AZ Republic becomes an orphan as both mommies split

As if anyone needed further evidence that the local newspaper is on borrowed time, the latest report is that Nicole Carroll, a senior newsroom executive at the Arizona Republic for over a decade, is leaving to take the post of Editor-in-Chief of USATODAY, “the nation’s largest circulation newspaper,’ according to the Republic’s own front page coverage of the abandonment.

The reason behind the large circulation claim is the garish, magazine-like publication is given away “free” at hotels across the USA. Or so we thought. The Gannett publication actually reaps mega millions yearly with the distribution, by colluding with hotels to tack the charges onto your bill.

Just a couple of months ago, Arizona State University bragged it had snagged the Arizona Republic’s Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish. She was willing to ditch the newspaper for what is reported to be a much lower salary to take the post of Professor in Media Innovation and Leadership at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Think of that as inculcating leftwingism to the J students.

Parrish left her post as president and publisher of Republic Media, which operates the Arizona Republic, and La Voz as part of the USA Today Network — to join the Cronkite School on Jan. 1. She will “teach, write, speak and collaborate on how to preserve and grow a robust free press in the digital age.”  With those abilities, Parrish should have stayed at the newspaper and tried to keep it afloat —- although she was probably all too aware of the futility of that ginormous task.

Firings, buy-outs of long term employees and general mayhem have been the order of the day at the increasingly anorexic newspaper. Cronkite students, using colloquialisms and writing in Charles Schultz’ Snoopy “It was a dark and stormy night” style, are ineffectively filling the gaps.

The Hillary-endorsing newspaper is a contemptible farce, mercifully fading fast. It has shrunken in actual size but uses oversized — oftentimes, half page photos or illustrations — to take up space. Content consists in large part of pre-written pap that bears no resemblance to news. Entertainment and dining are given prominence. More than occasionally the same article will appear a day apart, or even in the same issue, with a few pages separating them, earning it our nickname of The Daily Regurgitation. We also refer to it as The Periódico de la República de Arizona for its unswerving open borders stance and desire to gift American citizenship to those who disregard our laws and sovereignty.

Most egregious of all is its propensity to routinely insult the aging demographic readers, who overwhelming voted for President Trump, a man the newspaper despises. Disreputable RINOs McCain and Flake, both on their way out, are its poster “boys” of Republicanism.

ASU’s journalism students have become the unseasoned glue that holds the disheveled mess together, though their commitment to the First Amendment is questionable.  In 2009, after inviting Sheriff Joe Arpaio to participate in a forum, the students in the audience began loudly chanting Bohemian Rhapsody, drowning him out as he attempted to respond.

Do those in charge at the Republic actually expect anyone to take seriously the views of the skewed editorial board, the toady columnists and rude student reporters who disrespect the First Amendment?

Thursday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal carried a cogent editorial, “Peter Thiel’s Warning to the Valley.” The Valley in question was Silicon Valley but the Valley of the Sun would be an apt substitute. The thrust is contained in these few words: “Hostility to half of America isn’t good business—or politics.”

11 Responses to AZ Republic becomes an orphan as both mommies split

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    SRAZ you nailed it again! I remember when voters would actually carry the newspaper’s endorsements list into the polls on election day. Today an endorsement by the newspaper is the equivalent of a political kiss of death. Republicrat Wes Gullet placed those endorsement slashers on his campaign posters when he was running for mayor of Phoenix. He not only lost, he lost BIG.

    • Trevor says:

      Is Wes Gullet a McCain guy? Still I really think that paper is gonna back Sinema they really want a closet socialist in the senate I know Dan Nowicki wants her.

      • Ajo Joe says:

        Wes Gullet was a key McCain strategist. His wife also worked for McCain. Wes Gullett was prominently featured on the Republicans for Janet list. That was far left Janet Napolitano when she ran for AZ Governor.

    • Trevor says:

      Oh jeez Gullet gladly endorsed Napolitano my god he is a RINO. I bet he and Grant Woods are working non stop to try and elect Sinema, who the US chamber and the AZ Republica are backing.

  2. Trevor says:

    The AZ Republica along with McCain really want Sinema bad, and I’m surprised they had a forum with Sheriff Joe and yet they wanted him to lose his re election (wish he was still Sheriff)

    • Braveheart says:

      The forum to which Sheriff Arpaio was invited was not put on by the newspaper. It was at ASU’s Cronkite School

      There will be no more hard copy newspapers in the near future. The costs to print and distribute are too high for the weak return. This is the digital age, Newsasauers are extinct and fossilizing.
      Check out Newspaper Death Watch.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Anorexic newspaper – that’s so true from what I’ve seen of it. I never buy it. They were giving away copies at Fry’s supermarket a couple of weeks ago. Even at that, I did not want one. CNN pays airports to have only their ‘news’ station on.

    Peter Thiel’s article is excellent. He’s a gay Republican – not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. He’s moving from Silicon Valley to L.A. I suppose it sorta makes sense. Away from the rats nest of moral superiority to better weather. 😊

    Off topic: I can’t bear the thought of Mitt Romney, the guy who stands for nothing, running in Utah. He’ll take McCain’s place in being the disruptor. He already took a shot at Trump’s immigration stance. What a lowlife. Utah went big for Trump – so why is Romney fixed on taking Trump down. Even Orrin Hatch sang Trump’s praises recently.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      RE: Romney
      He’s so tone-deaf that he blasted out on social media Wednesday (the day of the mass shooting) that he was going to delay his political announcement until Thursday.
      As if we care.

      He should try to fix UTAH first.
      This just happened on Thursday:

      Romney’s wife has been suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for years. It is a well known fact that stress contributes greatly to the exacerbation of that horrible, life-altering disease.
      Shame on him for only thinking of himself.

      • Doc says:

        That’s all right Sam…mcRomulan’s goin’ to th’ same place that ASS is goin’…& I AIN’T talkin’ about the U.S. Senate…

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Sam – I don’t know that Romney has the “depth” to even understand what happened with the flag or take it that seriously. I don’t see him as a law and order type either. I don’t know what he is other than tone-deaf as you say. He sure was a lousy governor of Massachusetts. I remember him saying with a snide smile – ‘I’m a severe conservative.’ He should have beat Obama. Things in this country were not going well at that time.

    • Trevor says:

      No surprise John McCain and Mitt’s waterboy Paul RINO are happy and giddy and so is Mitch McConnell who he is spending millions of dollars in Nevada to keep Danny Tarkanian out of the Senate and his opponent Dean Heller flip flops on Abortion he was recently endorsed by the National Right To Life (A establishment group) and yet Heller said on an open mic “I will protect PP”