Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

Deborah C. Tyler, writing for American Thinker, makes us all think with her outstanding column carrying the provocative title, “Everyone Knows.”

SRAZ urges you to read it. It’ll be among the best 3 1/2 minutes you’ve spent all weekend. Guaranteed. 


4 Responses to Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. State Delegate says:

    Glad to see author Deborah Tyler included the vicious John McCain in her lineup. As an envious Trump hater, he was deeply involved in the discredited “dossier” both at the front end and later in getting it into the hands of FBI Director James Comey, a Clinton ally in the same mode as McCain.

    I am proud to say I was one the many who voted to censure this miserable excuse for a US Senator. Severe illness keeps him from DC now, but his inflated ego keeps him from retiring. He never represented Republicans when he was well and we have the same from him now. He and Flake are both deceitful RINOs who opportunistically ran as Republicans to get elected. Both of them publicly declared that neither they nor their families would vote for Donald Trump. Fortunately, they were in the minority! The rest of us, all across America, did!!.

    • MacBeth says:

      I also wish more space had been devoted to colluder McCain, though she had a long list to go through, he was pivotal. McCain is the personification of a vengeful egomaniac who has no concept of boundaries or decency. That comes from being a silver spoon scion of Navy brass. Any man who would call his own wife a c^nt and a trollop in front of staff and reporters when she playfully teased him about his hair, shows his core worthlessness.


  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    If the author, Debra Tyler, is wishing and hoping for Trump to keep something to himself, then she is completely and utterly unaware of what Trump has done/is doing.

    He Has Already met with NKKim. When he was in Asia in Nov 2017.

    He is working to reel Snowden in.

    Look at Trump’s Executive Orders since Dec.
    Freezing assets of bad actors—-wonder why?

    Trump knows who Angela Merkel is and who Obama is.
    And who the Bushes are.
    The list goes on and on.

    The Stage is Set.

    You have NO idea.
    And probably will only ever learn a few molecules of the truth, else your heart and mind couldn’t cope with it.

    Please pray to God in Heaven for forgiveness and Mercy.

    We have been lulled to sleep by shiny baubles and technology that only work to enslave us.

    And as we got so cozy in our stupor, we neglected to see the horrible things that were going on right under our noses.

    But a threat.

    Are you aware that CNN was carrying Trump’s rally on a 3 second delay and was ready to go to dead air if Trump dared to mention Hillary or Obama and their treasonous deeds?

    Pray to God without ceasing for the protection of President Trump; his family, and his team.

  3. jojo says:

    Nothing new in the article for me. TRUMP the GREAT DISRUPTER is upsetting the elitist, global, parasites on taxpayers & societies all over the world. I LOVE WINNING! Deplorables get out there and stop McSally – McCain’s sycophant and work hard for Kelli Ward.

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