USAG Sessions takes illegal alien fight to Calif.

Liberals controlling the state, give additional protections to illegals

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session has taken on elected officials in California for  pushing a “radical open borders agenda.” Speaking to the California Peace Officers’ Association in San Diego Wednesday, Sessions accused Democrat Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf of “actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension” by warning them of impending San Francisco Bay Area sweeps by  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. SRAZ recently covered Schaaf’s indefensible actions.

“Her actions support those who flout our laws and boldly validate the illegality,” Sessions said, adding, “How dare you? How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement just to promote your radical open borders agenda.”

Sessions also criticized California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom — the darling of the left, now running for governor —  for praising Schaaf’s warning. Watch this video of open border proponent Gov. Jerry Brown welcoming illegals into California. Brown called Sessions speech, “pure red meat for the base,” preposterously declaring the administration was “going to war with the state.”

“Bragging about and encouraging the obstruction of our law enforcement and the law is an embarrassment to this proud and important state,” Sessions said.

“Contrary to what you might hear from the lawless open borders radicals, we are not asking California, Oakland, or anyone else to enforce immigration laws,” he stated, adding, “California is treating immigration officers differently for the purpose of eviscerating border controls and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only the most radical extremists.”

 Stating his case clearly, Sessions added, “Stop protecting lawbreakers and giving all officers more dangerous work to do so that a few politicians can score political points on the backs of officer safety,”

“It cannot be that someone who illegally crosses the border and two days later arrives in Sacramento, Dubuque, Louisville, and Central Islip is home free — never to be removed. It cannot be the policy of a great nation to up and reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and work permits. Meanwhile those who engage in this process lawfully and patiently and wait their turn are discriminated against at every turn.”

Attorney General Sessions’ complete speech can be read here.

Tuesday’s lawsuit — filed in Sacramento — represents the escalation of the Trump administration’s push to crack down on illegal immigration.

Sessions was in San Diego to announce the Justice Department’s lawsuit filed in federal court in Sacramento, which seeks to nullify three laws passed by the legislature that constrain federal immigration officers from performing their duties. The laws, granting numerous protections to illegals, were passed and signed by Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown in 2017 as Assembly Bill 450, Senate Bill 54, and Assembly Bill 103.


3 Responses to USAG Sessions takes illegal alien fight to Calif.

  1. State Delegate says:

    Glad to see this decisive action on the part of Attorney General Sessions. I’ve always held him in high regard when he represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate and have been disappointed with his recusal on the Comey investigation. I know his background on the law is impeccable, and he wouldn’t have taken this path unless he regarded it as the lawful one to take, but I have to admit disappointment in that regard, He did a magnificent job in taking on California’s liberals yesterday.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    You have to Trust Sessions. Do you know what his nickname is? The Silent Executioner.

    Did you ever see the video of Sessions pushing away the hand of Joe Biden when Biden tried to lay his hands on
    Session’s young granddaughter.

    There are currently more than 18,000 sealed Federal indictments waiting. The amount of corruption that has been carefully hidden from us during our lifetime is staggering. Layers upon layers.

    Everything from selling US out to weaken US on purpose to human trafficking (the CHILDREN). Pedophilia. The Podestas and Hillary, et. al. Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Even worse than that. Sick. So Very Sick.

    Breitbart knew, and taunted Podesta about it in tweets immediately before his untimely death. Andrew posted, the day before he (died) that he was either going to have a “heart attack” or a “car accident”. Three days later, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy and made a very cursory report, was found dead of arsenic poisoning, but his death was not formally reported in the news until weeks later. The actual date of the ME’s death was changed to separate it, in time, from Andrew’s.

    Baby Boomers are going to be shocked to the core when the truth comes out, because our entire lifetime has been subjected to Illusions, lies, deception to keep us weak, blind, and starved.

    Obama constantly on the move, selling State secrets, and looking for new handlers.

    Thanks to ourAZshame, our military (and the rest of us) have been using products made with inferior, foreign steel that was weakened on purpose. Many people got RICH. But many people died because of it.

    Please invoke the names of Jesus and Mary and ask for their Grace and their Presence.
    Very important mind-blowing info coming in the next many days. Guard your soul.
    Pay attention.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Senate “sources” confirming that McAss will step down.

    The heat is too much to bear.

    Keep wearing that boot.

    Top McCain Strategist Had Client With Ties To

    In the summer of 2005, John McCain’s chief strategist Charlie Black, working
    for his firm Black, Kelly, Scruggs & Healey, was paid $60,000 to lobby the
    U.S. government on behalf of the Chinese oil conglomerate CNOOC. At the
    time, CNOOC was mounting an aggressive bid to buy Unocal, a California-based
    oil giant, and Black was tasked with churning up congressional support. But
    the bid ultimately fell through, in part because of objections over CNOOC’s
    ties to Iran, a country in which it had already invested tens of millions of

    “This transaction poses a clear threat to the energy and national security
    of the United States,” wrote Rep. Joe Barton, a Texas Republican. “U.S.
    national energy security depends on sufficient energy supplies to support
    U.S. and global economic growth. But those supplies are threatened by
    China’s aggressive tactics to lock up energy supplies around the world that
    are largely dedicated for their own use.”

    Flash-forward nearly three years and Black’s old client — which later
    scored a $16 billion deal with the Iranian government — could now create
    major headaches for his current boss. On Monday, McCain, in a speech at the
    American Israel Public Affairs Committee, called for a broad and aggressive
    international campaign to divest from Iran.

    “We should privatize the sanctions against Iran by launching a worldwide
    divestment campaign,” he said. “As more people, businesses, pension funds,
    and financial institutions across the world divest from companies doing
    business with Iran, the radical elite who run that country will become even
    more unpopular than they are already.”

    But, as demonstrated by the CNOOC anecdote, if choking off Tehran’s economic
    lifeblood is McCain’s goal, he could have personally started down that road
    years ago — with his own advisers.

    Indeed, in addition to Black, McCain employs several other campaign aides
    and fundraisers who have served in lobbying capacities in which they
    advocated on behalf of foreign clients with investments and interests in