Elvia Diaz: Sets poor example for Lenten conduct

Those who observe the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter focus on introspection. Some give up a specific behavior as an exercise in sacrificial self-denial.

 The Arizona Republic’s Elvia Diaz has written a column on her desire to find common ground with people she normally disagrees with as part of her series spanning Lent.

She chooses as her antagonist, Republican Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio. How nice, it seemed, that committed leftie Elvia Diaz wants to make amends with him. Yet despite her stated desire to treat the fiscal conservative decently for the holiday, she describes DiCiccio in less than glowing terms, referring to “his methods of challenging his liberal colleagues as boorish, bordering exaggerations, or truth twisting, and bullying political rivals and journalists when they disagree with him.”

If this negative spew is indicative of her self-reflection, she’s missed the mark by a mile, showing herself incapable of examining her own thoughts and motives.  Diaz also displays her animus toward the word “liberal,” preferring to hide behind the term “progressive,” favored by liberals who want to deny who they actually are. Could she be a “self-loather?”

She does admit that she and DiCiccio have no common ground, defining him as appealing to “tea partiers” — a term rarely used by most conservatives these days. She also disingenuously describes him as “a diehard Trump supporter and buddy of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.” Is she exhibiting early onset memory loss or simply choosing not to recall that DiCiccio ripped Arpaio in the Ahwatukee Foothills News, telling the newspaper in 2016 that neither he, nor anyone in his family, would be voting for Arpaio.

Her use of the phrase “pro-immigrant rights activists” is duplicitous at best, since she’s discussing illegal aliens, who should have no supporters. This was used in the context of a Trump rally in Phoenix when police employed tear gas to disperse the crowd after the rally ended. The “activists  refused to let the issue go,” she writes, demanding, “among other things, that Phoenix ban President Trump from using city-owned buildings and police officers.”  

Admitting that she “doesn’t throw a blanket endorsement of the work of our men and women in blue” as DiCiccio does, Diaz says, “DiCiccio isn’t wavering and neither am I.”

In summation, after giving him a scathing review, she schizophrenically concedes, “I find DiCiccio respectful, attentive and willing to talk, though we often disagree.”

What happened to the lying boor she described at the beginning of her peculiar article? This must be Diaz’ concession to Lent with which she began her rant.

6 Responses to Elvia Diaz: Sets poor example for Lenten conduct

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    The religion of The Arizona Republic’s brass, columnists, reporters and the staff cartoonist is liberalism. That’s why Diaz, Valdez, Montini, Boas, Benson and their cohorts can lie as easily as the rest of us tell the truth. It’s who they are.

  2. Observer says:

    Obviously Elvia Diaz is aware of the fact that DiCiccio unconscionably hammered Sheriff Arpaio for what he regarded as his own political gain. His defection was all over the news at the time. Still, she refers to DiCiccio as a diehard buddy of former Sheriff Arpaio, Facts are beside the point as she tries and miserably fails to score a point.

    I’m a Republican in DiCiccio’s council district and will never vote for him again over this shameless political ploy. He once worked for McCain and calls liberal Harry Mitchell his first political mentor.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Joseph Goebbles, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, was known for saying “If you repeat a lie often enough, no matter how big, people will believe it.”  That’s what we see from this Mistress of Propaganda for the most reliable disseminator of propaganda the AZ Republic (Repukelick) newspaper, 

  4. State Delegate says:

    Is Diaz threatening to write 40 days of this deceit? That should put the final nail in the coffin of this already dying rag. The editors must think their remaining readers are morons. They could have a point. We stopped our subscription years ago. That simple action saved us a ton of money and keeps our blood pressure in check. It was a good deal all around.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please read :

    Almost two weeks ago, Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, went missing. He is an expert scientist in such infectious diseases as Ebola and Zika and works in the Division of Population Health.

    This very brilliant, 35 year old man supposedly told his colleagues that he felt ill and going to go home. He has not been seen or heard from since.

    Interestingly, since January, he has spoken of his alarm regarding the number of deaths related to the flu and how it seems to be able to morph from a virus to a bacteria to overwhelming sepsis and death. He stated that, in almost all the cases of flu-related deaths, the victims HAD received a flu vaccine.

    He had given an in-depth interview to a reporter, telling the reporter that in case “something goes wrong” to please report his concerns regarding the flu vaccine to the general public.

    His family is being stonewalled and getting no answers from the CDC.
    They are asking for prayers.

    Additionally, a physician from the renowned Cleveland Clinic has been fired from his job after sharing his experiences regarding patients presenting with the flu, and writing an article questioning the legitimacy of the CDC’s advice on vaccines.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      This information is extremely concerning. We were told by our family physician not to get the flu shot this year because there were so many strains of the flu that you might be inoculated against one but have no immunity to many others. Additionally, I’ve read that the vaccines are next to worthless for seniors. Best advice is stay out of crowds and wash your hands frequently. Public handles and railings are highly contaminated. Push elevator buttons with your car keys or knuckle. Don’t put your hands on public counters while waiting to pay for goods or ask a question. Use common sense.