Insufferable libs can’t get past their venomous anti-Trumpism

President Trump radiates optimism in State of the Union speech

Liberals who dominate the media were ensuring their anti-Trump rhetoric stayed front-and-center in advance of President Trump’s first State of the Union address Tuesday night.

This is the hateful spew  erupting from New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow as he warned others not to use the term “presidential” to describe Trump’s exceedingly presidential speech.

President Trump called for strength and unity and issued a robust defense of American exceptionalism. Referring to his newly implemented tax reforms and the benefits they have already made possible for individuals, families and businesses, he reminded the American people, “There has never been a better time to start living the American Dream.”

As the camera scanned the scowling Democrats, the entire membership of the Congressional Black Caucus sat on their hands refusing to celebrate the lowest recorded black unemployment.  Hispanic unemployment has also reached historically low levels. Obviously they don’t want either our president or the country to succeed.

A CBS poll released following the State of the Union tells a different story. Americans who watched the speech gave it a 75% approval rating. 65% said the speech made them proud. Black-clad and dour, Nancy Pelosi looked shell-shocked as cheers repeatedly filled the imposing chamber responding to President Donald J. Trump‘s outline of accomplishments and plans for the future.

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  1. Doc says:

    On Topic & ON POINT:

    …and a question: What in th’ H-E-DUBBLE-HOCKEY-STIX was going on with nasty pelosi’s FACE??? Did anyone else notice that there was either something stuck in her dentures OR was she having some sort of oral/tongue SEIZURE?

    I personally am Very Dissapointed that A.G. Sessions didn’t take Congressman Gosar’s suggestion to heart…

  2. VINOAZ says:

    Wonder if Nancy ever watches or listens to her facial expressions or babbling nonsense. Chuck, the dope that was roped looked none too happy. How about the idiot Bernie? Kennedy was great–race, gender, same sex, class envy. You would think that there is something new in the Democrat play book. Same old nonsense, same spittle as uncle Teddy.
    From the brilliant Walter Williams:

  3. PC and State Committeeman says:

    These dumb Dems kinda reminds us of the AZ RINOs we have who would rather destroy us than do what is right, lol. Stupid is as stupid does and we sure have that in our state and county Party leader-sinkthe-ship.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    What a brave man to go into his first State of the Union speech and fight for this country (everybody) and have to appease the far left Democrats who hate him and look like a bunch of school kids with their bully faces on, ‘resisting’ like he wanted to hurt them. I happened to catch the very animated screwball, Luis Gutierrez, walking out during Trump’s praising of America. The Democrats acted worse than my low expectations of them. Pelosi is a pathetic soul. Schumer is an evil man. There will be no dealing with either.

    Charles Blow, a “leading authority of race issues” knows nothing BUT race. Race is all there is – everything is about race. He made a huge deal out of an incident at Yale University a couple of years ago saying the police “accosted” his son (Tahj Blow) at gunpoint, thinking he was a suspect. He wrote about it constantly – blaming what else – race. And got paid for it by the NYTimes. It turns out, the police officer was cleared.

    I think President Trump did an excellent job and the CBS polling showed that. One criticism – pathway to citizenship, but that’s not over yet.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Train Accident this AM, train carrying GOP members of Congress.
    A big truck was on the tracks.
    GOP on the way to White Sulphur Springs, W.VA. probably going to The Greenbriar for a “retreat”. If you ever have some spare time, check out what The Greenbriar has been equipped for.

    Gosar’s suggestion was met with a tweet from Flake, and then Gosar fired back something that shut Flake up.

    If you dare to look at Flake’s twitter account, you may be able to see the photo that he posted on his way to the SOTU. He is joined at the hip with the psycho Corey Booker, who went into a rage during a Congressional hearing a week or so ago. The female member of Trump’s cabinet, who was the focus of Booker’s rage should have said ‘I don’t feel safe’. He was off his rocker. Maniacal.

    In looking at the snap that Flake posted on his account, with the euphoric, empty eyed look on their faces, it may explain why that guy’s nose is permanently pushed to the left.

    Weren’t the Dems signifyin’ last night?
    Wearing their Kante cloths draped around their necks.
    Wearing the “RECY” buttons, picking up on a thing that Oprah did at some award ceremony in Hollywood a few weeks ago. About some black woman who was allegedly raped in 1944.
    Booing and hissing like the Satanists they are.

    Trump had them by the shorts.

    Dangerous times.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Just heard on the local news that Flake and McMcSally were on the train and no congress people were hurt.

      Has anyone heard from our ASS giving his ‘critique’ of last night? I haven’t heard a word.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        He’s been compartmentalized. And should be worried.

        CNN gleeful when they heard of the crash involving theAmtrak train carrying GOP’ers.

        Interesting that it was a heavy Garbage truck sitting on the tracks at a point where visibility was limited for the engineer.

        Depend on Flake to breathlessly run to any available phone, microphone or TV camera to give commentary.
        Meanwhile, others roll up their sleeves and go into triage mode.

    • MacBeth says:

      The ACLU has protested that President Trump used the word “America” 80 times. Apparently that’s not inclusive enough for these leftwing jerks.

  6. Kathy says:

    The Democrats sitting speaks volumes regarding their agenda – Not American – only pro Illegals and themselves.
    The so-called Black Caucus wouldn’t even stand re: the low black unemployment rate. It seems they are like the black slave traders in years past, selling their people out. Oh wait, they have been doing this all along. Democrats NO on civil rights, Democrats NO on voting rights, Democrats keeping black on their plantation and on welfare – YES – LBJ said it.

  7. Maskedtruthman says:

    In the CBS poll you referenced, 42% of Republicans and 33% of Independents watched the SOTU which adds up to 75% which is exactly the number of viewers they reported approved of the speech. That suggests that only the Democraps didn’t like it. How predictable.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    JAN 30 2018

    FOXNEWS 11,500,000
    NBC 7,100,000
    CBS 7,000,000
    ABC 5,400,000
    FOX 3,600,000
    CNN 3,100,000
    MSNBC 2,700,000

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    The train wreck was No Accident.

    Never-Trumper Bill Kristol tweeted about it this morning before it actually happened and then, quickly deleted it.

    Happened near Charlottesville. What happened not long ago in Charlottesville?

    Comey’s tweet a few days ago, ostensibly regarding McCabe’s “service” was giving the green light for mayhem to commence.

    You have NO Idea what is going on today.

    • Doc says:

      Sam-if kristal tweeted about it BEFORE, then Law Enforcement needs to hem his sorry @$$ up & grill him! If there’s more, PLEASE enlighten us…

  10. Trevor says:

    Unrelated but I live in CD 5 and does anyone know Congressman Biggs is he running for re election because I want to help out his campaign.