Why higher Ed produces brainwashed liberals

American parents want to ensure a solid future for their kids and a degree from a prestigious college is seen as the key component to prosperity.

But consider what the university setting inspires in a field where a majority of professors identify as liberal. A request to grant extra credit to students who attend an upcoming guest lecture by Fox News commentator Katie Pavlich at Kennesaw State University on the subject of “Fake News” and liberal media bias has drawn the ire of one professor.

In an email exchange with the event’s student organizer, Business Law and Ethics Professor Neil Wilkinson agreed to give his 225 students extra credit if they attend, — in accordance with school policy — but also encouraged them to go after Pavlich like a “mad dog in a meat store.”

The event, slated for March 7, is hosted by Young Americans for Freedom and aims to “celebrate women’s month by hearing from speaker Katie Pavlich as she discusses the ways in which media is being used as leftist propaganda,” This is taboo subject, and one worthy of inciting violence against Pavlich.

This survey is dated by four years. Given increasing campus trend towards liberalism, chances are today’s numbers are even more skewed to the left. In 1990, according to survey data by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, 42 percent of professors identified as “liberal” or “far-left.” By 2014, that number had jumped to 60 percent.  In colleges across the country, far-left professors now dominate disciplines such as English literature, sociology, and history. Few have anything positive to say about capitalism, the Constitution or the United States in general.

This could explain why college age Americans supported Socialist Bernie Sanders for U.S. President even though he was old enough to be their grandfathers and with whom they had little in common, though the lure of free tuition was irresistible.  It’s impossible tot be motivated to cherish, protect or defend a nation in which its citizens are steeped in moral relativism and  there is an appalling lack of understanding of America’s superior system of liberty and freedom based governance.

In a 2016 poll conducted by Harvard, 51 percent of Americans between 18 and 29 rejected capitalism, and a third said they supported socialism, a system based in Marxism, which older Americans understand is destructive to individual rights.  A Pew poll in 2011 showed that the same age bracket had more positive views of socialism than capitalism. Young people who are taught the USA is a flawed nation and believe, as Barack Obama does, in the failed policies of redistributing wealth will eagerly toss our freedoms to the wind and have no desire to protect the rights contained in our founding documents.

Barry Bluestone, a Northeastern University professor was caught on tape telling his students he “wouldn’t mind seeing President Trump dead.” If he had said that about Obama, he’d be charged with inciting  murder. The double standard is indefensible, but the lack of education in America’s educational institutions is far worse.


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  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro and a few other brave conservatives were targeted – now Katie Pavlich. This is how the Marxists make inroads and it’s working with younger Americans. This country is being changed right before our very eyes. College professors are left to do their damage because of free speech and they turn around and take it away from anyone who disagrees. People like Dennis Prager are fighting back and there are a few places of “higher education” that are still sane and Fox News is still better than all the rest of cable TV.

    I had problems with Katie Pavlich for a while when she aligned with the nuts at National Review and became a virulent anti-Trumper. Over time, she seems to have mellowed. She’s a native-born northern Arizonan.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Parents who value their children and the future of this country need to take their kids out of government (public) schools either home school or find a decent charter or parochial school that instills values and teaches appreciation of this great nation that has been a beacon to the repressed in their search for liberty. We have sent ambassadors to other nations to oversee free elections and teach about our Constitution.

    Hillsdale College is a wonderful institution of higher learning. It is rare in that accepts no federal dollars and emphasizes. Constitutional principles.


    • Lynda Tanner says:

      I wish we would have pulled my grandson out of a certain highschool in the Anthem area. Maybe he would still be alive. If we had it to do over again, home school and trade school.

  3. terry dudas says:

    Hillsdale College President, Larry Arn, was in Arizona this week. He spoke at a Tucson-area function, Thursday; it was a packed room of would-be donors, donors and future students. I wedged myself into a back wall seat, and regretted that I didn’t know about this school in my salad days. . . but as Dr. Arn might paraphrase one of his icons, . . I will keep buggering on.

    • Maggie says:

      Dr. Arn was also spoke to a packed house in Scottsdale. If only there were more Hillsdales and Dr. Arn and his rational conservative philosophy could be coned. The so-called Ivy League schools are not pro-American and their curricula have become a tribute to diversity rather than celebrating unity, which is the cohesive bond that has held the fabric of this nation together so firmly.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    The dumbing down of our youth is a national tragedy. The war on men is well underway and the war on whites is heating up. Laura Ingraham is in New Orleans (heaven knows why). She had a black activist advocating for removing all statues and changing all street and park names related to Confederacy, slave owners. When it was the turn of the guest opposed the black fellow constantly interrupted and talked over. He said we are now in the majority and we will do this. Then on to Washington DC. Let’s remove all names from everything starting with MLK and Ceaser Chavez.
    A meteor is about to wipe out the USA. Canada and Mexico will be spared. Ask the leftist professors and millennials to make a list of countries they would move to, and a list of those they would not move to.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Our young athletes are at the Olympics.
    And what have they done?
    Bitch and complain about who will carry the U.S. flag (as if they care about the flag). The white female who said she deserves to carry it and the black guy who claims is will be racism if he is not allowed to carry it.

    And then there are the social media stars.
    Two young male athletes, sharing a kiss. The message they posted was “We’re here. We’re queer. . . . .”

    And another gay male athlete who had a good time on social media dissing the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, who was there for the opening ceremony. Pence, of course, had done nothing to this young man and is doubtful that this young man really knows anything about Mike Pence, other that what he’s been fed.

    When Pence became aware of the tweets being sent out by this athlete, Pence reached out to him via social media, extending an olive branch.
    But it just caused the entitled brat to continue and even escalate.

    First it was the selfish, self-absorbed Baby Boomers.
    And now the brats who live their lives on a phone or a computer.

    The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, tens of thousands of young American males lined up outside of U.S. Armed Forces recruiting offices.
    Do you think that today’s young men and women would be so inclined to fight for their country?

    • VINOAZ says:

      According to Gallup 44% would be willing to fight for our country. At least 38 other countries fare better, many none of us would consider moving to. Morocco scored best @ 94%, Japan lowest @ 11%. Afghanistan was 76%, so why do they need us? Bangladesh 86%, China 71%, Israel 66%, Russia 59%, Mexico 56%, S Korea 42%, Canada 30%, France 29%, United Kingdom 27%, Germany 18%. Syria and Iraq and Iran not listed. In general western countries are pathetic. Credit the “education” systems.

  6. Joshua Zero says:

    I’m surprised it’s as low as 60%. I’d thought it would be higher than that. I know that sites like Professor Watchlist have attempted to keep track of that sort of thing. Being a college professor myself I couldn’t help but be drawn to what you’ve written here.

    I teach college English, mostly introductory composition. That said I teach in Fayetteville, North Carolina – a city where there’s an incredible blending of people due to the presence of Fort Bragg.

    The major assignment for my course is a research essay. I tend to approach it step by step with my students. The focus is identifying a social problem, analyzing it, and offering potential fixes. My students are veterans and active duty military along with immigrants from Vietnam, China, Mexico, Africa, and the rest of the world. Alongside them are local people: single parents, workers from the Goodyear plant, young men trying to rebuild their lives after prison, etc. It’s a fantastic experience working with them. I give them free reign on their topic. As long as they can prove it causes social harm then they’re good to go.

    Of course I play devil’s advocate with them. I work to poke holes in the arguments of my liberal students as well as conservatives and everyone in between. If I’m effective then they end up with a much stronger essay and we all learn together.

    If you look at my posts here on Word Press you’ll probably notice that I’m far-left.

    If my students ever ask me, point-blank, my opinion on something I’ll briefly tell them but that’s about it. Maybe that’s because I taught high school for several years – I was always mindful of the fact that I’m a public servant, not a mouthpiece for my political point of view.

    I know the animus against educators, mostly public educators, is driven partly by the conviction that we’re brainwashing youth but even if we were – isn’t it up to parents to prepare their children to be intellectually prepared for a world full of contrary ideas? Isn’t there value in sending a child to college knowing that he or she, whatever her convictions, is equipped with the analytical foundation necessary for navigating ideologies? I’m rambling and I apologize – obviously I’m passionate about education.

    I’m not really here to debate – I actually agree that personal politics should be left out of the classroom, at least on the part of the professor: it’s not about us, anyway. It’s about our students.