Jeff Flake OK as a “globalist,” but WH takes heat

Double standard exists for liberals and Republicrats while Trump staff irrationally smeared as anti-Semites

The link received in an email was too compelling to resist. AOL News, flexing its decidedly anti-Trump muscle, contemptibly refers to an “anti-Semitic term” used during a White House staff meeting. Pulled in by what appears to be a vulgarity, imagine the surprise to read the word that so offends the delicate sensibilities of the left-wing media. Simple sleuthing found the charge originated at the HuffPost with this headline: “This Anti-Semitic Term Was Casually Used At The White House 3 Times This Week.”

The pejorative word, worthy of such hyperventilation by AOL and HuffPost?

Sit down before you fall down.  The offensive word is ….“globalist.”

It’s a term Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a dedicated ‘Never Trumper,’ says he embraces.

In his book with the stolen title, Conscience of a Conservative, soon- to-be-out-the-door Flake writes,

“Seemingly overnight, the word globalist became a grave insult among people in my party who also call themselves ‘conservative.”  He continues, “In this country, we are less than 5 percent of the world’s population. We are 20 percent of the world’s economic output. And if we don’t trade, we don’t grow. Given the alternatives, I’ll take the globalist moniker, thank you.”

But the well-named HuffPost hyperventilates, huffing “the term ‘globalist’ has been used at the White House at least three times this week in reference to an outgoing Jewish Trump administration official, raising some eyebrows because the word is increasingly used in xenophobic and anti-Semitic contexts.”

Says who?

And  if that’s the case — which we dispute — why did these liberals give Jeff Flake a pass?

The answer is liberals and Republicrats function under a different set of standards than conservatives, who are always blameworthy. Remember that the next time you open your mouth. And don’t make the mistake of a D.C. mayor’s employee fired (and ultimately rehired when the word was researched) for using the word ‘niggardly,’ rooted in the Old Norse verb ‘nigla,’ which means “to fuss about small matters.” If you’re a guy don’t compliment a female co-worker about anything or the #MeToo police will be bringing you a box to put your desk contents into as they accompany you doing the perp walk out the door.

It’s a new world, folks.  One in which you’re apt to be found guilty for nothing, especially if you’re a conservative.


6 Responses to Jeff Flake OK as a “globalist,” but WH takes heat

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    There is a distinct difference between actual and concocted slurs. When the line gets blurred we’re all in trouble. This is a new tactic used by the left to destroy good people. The word “globalist” has nothing to do with any religion, other that those who bow at the altar of Liberalism and expansionism, most often seen as support of unrestrained illegal immigration and unbalanced trade deals that do not benefit the USA. That surely includes Jeff Flake, although it’s a good bet he also genuflects in the mirror each morning as he’s brushing his pearly whites.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Just out of curiosity, I ran this past a Jewish friend who was shocked by the concept of linking the word “globalist” to anything either xenophobic (fearing strangers) or anti-Semitic. The comparison infuriated him, just as it did me, and I’m not Jewish. He said there are real anti-Semites out there, many were Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s high placed pals who are members of or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. He also mentioned Congressman Keith Ellison is tight with Louis Farrakhan who has a long history of hatred towards Jews. .

    Lastly he reminded me that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, son-in-law and their three grandchildren are all Orthodox Jews. By the way, my Jewish friend is a conservative Republican!!

  3. Kimball says:

    This headline and others that were similar dominated the news a few years ago. when Flake’s then teenage son Tanner created a mega embarrassment for the Flake clan. He used his Internet account to ridicule Mexicans, blacks, gays and Jews. Flake said Tanner apologized, but he only apologized to his father for the embarrassment, never making a public statement as most concerned parents would have demanded. Jeff Flake actually made the apology, letting a teachable moment slip away and Tanner never had to account for his vicious slurs. I can’t help but wonder what the conversation is in the Flake’s gated community household.

     What kind of parenting does the father gives his kids/  He’s gone a lot, taking ego trips in Washington, DC. The oldest son Austin was responsible for the deaths of over 20 dogs he and his then wife were supposedly caring for in her parent’s kennel while they were on vacation. The Flake family is not Ozzie and Harriet or the Cleavers.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Something tells me that a great big infusion of cash was made into his
    off-shore account. Or his Foundation, if he has one.



    The USMC, which answers directly to the President, has been activated. Marines at Camp Pendleton and other locations in and outside of the U.S. are actively in training mode in anticipation of public riots and civil disobedience.

    Additionally, a select number of Marines who have long ago hung up their uniforms have been contacted and called to duty.
    Those with very specific knowledge, skill sets, and experience.

    Over the past two days, many communications have been flying between
    James Comey; Eric Holder; John O. Brennan; Samantha Power, and George W. Bush.
    They are using the March Madness basketball bracket system to pass messages.

    Of particular concern is the frequent use of the word
    which is being used out of context.
    George Bush states that it’s good to be on “the right team”.
    He is obviously part of the cabal and doing Daddy’s bidding.
    See Eye A(a).

    Also of concern, regarding the 3 Russian “former” spies who have turned up dead in London over the past ten days:
    Our FBI is in London actively looking for Cesium123, a deadly substance. Why?
    They can’t seem to solve anything on US soil.
    Cesium123 is Not believed to be involved in the deaths of the 3 Russians (one was found strangled to death, the two others were killed by the same, already identified as a poison which attacks the nervous system, causing seizures and respiratory failure.

    The Seals have, for months, been doing extremely dangerous Ops.

    We are in the (LAST) Fight for our Country, the United States of America. President Trump knows this.

    He also has document showing that a certain faction of “Americans” in our government were discussing ass ass sin nation of the President and/or members of his family. Foreign governments were also part of this terrible scheme. And Not the ones you would normally think of. Rather, ones who have seemed to have forgotten that WE saved their asses.

    So Much More, but no Time.

    Anyone here have a HAM radio operator’s license?
    You may want to monitor.

    We have been LIED to for Generations.
    And when the Dems/Libs/Marxists begin saying that it’s
    “all about the children”—–Well, it is—-but not in the way you think.

    Do you really think that Hillary broke her wrist in a bathtub in India, where she seems to be on an extended Hate America First Tour?

    AND PRAY FOR CHILDREN EVERYWHERE, especially those in our foster system; those in orphanages, and those in third world countries. Dark-skinned children are preferred for the worst of it.

    You Have NO idea.

    Please pray to God and ask Him to defeat the works of satan and his minions.

    This is all being done for YOUand your family.
    Please help with your prayers.
    Semper Fi.

    • Kathy says:

      Boom Boom Boom. March madness. Prayers for all.

    • Virginia says:

      Very concerning information, Sam.

      In addition to prayers we need ACTION in the form of knowledgeable and committed conservative voters, to ensure the Hillary’s of our world are relegated to what her status has become.

      Bernie Sanders won the support of millennials who think Socialism and Communism are great alternatives to our Constitution based freedom and liberty.

      The educrats have been hard at work, undermining our freedoms by propagandizing American students. We are at war to save our freedoms and most people are too disconnected to notice. Our kids are being undermined by their far left teachers. Wake up. parents! There is nothing more important.