Jeff Flake sidles up to NBC, auditions for network gig

Hustling for work at uber-liberal CNN, likely won’t pay off as the network finds Trump bashing isn’t profitable, laying off “dozens” of employees

Jeff Flake, whose 18% approval rating was so low he decided against a Senate reelection bid rather than risk the embarrassment of that reality hitting him smack in his already crooked nose, is now homing his advice skills.  And the intended beneficiary of that wisdom?  None other than President Donald Trump — who beat back 16 other Republican primary candidates nationally. Trump won Arizona’s GOP primary by more than 20 percentage points before carrying the state in the general election. and took the Electoral College vote by 306 to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Here is Flake on ‘Meet the Press,‘ chatting amiably Sunday with NBC’s Chuck Todd, while attacking President Trump. Flake, who repeatedly engages in hammering the President of the United States, dishonestly worries about the problem caused by the degradation of the political culture, calling it a “real concern.” 

During the interview, Flake repeatedly refers to a litany of his own previous speeches while pitching his anti-Trump agenda.

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you on the treasonous comment. Do you think we need to get a sense of humor or does the president need to watch his words?

JEFF FLAKE: No, I think the president needs to stop calling Democrats or Republicans or others who, who don’t stand or applaud at every line that he has, that they’re “un-American.” He also used that term,”treasonous.” Practiced liar Flake hypocritically told Todd, “Words matter.” When he talks about fake news, for example, the man who accompanied Barack Obama to repressive Communist Cuba,  says, “ I gave another speech where I talked about how that gives aid and comfort to authoritarians around the world who are now labeling their opposition or dismissing real dissent as fake news. So those things matter. So I don’t think that it’s a joking matter to say that somebody is treasonous and he (Pres. Trump) ought to stop it.”

CHUCK TODD: You’re one of the few Republicans that spoke up on that issue. Not many others did. And it seems like fewer and fewer are comfortable criticizing the president when he does some of these sort of unusual attacks on his opponents. Why is that?

JEFF FLAKE: Well, I think the real problem, as I’ve tried to mention, is that we are seeing now as normal, things that we shouldn’t see as normal. And this degradation of the political culture is a real concern, where we’re no longer outraged when we ought to be. And that’s a problem. So I do think that more of us ought to stand up and say, “Hey, this is beyond the bounds of where politics ought to be.” And the longer we go without doing that, you know, the further politics slides into areas that just are unhealthy.

Jeff Flake is a stellar example of exactly what he describes as concerning. That’s why he’s hustling for another job.  CNN, which made Trump bashing its bread and butter issue, is now  laying off dozens of employees. This Vanity Fair report provides the details of the failed “Trump Bump.” The American people who elected President Trump, aren’t buying the liberal pap whether it originates from Jeff the Flake or CNN.



10 Responses to Jeff Flake sidles up to NBC, auditions for network gig

  1. East Valley PC says:

    Jeff Flake lies as glibly as he speaks. He’s an open borders RINO who pulled the wool over the east valley voters when in the US House. When the whole state was considering him as a senator, that doomed his political career. Mormons will vote for Mormons. The rest of the state has a different demographic than his EV stronghold which accounts for his 18% polling numbers. He’s never been bright. He thought his perpetual assy grin could keep him safe. That fraud was blown up in short order.

  2. Kathy says:

    Of course – NBC = lies, lies, lies and propaganda. Fits Flake just fine since he has been doing this his entire time in office. Hence – I will not run for another term – when asked why he was running again – “I lied!”

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Flake, rather than representing his constituents while he still can, keeps beating a dead horse trashing our president. He can’t seem to make any inroads. He’s got to get with the program and give it up already. He should take a look at the Drudge Report where I found these tidbits about 10 minutes ago in the upper left corner.

    Feds Run Surplus in 1st Month of Tax Cut…
    Small-Business Owners Say Good Time to Expand…
    Home Prices Hit Records…
    Trump popularity on upswing…

    • MacBeth says:

      Thanks for the tip on the articles on Drudge Report. I just checked them out. They tell a different story than the left portrays. Even with the recent blip in the stock market which is correcting, the economy is in great shape, joblessness is down significantly and home buying is up. Americans elected a businessman, not a career politician and we are reaping the benefits.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        So what is it about Flake that he can’t give credit where credit is due. (That’s a rhetorical question.) He just despises Trump. His actions show that he thinks Barack Hussein Obama was a way better president. Jeff Flake can go to you-know-where. He’s a pathetic individual.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Check this out:

      Quite a comprehensive run-down.

      (There’s also a place on to enter and win a dinner w/photo op with President Trump)

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe NBC should send Flake over to do a guest shot at the Olympics. The media is fawning all over North Korea and touting that regime.
    NBC. Nothing But Communists.

    Or maybe he’ll be their new correspondent imbedded in Cuba.
    (Watch out for those pesky acoustic attacks down there in Cuber).

    • Trevor says:

      Flake would be the perfect correspondent, I bet he wants Sinema to replace him I know the AZ Republica is pushing her cause Flake can’t stand Dr. Ward.

  5. Kathy says:

    In this article Russian gave McCain a 70th birthday party. Who has Russian ties??? Who has the pee doss ties?? Why McCain!!!

  6. Trevor says:

    Flake can join with the other fake Republicans like Chuck Rosenberg.

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