McCain crony rips Trump’s CPAC speech

Three day conservative conference draws huge crowd, top conservative speakers

Steve Schmidt’s checkered career includes elevating political RINOs and even worse, John McCain, who makes Republicrats appear mainstream.

Here’s Schmidt, the top adviser, message developer, and strategy wizard behind McCain’s 2008 failed presidential campaign, as he appeared Oct. 2017 on far-left MSNBC where he is employed as a political analyst, absurdly claiming, “John McCain has spent every hour of his adult life in service to this nation“…..and has “lit a torch for future political leaders.” The use of the past tense bizarrely sounds like a eulogy though the obstinate and vengeful McCain is still above ground.

Far outside the prism of reality, Schmidt actually compares McCain to George Washington. It would not be surprising to learn he has an altar erected to deity McCain that he kneels before as he starts each day. His Twitter page is topped by wild mavericks, no doubt another nod to his calamitous client, who has long used that analogy as a cover for his liberalism while shrewdly running as a Republican in the red state of Arizona. Carpetbagging into the state following his marriage to Cindy Lou Hensley, he was advised in 1982 by the then-powerful Phoenix 40 that he could not hope to replace retiring House Minority Leader John Rhodes, an ethical conservative congressional leader, if he ran as a Democrat as he was poised to do. 

Schmidt’s latest mantra is that “it’s apparent to everybody that Trump is unfit for office,” conspiratorially stated on the Trump-hating network. For emphasis, he adds, “They say it privately in the bars.”

When Schmidt’s out of the bars where he appears to conduct his private polling, he tweets vicious anti-Trump attacks, recently blasting President Trump’s CPAC speech that won acclaim from conservatives, who he refers to as “a crowd of cheering extremists….the heirs of the Know-Nothing’s and nativists that have always plagued us.”

Using his apparently favorite bar analogy again, Schmidt says this of President Trump’s speech:

“This speech at CPAC is demagogic, vapid, intellectually dishonest and just plain old fashioned idiotic.  If someone delivered this speech from the end of a bar most people would think that person was an imbecile.”

And with that bit of wisdom, we can imagine political hack Steve Schmidt calling out in a boozy slur, “Schet up ‘nother roun, Joe. Thish one’s on me!”

11 Responses to McCain crony rips Trump’s CPAC speech

  1. Seen It All says:

    Trusting McCain or his henchmen and advisers has been a fool’s mission. John McCain is an evil man who has never cared a whit for anyone but himself. He has never been above lying to create a legacy for himself. Reading this post answers the question as to who rewrote who McCain actually is. Judging by his Wikipedia page, it’s clear that Steve Schmidt wrote it, making this sleazy liar into a hero and saint. He is neither.

    McCain is outed by his fellow POWs and those who served with him in Congress. They weren’t paid as Steve Schmidt as been to reconstruct his image.

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    John McCain is no “maverick/” He’s just a liberal deceptively cloaked as a Republican. I’ve lived in Arizona for years and am proud to say, I’ve never voted for him.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    If he hadn’t spent years hiding from We, the People, someone may have had the opportunity to askAss about the 18 million reasons that he loves Singapore.

    In the same way that Hill has millions of reasons to love Mexico.
    Obama and Pelosi have their own millions of reasons to also love certain foreign locations.

    Yeah, go ahead and claim “diminished capacity” and ask for special accomodations.

    There’s lots of Sunshine at camp.

  4. Villanova says:

    For someone with the distinctly Germanic name of Schmidt to accuse Pres. Trump of espousing Nazi propaganda when his daughter, son-in-law and their children, Trump’s own grandchildren, are Jewish is preposterous and beyond insulting. This shows the mentality of McCain’s chosen strategist. The only good thing I can say for Herr Schmidt is that his client lost BIG. Yes, we had to endure Barack Obama, but we are classic winners with Donald Trump in the White House. His policies of lower taxes, which in turn create job, lifting onerousness restrictions on business, selecting Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court and filling federal district judgeships across the nation are a few of the things that make me happy.

  5. East Valley PC says:

    Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) is an immense embarrassment to the actual Republicans of our state. My out of state friends and relatives often ask me how McCain and Flake have been elected in this state. I tell them it’s the senior citizens who believe McCain’s stories of heroism and the newcomers who shouldn’t be voting until they get enough information to make intelligent choices, who have given us these huge political warts.. The LDS voters in the East Valley kept Flake safe when he was elected in the House of Representatives. When he ran for the US Senate. he won by a small margin, after Kyl and McCain both went to bat for him. Neither of these men is particularly bright and they both lean left and have colossal egos.

    • Trevor says:

      The LDS couldn’t help Flake in his Senate races that’s for sure even though McCain and Eric Holder’s law partner Kyl did all they can and Flake barely won lol, Flake was my congressman and bascially if your LDS you’ll win that seat look at Andy Biggs a good man and a great congressman he is LDS as well. Except he doesn’t believe in open borders like the rest of them do.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Schmidt is a mean, vicious SOB. Just like McCain. The video above showing McCain’s ‘thumb down’ makes me realize I’m not crazy for despising the man.

    What has McCain ever won aside from the senate seat. He lost the presidential campaign he “waged” against his “friend” Obama. He keeps losing on immigration. He backed Hillary and lost. So, he had to go in and win one before his time runs out. He saved Obamacare. What a despicable piece of work.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Did you notice how President Trump referred to ourshame during the CPAC speech yesterday?

      It has special meaning.

      ‘I won’t mention his name’ or ‘we don’t say his name’.

      Remember how candidate Trump was vilified for calling ourshame by a term that refers to the opposite of a patriot?
      Candidate Trump knew the facts then, and he knows even more now, as President.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Yep – Thumb down. That must have driven the old goat mad. Trump had his number far better than the voters of Arizona did.

  7. Casper says:

    I wish I could say Arizona voters have been hoodwinked. In fact, they just weren’t paying attention. Elections require diligence and can have unforeseen and dire consequences if the wrong person is elected..

    At the very least, we have to arm ourselves with information to vote intelligently or we’re in no better shape than those third worlders whose have no such constitutional rights.. Surely it’s not too much of an imposition to get the facts to insure whose views impact our lives. The lazy get what they deserve, but unfortunately so do the rest of us, by virtue of their ignorance.

    McCain stands as a miserable example of what the ill informed have given us.

  8. Trevor says:

    Schmdit failed in 2008, McCain’s campaign was poorly run and not to mention his campaign manager Rick Davis had some shady foreign lobbying firm with Paul Manafort and Manafort set up a meeting where McCain met with Putin stooge Oleg Deripaska!! So there was a GOP nominee talking to the Kremlin except it was John McCain not Donald Trump!