New jobs, low unemployment counter market correction

Although the media have focused on the recent stock market slump from historic highs, Market Watch ( MW) reports today that the U.S. economy added a healthy 200,000 new jobs in January and unemployment remains at a 17-year low of 4.1%, reflecting the best labor market in almost two decades. Headlining its article Jobless claims drop 9,000 to 221,000, remain near 45-year low, the report provides an overview and analysis.

The U.S. Department of Labor released the Unemployment Weekly Claims Report this morning.

The Motley Fool runs an instructive report titled, 6 Things You Should Know About a Stock Market Correction. Just weeks ago the Dow surged to an unprecedented 26,000.


3 Responses to New jobs, low unemployment counter market correction

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Janet Yellen, whose term as Chair of the Fed Reserve ended on January 31, gave an interview to the press as the door was hitting her in the ass. She stated that the stock market And the real estate market were overvalued.
    (She already has a new job at at the Brookings Institute. Yeah, it’s a think tank.)

    Perhaps she was pee-oohed because Trump could have kept her, but didn’t.

    The so-called correction last week was immediately on the heels of Yellen’s remarks and a few days after the SOTU, in which President Trump spoke about the growing economy.

    Soros, along with other globalists, move money around to benefit themselves and wreck havoc when they so desire.
    That’s what electronic trading allows.

    Meanwhile, closer to home:

    U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar goes for it. Holy cow:

    Meanwhile, McCain seems to skate away yet again, despite the evidence:

    “. . . The Post cited Wood explaining that Kramer had arranged for Wood to meet McCain in December 2016 on the sidelines of a security conference in Canada. There, Wood described detailing Steele’s claims at the meeting with McCain, telling the Arizona senator that he could arrange for the politician to review the purported research.
    “I told him, ‘I know there’s a document. I haven’t read it, but it seems to me that it’s reliably set up,’” Wood told the Post.”

    “Wood described McCain as being “visibly shocked,” and expressing interest in reading the full report.”

    “Ten days after the Canada meeting, Kramer met Steele at Heathrow Airport in London and then went to Steele’s home, where the McCain associate spent several hours reviewing the dossier claims, according to people familiar with the events who spoke to the Post.”

    “The Post relates that Kramer then received a physical copy of the dossier directly from Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn R. Simpson:
    Back in Washington, Kramer received a copy of the dossier from Simpson and completed the handoff to McCain. In a private meeting on Dec. 9, McCain gave Comey the dossier — passing along information that Steele had provided to the FBI earlier in the year. . . .”

  2. Kent says:

    Stocks go up and down. The markets have risen astronomically under Pres. Trump. They are bound to lower and will raise again. I’m not worried.,Overall, our economy is sound. Job growth is a great indicator of our monetary pulse and it’s rising while businesses that previously found it more profitable to move off shore are coming back under Trump’s tax plan. More American jobs are the result.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    What has happened today with the market is no fluke, just like the roller coaster ride last week was no “correction”.

    GWBush is in the UAE claiming that we need immigrants to pick cotton. (Ever heard of machines, Goofy?)
    Interesting that the UAE does Not have an extradition agreement with the US. Notice that our globalists seem to be moving about the globe a lot lately.

    It’s been a very Bad day for Black Hats today.
    Hence, the market tantrum.