Mayor of crime capitol Oakland alerts illegals to ICE sweeps

Democrat Mayor obstructs justice while empowering criminal invaders

Oakland California has the unenviable distinction of having one of the highest crime rates in the nation in 2017. There is no question Oakland is the most dangerous city in California. There were 1,426 violent crimes — murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault — reported per 100,000 residents in Oakland.

With those dismal stats as a template, how do the actions of the mayor provide protection for the citizens of the city?

On Thursday, the White House announced the Department of Justice was reviewing the actions of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who last weekend alerted residents in advance of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sweep. Who would have guessed Mayor Schaaf is a Democrat? She took to twitter to defend her indefensible actions — using the routine fallacious platitude about “keeping families together.” Illegals are free to take their children with them when they return to their familial homeland.

Schaaf warned city residents to imminent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids garnering criticism from federal authorities. Lawyer Schaaf, who’s running for reelection,  responded, “I was sharing information in a way that was legal and was not obstructing justice, and it was an opportunity to ensure that people were aware of their rights“.

232 people were taken into custody, while about 800 evaded arrest thanks to the mayor’s warning. The people she’s referring to are illegal aliens, who invaded our nation and should have limited rights, certainly none that ensure their continued ability to live in the United States.

California is a sanctuary state and Oakland, which is not immune from federal law, is one of many sanctuary cites within the state.


7 Responses to Mayor of crime capitol Oakland alerts illegals to ICE sweeps

  1. MacBeth says:

    This is exactly the kind of mayor Phoenix would get if councilwoman Kate Gallego is elected. She’s not a scintilla different than Oakland’s radical Mayor Schaaf. They both put illegals ahead of citizens, because they know that’s the surest way to expand the democrat voting base.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    When it comes to Democrats, illegals always take precedence over those of us who foot the bill for their countless benefits, medical care, education for their kids and suffer the losses due the crime they perpetrate. In the current environment, that’s not politically correct to say, but is nonetheless true. Here in the ‘People’s Republic of Pima’ County, with Nogales, as a major portal, we live with this reality day in and day out.

  3. Kent says:

    Former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and current mayor Greg Stanton are both in the tank for illlegals. Those people and their advocates are the current and projected democrat voters. This isn’t rocket science. Phoenix citizens who vote for these goons are voting against their own interests and paying the tab, while they do it.

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    This is without a doubt ‘obstruction of justice’ and if preventing authorities to arrest criminals isn’t an obstruction than I don’t know what else you can call it.
    We will surely have the same problem in AZ!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    We protect illegal alien criminals in this country while it’s not safe to go to Mexico on vacation.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    What happened in Oakland, Ca is similar to what happened in Broward County, FL (home district of Debbie Wasserman Schultz).
    Political correctness and meetings with Obama to implement the Promise Act, where no disciplinary actions were taken with the PROMISE of wads of Federal money—your money.

    Leave it to the assorted Leftists to take words like “promise” and “dream” and “social media” and bastardize them.

    Did you hear about the speech that Obama gave last Friday at an alleged “sports conference” at M.I.T ? Yeah, sports and M.I.T.

    The instructions to the journo was that there was to be no phones, no recording devices, no cameras, no notes and nothing was to be reported in any format.

    Someone leaked some info that he waxed eloquent about the beauty of Google and social media.

    Note that this was days before the huge purging of conservative voices across all platforms.

    So, one might assume that he assembled his sycophants all in one place to give them their marching orders.

    Ongoing, relentless major DdOS attacks on 4chan and 8chan.
    Likely C’eye’A from the looks of it.

    Please pray to God for protection of our President Donald Trump; his family, and his crew. Thanks, very important.

    You have NO idea.

  7. Trevor says:

    Kate Gallego would do this crap if she were elected and sad part is the GOP candidate will be some McCain lackey who supported Janet. Oh and Jeff Flake’s brother in law is running for Secretary Of State against failed Michelle Reagan but Flake’s brother in law would allow illegals to vote and I wouldn’t be surprised if he used his office so his brother in law could run for Governor Of Arizona in 4 years. I really think Flake wants that office bad.