap is frustrating beyond the pale.
    We are a nation of law let’s stay that way.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    John Kerry has crawled out from under an ugly rock and allegedly told the Palestinians that Trump will leave office “soon”.
    Kerry urged the Palestinians to not yield to Trump.
    Then, this:
    Kerry said that he’s running in 2020.

    Please pray for the safety of President Trump, his family and his team.

    With Congress continuing to drag their feet in #ReleasetheMemo, these criminals in the FBI and DOJ continue to plot and plan our demise.

    • Observeer says:

      Sam, I was busy typing my comment and didn’t see your most recent one. It’s very concerning news on several fronts. John Kerry has been suspect since his days of colluding with traitorous Jane Fonda during the Vietnam war.

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      Ya got that right, why-why-why is the whole thing being stalled?!?! Get it out and shut down the traitors asap.

  4. Observer says:

    Both McCain and Flake are globalists, funded by the “Globalist-In- Chief” billionaire George Soros, who wants NO sovereign national borders whatsoever. Soros is a committed One Worlder who has also given generously to Hillary Clinton and gave $3 million to elect leftwing Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone. Soros exemplifies what Ian Bremmer and his anti-American “study” is all about.

  5. Trevor says:

    In other news remember Kevin Gibbons the democrat amnesty attorney and married to Jeff Flake’s sister he is running for Secretary Of State, we all know what he would do he would grant illegals to right to vote!

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      We need a laugh after that info! (That’s too awful to even think about.)

      Here’s what the Dreamers/DACA-ers were chanting outside of Upchuck Schumer’s New York City home:
      “If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!”
      (Mind you, he was in DC.)

      That’s a common misconception. Schumer doesn’t sleep, he just hangs upside down from dawn to dusk.

      • Trevor says:

        I’m dead serious one of Flake’s siblings confirmed on facebook (The Flake family are mutual friends of a friend of mine I went to High School with)

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Megan McCain, today, on her TV bully pulpit otherwise known as The View: young republicans aren’t going to stand for Evangelical,
    anti-LGBTQ crap.